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  1. Just saying


    He hated the HFC chassis all year. What are you talking about?
  2. Just saying

    JR Hefner DQ ?

    That's what I heard. Need to ask Howie
  3. Just saying

    JR Hefner DQ ?

    Heard big block. Not sure though
  4. Jr Hefner DQ'd last night for titanium parts. Just another cheater in the sport. Does anybody not cheat to win anymore?
  5. Just saying

    T Mac

    I talked to a friend that was there and he told me he hated the higfab. He said he threw the steering wheel at it and walked away from the car. Definitely not happy.
  6. Good to see him run so well at Charlotte with the late model. I thought he was going to pull it off. What happened with the big block? He wasn't as good as he usually is.
  7. I think the whole car is old technology.
  8. He qualified like 28th. Bobby Varin is better than that.
  9. Why not?  One of the best drivers out there.
  10. That HFC car did not look good at Eastern States. Its to long of ride to Charlotte not to go well.
  11. Just saying

    2013 Bicknells

    You better ask Steve Paine again. Hates his hig fab car.  The only cars that are going good are some sportsman cars at OCFS.
  12. Just saying


    Just saw that too. That's awesome.