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  1. happyracer

    5 mile point

    There is a first for everything I guess 😃
  2. happyracer

    Rolling Wheels

    There was something in AARN not that long ago that basically said don't expect any racing there in 2019. The deal that was in the works for someone to promote races there this year did not pan out. Apparently the current owner who paid something like $800,000 will take $2.3 million if anyone wants to buy it out right.
  3. I have lived in the Albany area my whole life and LV is definitely 'upstate' imo. There are many theories as to what is really considered 'upstate NY' but I go by the rule of everything above Poughkeepsie is upstate and everything below it is downstate/The City.
  4. No truck race the weekend of the Fonda 200 but there is one (Talladega) the weekend of Oswego. That may make SDW a little more interesting.
  5. I remember when they ran 'vintage' races during the Labor Day race at Syracuse. They drew a crap load of cars these guys were nuts. I wouldn't have driven half of the cars to the grocery store yet alone on a 1 mile dirt track at speed. Either a true vintage car or a newer car with just an old style body on it , both are time for me to go visit the rest room and get some french fries. I like looking at them behind the grandstands but they do nothing for me on the track. To each their own I guess. Maybe I'll feel different when I am 75.
  6. I counted five $5,000.00 to win races. I assume is sponsor money but that is nothing to sneeze at for a local dirt track.
  7. My thoughts exactly. I agree 100%!!!
  8. 91 modifieds (UMP) and it was only $1,000.00 to win. Let the complaining begin 😃 !!
  9. I just hope that Fonda doesn't run 5 or 6 laps caution laps every time a yellow comes out like DIRTcar does at Oswego.
  10. I agree 100%. Hard to get to excited as it seems they look for any excuse to cancel. Atleast they do it before I end up driving 4.5 hrs each way. I don't pay their bills and you can't control mother nature but it does gets old quick. Maybe 2019 will be better.
  11. happyracer

    Mad Max

    Since the K&N East Series only has 13 races on their 2019 schedule I would assume he'd still be running modifieds most weekends still,
  12. Well since they only have seating for roughly 500 people I highly doubt you'll see a STSS race there. 500 x $25 = $12,500. The standard modified purse is in the $25K plus range if I am not mistaken. A sponsor would have to step up big time in order for this to even be considered. Trust me I'd love to see to a STSS booked there but I would not count on it happening.
  13. Wonder if this is why Lebanon Valley is now paying $500 to win weekly next season for the pro stocks? I assume the extra money is coming from sponsor(s) because Howie never spends his own money willingly. Good for the drivers at both tracks I guess. Best of luck to both tracks but I'll laugh if car counts drop at both tracks. That seems to be the way it goes. Pay more = less cars. Hopefully that isn't the case. Wonder if Malta will set up to the plate now??
  14. I have always wondered. What the heck is Club Wago???
  15. I believe AR & Hoosiers are different enough (AR is a taller tire I believe) that running the same car may be a challenge set-up wise. Just going off of what I have been told in the past by a few drivers. I have no first hand knowledge myself though.