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  1. Per facebook Glen Ridge has cancelled for this evening. States to check back for coming schedule changes.
  2. So was the protest pulled/cancelled after they realized what the motor was or was tech ultimately refused?? I'm still confused as to what the actual outcome was.
  3. Phantom yellow with a few laps to go that gives the track owners driver/car another shot at the leader. Boy I hope this in inaccurate and there was a real reason for the late race yellow. This wasn't a NASCAR race Mr Larsen if not. Don't even get me going on the over turned pit under red w/o any penalty fiasco. So glad I stayed away. Once again I would not have went even if I had free tickets. I have been to over 200 tracks and OC is very very low on my list of tracks as far as enjoyment goes.
  4. The 'rumor' I'm hearing is that the track said no to Muellers tear down request of Rocky because it was just a show up points event. My understanding is the 1J team was more than willing to go thru the protest process but the track is the one that stopped everything. Once again this is the rumor I'm hearing and have no confirmation of these facts at this time.
  5. So a bunch of the modifieds won't be there this evening but the race at OC affect any of the other divisions. I think the weather may be the reason the crowd is smaller than normal currently. I live 25 mins away and I'm waiting to see how things play before heading up. By the way I go to Malta weekly and never have an issue getting a parking spot (I have no problems having to walk a bit) and line getting in is normally reasonable. May have to wait a few minutes every so often. I usually get there around 6:15/6:30pm.
  6. Of course there is. Was only like 5:05pm when you posted this.
  7. Maybe to you but not me that is for sure. For $45 you can go to Oswego in October and see the pro stocks run 50L, sportsman 75L and Modified 200L. Now to me that is a bargain. Plus you can see the entire track for the most part. To be fair though even if I had free passes for tonight/this weekend I still would not have gone to OC. Just isn't a track I enjoy going to but I wish them the best of luck. Hope place is full all 3 nites.
  8. happyracer

    Malta Massive Weekend

    What I am trying to figure out is why is Malta having a $5K to win Pro Stock race on 9/6?? The sportsman have been averaging 30-34 cars a week (plus 20+ limited sportsman) and the pro stocks only 18-20 most night. Plus the pro stocks have been wreck fests a majority of the time this season. Seems to me they should be rewarding the Sportsman division with a huge paying race and not the pro stocks. I know it is not my sandbox or money but is confusing to me as a long time race fan. Just seems backwards to me I guess.
  9. I'm interested in what the rest of the purse is going to be this year. Howie stated after last years race that he was a little embarrassed that second on back only paid normal money so he is charging $26 (general admission) this year (was $24 last year) so he could raise the purse thru the field some. Apparently attendance last year was 7,000 people so that would be an extra $14,000 for this years race if he is true to his word and they draw the same amount of people. I'm guessing he may add $5,000 tops and have some excuse as to why he couldn't do more even though the place will be packed am sure. Hopefully I am wrong though. I guess it doesn't matter ultimately. Will draw the same amount of cars no matter what the purse is and this race is still cheaper then most SDS races to get into.
  10. Only if it was postponed but since it was cancelled the answer would be a 'no' unfortunately.
  11. Was an extremely exciting finish to a caution free race. BUT when pushing curfew why didn't management adjust the order of events?? Still run your headline division dead last knowing it would take a small miracle to get it in. Luckily there was one last night. Only one caution (sportsman feature) during the last 4 features. 305's, ESS & big blocks all went caution free. Modified feature was over with 4 minutes to spare. Plus why did the ESS still do the 4 wide thing as well?? No one in charge seemed to care. Maybe the plan was to run past curfew if need be but the way the announcers were acting it didn't seem that way to me. To be fair the order of events was clearly listed on facebook earlier in the day but sometimes common sense needs to prevail. 95% of the people were there to see the ESS & Modifieds and they were the last 2 features run. Luckily this isn't my weekly track. Hopefully these truthful negative comments don't cause a mad exodus in the weeks to come and they have to shut the track down because of me and the power I wield with my keyboard.
  12. Great run for Mike Marler as well. 4th place in his truck debut. Truck still raced well even without the Marathon logo stickers 😃
  13. I think you mean Adam Pierson would win!
  14. There you go people. The world isn't coming to an end people and the track isn't stealing your money. If losing $30/$35 hurts your bank account that much to begin with then maybe you need to find a different hobby to enjoy or just stay locked in your apartment every night. People want answers the second it rains. Hang onto your ticket and give them some time to come up with a plan. Heck I lost my $25 I paid for the Fonda 200 the last year (1996??) Compani was the promoter and the race was rained out. I just moved on and have been back to Fonda probably 150 times since. Now if that happened every week/year then it would be a different story.
  15. Pro Stocks have been terrible to sit thru this year especially at Malta. They should be the last feature run every week imo. Valley hasn't been much better the weeks I have been there. Last night at the Valley was ridiculous for sure. Get to a certain point and you bring out the yellow you should be blacked flagged and parked for the rest of the event. I lost track after the 8th yellow/red flag period. If I had to guess there were 10 or 11 cautions. I can say though except for one week they have been pretty clean at Fonda the nights I have been there.