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  1. Not true. Actually 2 drivers will win and receive first place money if there are 2 races on the same night. Double the drivers (assuming full fields at both tracks) get to run a feature instead of going home empty handed. Just my two cents.
  2. happyracer

    Valley 2020

    Has my vote for 'Best Post of the Year'. And yes I'm a Valley guy/fan.
  3. Maybe in 2020 Dirtcar can come up with a better procedure for opening the pits sooner. If is the same procedure as this year I will not be attending but I wish nothing but the best for the people that choose to go.
  4. I agree 1,000%!!! They wait that long to make sure everyone is lined up properly before opening the pits but there has to be a faster way especially on like lap 5. How many cars are really going to pit that early. Out of line when you enter the pits then get sent to the back of the pack. The excessive amount of yellows and the ridiculous amount of time it takes to 'open the pits' has me seriously considering not going next year. Hopefully they come up be a better process.
  5. I could not DISAGREE more!! I enjoy SDW at Oswego 10,000% more than I ever did at Syracuse especially the sportsman & pro stock races. Saw more passing the last 2 years at Oswego than I did at the mile for the 20+ Super Dirt Weeks I attended.
  6. Multiple cautions prior to the rain at Lap 74 for flat right rear tires. Lap 42 #27A, Lap 56 #3G, Lap 63 #35, Lap 71 #93. After the rain delay & Lap 100 break the only caution (I believe) for a flat right rear was Lap 135 #20s. Made me realize how much better Hoosier is as far as a long distance race tire. A/R is not even in the same zip code imo.
  7. I have been telling people (family, friends, co-workers etc..) all season that the racing & atmosphere at Fonda has been excellent this year. Do I deserve special treatment as well?? Not sure why some people think the rules apply to everyone but them. If getting to victory lane was so darn important to him then he should have been in the infield to start with or in the pit area already. You can't assume anything in life. So all year they have let people thru the gate, last night was different apparently. Should they have advised of this beforehand. Probably but they didn't. Live & learn situation. Easy fix = Turn around and walk back thru the pit area. Maybe the track should of had a helicopter standing by for him. Maybe next year 😀
  8. Yeah and if it didnt rain they would have been stuck with a bunch of left over food. Food costs the track money to purchase. It isn't free and is a cost to the track. Not like they have another race this year. I'm sure they did their best to predict the right amount to have on hand. Nobody is perfect. Not even Sheppard (sorry had to go there since he was a few lbs light at the scales)
  9. happyracer

    Fonda 200

    I agree. I was expecting only 38/40 cars so 44 is good news to me.
  10. I'm being told 44 modifieds for warm ups. I'm not there so this is second hand info.
  11. happyracer

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    Sometimes I think that the racin' fans care more about what the purse is then most of the car owners/drivers do.
  12. happyracer

    malta weekend

    Friesen ran the consi and started 26th in the feature. Hearn had qualified back in April so technically he did not get Hearns spot.
  13. Tie between Malta & Brewerton so it stinks big time that they both race on Fridays.
  14. happyracer

    malta weekend

    This past Friday they ran 358's and drew 25 cars which paid $3K to win. This Friday pays $4K. My guess would be 25-30 small blocks.
  15. happyracer

    malta weekend

    Sign hanging in rest rooms this past week said that for Saturday front gates open at 5pm. I believe it also said warm ups at 6pm. But it did not list an actual start time which I thought was kind of odd myself. Must be they are still deciding???