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  1. It is hard to impress me but I will say these numbers are very very impressive!! Good for DIRTcar. Good luck to everyone.
  2. They were allowing up to 10 crew members per car this season. Each team had to submit a list of approved people and everyone had to sign in and pass a temperature check each week prior to buying your pit pass. They announced one night late in the season that they were able to pay their bills with the attendance they were getting and added an additional week or two of racing because of it. Pit prices were raised from $20 member & $25 non member to $30 & $35 respectfully since the grandstands were closed this season. They ran six divisions most weeks and had great car counts all season long.
  3. Hopefully they don't have a curfew. Could easily turn into a very very long night. Hopefully they all behave themselves though. Best of luck to everyone.
  4. Question. For Outlaw/Dundee/Black Rock - Do they have seating in the pit area to watch from?? I know the main grandstands are closed. If I attend will I be able to get in if not affiliated with a car/team and is there a place to sit/view the races mostly unobstructed?? I have been there before but never in the pit area.
  5. DIRTcar should try and schedule a World Finals type event while the dirt is down. Or how about a Lucas Oil Late Model/Deyo combo weekend. Only way I'd ever go back to a NASCAR (Cup) track.
  6. I guess the idea of fielding a Sportsman in order to have some fun with your friends and family is stupid. Fun is the reason that the team I'm associated with races. We all love racing in general and we all have a ton of fun most weeks. We have a budget we have to stick to in order to keep racing but the money we make most weeks just fills the cooler with ice & drinks. We have no expectation of even coming close to breaking even. We all do it for the love and fun of it. Sometimes I think the fans worry more about what a race pays then most drivers/car owners do.
  7. Let me defend my original post/comments. First off I don't attend LoL normally. I'm a capital district resident so NO I havent seen him race this year. My comment was based on ALL the normal top runners being there instead of Grandview for the 76er. My bad. I still consider it an upset and that is my opinion and I'm sticking with it. You have yours which you are entitled to do so as well. I still think it was great to see someone different win a big race and once again I hopes he wins the October race as well against all the top runners. Going forward I will make sure to keep him in mind. He is now on a lot more peoples radar that normally don't get to see him race which is a great thing! I certainly wasn't trying to offend anyone. I'm sorry the name Chris Hile wasn't on my mind prior to Saturday evening. It will be now though. Congrats to the Hile team for sure. Keep it up!!!
  8. How many can honestly say if you were given 10 or 15 guys (even 20) to pick as the winner last night prior to the event that one of yours choices would have been Chris Hile??? Nothing against him but but his name never entered my mind. I was seriously shocked when I read that he won. Totally an upset in my mind. Great for him though. Hope he wins the October race as well. Is awesome to see someone different win a big race for a change.
  9. Every situation is unique of course but unfortunately from personal experience I know that a small simple issue with your septic can triple your original estimate in the blink of an eye. Town codes could have even changed from when originally installed so any work done may bring required upgrades. Just saying any buyer would need to take this in account along with many many many hidden costs that could creep up out of no where. Your $1.5 million purchase investment could take another million or even more especially if the bleachers need replacing and you go the aluminum route.
  10. I can almost guarantee that the septic system is going to need a ton of attention/work which means big bucks to address. If I remember correctly they had on going issues even before it has sat idle for multiple years now.
  11. Well there is an easy solution to this. When someone is DQ'd the track should release exact details on the violations instead of a vague statement which only leads to speculation and rumors. They could have added the rev box was set at 6500 instead of the required 6200 and then there would have been ZERO confusion or speculation. I assumed they determined it was altered in some manner. Not sure why it always has to be a big dam secret 99.9% of the time. Almost every track is guilty of this. Someone is light on the scales, let us know by how much. Not that hard to do. But then I'll say again it isn't my sandbox so will have to live with what they decide to tell us. "Root, who won the King of Dirt Racing Series event at Devil’s Bowl last month, crossed the finish line in second place but was disqualified in post-race technical inspection for an infraction with his engine’s rev limiter box."
  12. Thank you because I knew what I had heard was correct because I thought it was a weird thing to announce/enforce. You should be able to run at any setting as long you don't over over the max of 6200. But then not sure why he would even bring this up since EVERYONE would know that going over the max RPM setting is illegal and more then likely would be checked after every race. I still say he made some kind of comment like racers needing to be real racers today meaning that turning down the box would be an advantage possibly. Who knows. I didnt have a dog in the fight. Just was my interpretation.
  13. Then why did Mike Bruno announce at the pit meeting that you could NOT turn down your rev box or you would be DQ'd.?? I was standing right there and heard him clear as day. The guys running 6,000 should have been DQ'd. Did they make another announcement later on that I missed???
  14. I agree 100% because they did not state what the correct setting was which is 6200 for Devils Bowl upon researching it.
  15. Not sure if this has anything to do with the DQ but at the pit meeting they clearly stated that you could not turn down your rev box (track was very slick all day) or you would be disqualified if you did.
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