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  1. Lets play a little game. Name a track then what is the very first thing you think of. There are no wrong answers here. Answers can be positive or negative. I suggest anyone who is overly sensitive to stop here and not continue. Truth hurts sometimes. Lebanon Valley - Fresh cut french fries and a grinder sandwich. $1.00 bills needed Malta - They need a bigger parking lot Fonda - Jump'in Jack Johnson #12A Glen Ridge - Need more cars Utica Rome - Slick/glass surface and RAIN Orange County - Hearn (yes even after all these years) Accord - Small Afton - Dust!! Thunder Mountain - Dust!!!! Five Mile Point - Need a sleeping bag Canandaigua - Barefoot Bob Dundee - Steve Paine Brewerton - The Hurricane 100 during Super Dirt Week Rolling Wheels - RIP Syracuse - Moody Mile
  2. I know how to read and it was clearly listed as $27 on the website. It has now been changed to $20 and $2 extra for reserved seating so all is good now I guess. Two things that should be clearly & correctly stated are starting time & admission price. Sorry for stating something that was a fact at the time and for having an opinion of that fact. I wish them all the best and hope the place is packed and the gates stay open for the next 100 years.
  3. I see Canandaigua (sorry I'm an old timer) has the Patriot Sprints this coming Saturday with an admission price of $27. That means they are charging an extra $12 this week to get in. Stating a fact here. I'm have no plans of attending but this just seems outrageous to me (now I'm complaining). I have no dog in this fight but if my regular track(s) jacked the price up that much I'd really consider finding something else to do. Yes I know they are running double big block features now but that is just the way things worked out and price was set ahead of time. I assume the place will be full so good for them I guess. Why not charge that if people will still go. The Super Dirt Series/ESS race is only $2 more.
  4. Take a little off the top & start 30/32 cars and pay $600 to start instead but isn't my $$$ or track. $10K to win does sound nice but the way this season has been going there are only 2 drivers out there that I feel will cash in the top prize. Sheppard and of course Friesen since this race is at Fonda. I'd love to see someone different win for a change trust me and is why my butt will be in the grandstands this evening but is going to be a long summer of seeing Sheppard cash in I think no matter what series he is racing.
  5. You are correct. I have been using the word 'motor' wrong my whole life apparently. A motor runs on electricity and an engine runs on combustion. Next lesson please. Do race 'engines' run on racing gas or fuel??
  6. Do the USAC East Coast Series sprints cars run the same rules as the National Series as far as motors go or do they run a 'spec' motor instead??
  7. That was Steve Hough's 9th overall big block feature win at the Valley but has he ever won a feature where he did NOT start on the front row??? This is a serious question.
  8. Warm ups start at 5pm. Races start at 6pm. I assume they will start with a pure stock race like normal then the make up features. Only division running heats this evening are the big blocks so I'd assume their feature will be run first per my common sense radar but I could be way off base. Common sense and racing normally do not mix well.
  9. happyracer

    Rain Out Policy?

    Why??? The rain policy was clearly stated on their website. Don't like it, don't buy advanced tickets. Use common sense instead of trying to weasel a refund out of them.
  10. With rain in the area Fonda management deciding to scrap intermission and running the 2nd modified feature before the pro stocks. Luckily it never did rain but best decision I have seen a promoter make in years. I stayed to the end (10:45pm) and enjoyed myself all night.
  11. I agree 100%. Not sure how the economy could get much better then it is currently. Maybe I just live in a bubble.
  12. happyracer

    Malta Show on 5/10

    Track was very smooth. By feature time was like a regular friday night surface. Features were heads up so without any cautions in the modified feature there was very little passing up front but was still a good race. Flach stayed w/ Britten a lot longer than I was expecting. Lots of wrecks & cautions in the pro stock feature (no shock there) and of course they were the first feature run. They only started about 20/25 mins late & I left at 10:10pm and all that was left was the street stock & 4 cyl races. 29 mods, 34 spts, 19 pro stocks, 27 ltd spts. Crowd was terrible but that was to be expected I guess.
  13. I agree 100%. Maybe 5 to 7 guys had a REALISTIC chance of winning and that is only if they drew a good starting spot with Friesen and Sheppard being there.
  14. Very funny. Per Albany Saratoga Speedway Facebook - It’s confirmed! Our rescheduled event from Tuesday, April 23rd will be Tuesday, May 14th!! Plus : Pit wristbands & general admission tickets from Tuesday, April 23rd are good for the make up event or any regular Friday night show as per the announcement when we rained out.
  15. happyracer

    Malta tonight

    They had 39 mods, 44 sportsman, 23 pro stocks. Not sure how many Limited sportsman there were but 3 heats were scheduled I believe. Atleast they tried & used common sense as they were going to run the modified feature first. They started about 10 mins early as well. Nice crowd on hand for having a 90% of rain by 9pm. Rain hit about 7:45pm.