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  1. LVS has had their Liquor License suspended. https://sla.ny.gov/news/sla-issues-emergency-suspensions-lebanon-speedway-and-liberty-ridge-farms
  2. "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."- Abraham Lincoln
  3. I vote some of these people are required to have "forum masks," so we don't have to be exposed to this anymore. Or, in taking some advice on here, maybe I should just shut up and leave if I don't want to be exposed to virus talk in a "racing" forum.
  4. Thank you for the clarification. It is nice to see a civil conversation on this board. If anybody chooses to go to the tracks, I hope they have a wonderful time.
  5. Not taking a side right or wrong. The headline attached is misleading. This is a case brought by religious groups arguing the Governor showed disparate treatment to outdoor religious gatherings vs. BLM protests. The ruling was narrowly applied to religious activities. Remember, we have a First Amendment right to religious freedom, but don't have a constitutional right to attend auto races. Before everybody starts singing "Hallelujah," it is important to understand that the ruling was narrow in application, and is NOT a blanket revocation of gathering limits.
  6. Oh no...over 150 combined Modifieds in Oswego! How are they ever going to have two successful shows on the same weekend...?
  7. That kid earned it. Think of the names that were within touching distance, and he just pulled away from them. Sheppard, Wight, Decker, Williamson, Friesen. There was no running and hiding, he was just better.
  8. In what world should a business not treat a competitor as a competitor? Deyo and WRG are competitors. I have no problem with the double scheduling. In fact, I appreciate businesses offering me choices and competing for my dollar. The complaining here is similar to going to Wendy's and complaining that you can't get a Whopper. In my professional life, I run a business of size. If my competitor is doing something that would give them an advantage, I need to do whatever I can to position myself appropriately. Competition drives value and choice, and usually it is the consumer (in this case, the drivers and fans) that benefit. For too long, I have felt promotors have treated tracks as cash flow entities, not as sustainable businesses. I applaud both Deyo and the LoL team for focusing on value offerings. It wasn't that long ago, Modified racing was frankly dying. Now, we have multiple tracks, offering nice purses for the investment, and choice to the consumer, and this upsets people? The fact that both these shows will have strong, full fields, should be celebrated. Modified racing is stronger, because of the choice. End of speech.
  9. I live 40 minutes from Fonda, and would rather go to Canandaigua myself. Always enjoyed the racing more. The bigger question for me is whether Fonda will get enough fans to cover the purse?
  10. I've been to basically all of them in NY, and very little beats a relaxing night at Woodhull.
  11. He bought a used backpack from Perrego. He didn't know what was in it.
  12. I have no idea why anybody would invest their capital in dirt racing any more. From what I heard from multiple people, it was actually good racing. Racing promoters seem to have the popularity of attorneys anymore. We haven't seen this much money since the old DIRT days, and everybody acts like Mr. Larsen has personally insulted them. This is between Matt and Mr. Larsen, nobody's opinion matters. Mr. Larsen's sandbox, Mr. Larsen's call. That is until somebody can put up their own money and buy it from him.
  13. Does anybody else feel like taking the day off of work and going to the track tomorrow to move all the blankets around?
  14. I generally live by the rule that you get what you pay for. One of the main reasons I don't fly JetBlue or Southwest, is because I can't reserve my own seats. Peace of mind is worth the cost to me.
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