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  1. I generally live by the rule that you get what you pay for. One of the main reasons I don't fly JetBlue or Southwest, is because I can't reserve my own seats. Peace of mind is worth the cost to me.
  2. It is so much fun to watch a conversation devolve from somebody being DQ'd, to NASCAR, to college vs. pro football, and ending up at flying cars. I wonder where we will go next.
  3. Danny Johnson earned that football money and can spend it however he wants! Wait...
  4. I have felt for a while that there are too many tracks. If not too many tracks, at least a lack of promotional skills at the tracks that do exist. John White took a risk with switching Fulton to 358s, and it is making a difference. He has made a believer out of me. When all promoters follow the same blueprint, it just becomes bland. In terms of the SDS...I'll take a regular show at Woodhull any day, and keep the $20 difference in my pocket.
  5. Mod snob mostly, but I do occasionally watch an Indy Car race... Like I've said before, however, racing ends when hockey begins.
  6. Going to the race track is my off-season hobby. As a USA Hockey Official, winters are pretty busy.
  7. farklek7

    Dave Marcuccilli

    I think this says a lot about John Wight's foresight to move Fulton to 358s. He and Utica-Rome, are providing the opportunity for guys like Dave and other Sportsman drivers to make the jump, and therefore boosting their fields. Looks like a pretty good business move.
  8. Priorities...Some folks have too much time on their hands to worry about these things.
  9. How quickly we forget the Kevin Ward situation...
  10. farklek7

    MR. Dirt $25,500

    I don't understand this "no passing" conversation. I saw Kitchell get passed by a pure stock in hot laps...
  11. Can always depend on Woodhull! Nice BB/SB show Saturday for those who want some mods. I don't think Sheppard is banned from this one.
  12. I think the race will actually be better. I'd rather pay to see a race than Matt run away with it. In the end, there will still be more cars in the pits than can start the feature, no matter who is sitting behind the wheel. Anyone who doesn't go solely because of this is short-changing themselves.