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  1. I don't know if you would want to introduce anyone "young" to Don Velton Slover, just sayin.
  2. We got show up money a couple times. But we did not pay for any crew or driver pit passes even at syracuse. just stuck the wrist out and band put on and walked in.
  3. We always started with slider as stated above and worked from the inside out, cockpit, master cylinders, brake lines, pedals steering box gauge cluster and worked outward.
  4. We won i think 3 races in 84' 320 small block with it, couple more in 85', then went show car in 86'. The center link was a nightmare to maintain, so we w link set up.
  5. Anybody have any idea how long they built Mod chassis. We bought a new roller at Parts Peddler in fall of 82'. It was rather unique. It had mandrel bent 2x3 frame. Watts linkage, with 26" torsion bars (normal for back then). It was nicest Tig welding on the cage.
  6. This is Harold Pielow's earlier late mode. I bought his sons mini stock in mid 70's and Harold had a chevelle or camaro late model. He was about ready to retire at that point.
  7. Anybody have a picture of any of the Troyer cars at syracuse in inspection I believe 96 or 97. Had the big air scoop on hood that went almost to the front bumper. We had it and as we where unloading, somebody came by and said they already deemed it illegal, take it off before you go thru inspection. I don't have any pictures of ours, but there where others there.
  8. that wooden fence was a car magnet. It did not like to let go.
  9. hint 2: in 78' the car was a 69' chevelle. I bought it and raced it in 80'
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