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    So he has been using these mystery shocks for the last year and a half like it said on his fb yesterday? An Noone knew about it? He should return those right away..... Sounds pretty farfetched to me
  2. They should really rethink the switch after their Charlotte results. Very unlike Tmac to not run up front down there. I believe Higbie was even down there working on the car?
  3. I went to CMP earlier this year an the track was super slick didn't look like much of a motor track. I dont really understand why steve would go against the three main chassis builders for an unproven car this late in his career? seems like he is definitely missing the traction the other guys have when the track gets slick
  4. not knocking him was just wondering if something happened. Steve Paine will absolutely go down as one of the best he used to rule canadaigua he has just seemed to struggle the past few years. what kind of car does he run anymore is he still running an older troyer?
  5. does anyone know what happened to Steve Paine at Rolling wheels last week? He started on the pole an I believe the official finish said he was two laps down? Was there a mechanical failure or was he just that bad?