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  1. captdonnie

    Big show 11

    Rain til 1pm. Parking lot will be a mess but I would be willing to bet the farm they start right at 6pm with hotlaps. No messing around in Lyle's house!!!
  2. I find it fascinating that there are 20 replies to an unfathomable opening statement.
  3. They have more albino deer then regular deer there. That's a scary place, with something in the water for sure.
  4. captdonnie

    Rocky and Jake

    Heard he isnt getting rid off all the big blocks. He will still have one for the big races this year and someone other than Rocky will be in the car. The someone, his last full time driver, before Rocky. Either way, sportsman or modified, Jake knows what he is doing. Good luck on a very successful season!!!!
  5. Damn that Jake Spraker is a smart man....
  6. So a sentence that sounded real good on paper has no substantial facts. Name 2 drivers besides Larson and Abreau that have any nascar ride that has been at Charlotte in 5 years please. Stew is the only other one. Call it what you may but his coming in on Saturday morning created a buzz and that's promoting...
  7. There are far bigger nascar names that come run at Volusia duringspeedweeks...and at times they load up early... Can you name me 3 in the last 5 years? You can use a ride hopper like Rico for 1 of them.
  8. Only because he doesn't strap in a late model? Try a google trend search and then tell me who is being searched more, Mike Malar or Stewart Friesen? That's country wide Josh, not just Pennsylvania...
  9. I agree that mods are second class but if you think at this point paying Stewart Friesen to show up any where is out of the realm, then you are out of the realm. He got an envelope and had no tow bill at all. Who else is there that runs in one of the three elite nascar series? Having him come run any class gives DIRT a legitimate star in house. Any marketing agent would make sure of it... imo rpm
  10. Does anyone not think DIRT gave him a BIG envelope to come there Saturday instead of going home? I bet his "tow envelope" was alot larger than 12th place money...
  11. Mat #6 as meaning Williamson is getting the buzz chew ride?
  12. I like your thinking...
  13. But he didn't necessarily beat them. He hadn't won all year and his CONSISTENCY won him a title. Either way, hell of a run and hope he is competitive the rest of the weekend.
  14. Maybe, "missed encounters" on backpage. I was strapped in, shield down and you looked in my eyes as you swaggered by. My heart was beating faster than the timing on my 900 horsepower big block. If this was you, I gotta have you as my crew chief. Oh, by the way, they call me Superman... Sorry, not sorry. I had too.
  15. captdonnie

    Ryan Godown

    Seen that. Crazy moment, tilted off to the drivers right side. Thought it was going completely over.