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  1. slojunk91

    Big show 11

    Rain should end by 3 latest. This will happen...
  2. BB feature at LVS. If Britten had just 2 more laps.
  3. Was there for this one too. AJ qualified through the LCQ no less.
  4. World of Outlaws Syracuse 1992. Kinser and Wild Child. Done.
  5. Switched to Troyer last Saturday night.
  6. Double features for 3 remaining classes TBA according to Heather at LVS.
  7. I will say hello also. As a 35 + year LV regular myself just remember slojunk91 on DTDD. Doug
  8. This right here every week for me.
  9. slojunk91

    Malta tonight

    https://weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/l/USNY0082:1:US Ballston Spa is close enough to Malta. Lucky to get all the heat races in.
  10. slojunk91


    ^^^ This right here.
  11. Good point right here.
  12. It's expected to grow higher than last year I was told.
  13. Not taking sides on this because I do it on occasion at a few races. But I've heard of people doing it at Malta at 12 noon on Friday. Being 45 minutes away it's not an option for me but seating is tough there.
  14. http://raceproweekly.com/rpw/2019/02/albany-saratoga-speedway-releases-their-2019-racing-schedule/
  15. Thanks for posting this. Just purchased mine and I'll have it on Tuesday.