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  1. Saw this on FB an hour ago. RIP Mike..
  2. OCFS Fan page, Brett Hearn fan page, D.I.R.T. Modifieds- 1980's-East Coast, and now You tube.
  3. 3 different views of the accident on facebook also.
  4. The video of Matt and Perrego screaming at the race director is entertaining.
  5. This is how I thought it worked also. Kenny will be at the Valley and Britten is at OC.
  6. slojunk91


    Get well soon Bob wishing a speedy recovery.
  7. slojunk91

    kyle Armstrong

    Man that is brutal...Awesome to see Kyle bounce back to a top 5 .
  8. This should be very cool. http://raceproweekly.com/rpw/2019/08/its-on-stewart-friesen-vs-sheldon-creed-at-orange-county-during-centennial-race-weekend/
  9. Awesome job Stew!!! Very nice!!
  10. From Mark Brown's website a pic of what's left of the 11 of Kyle Armstrong.
  11. I agree but Armstrong's wreck was scary. Stuck throttle is what I'm hearing.
  12. https://www.nascar.com/video/franchise/truck-series-highlights/stewart-friesen-crashes-on-lap-1-at-pocono/ Lost it on his own on lap 1. Sucks.
  13. Really nice job tonight at Malta getting by Hackel on the low side with 3-4 to go. Congrats Jake and Rocky!!
  14. ^^^^ Didn't you and I just recently have this conversation lol ?????