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  1. I fixed it for you. It started out that way, but definitely isn't anymore.
  2. Jetmech63

    Brett Hearn

    Was Brett on coils like everyone else or still on bars?
  3. That boy has had a dream season!
  4. Jetmech63

    Coil Car

    Just curious why shock technology affects the choice between bars and coils?
  5. ...or maybe he was frustrated because he got wrecked out of the 358 race and at that point was now wrecked out of the BB race while he had pretty decent cars all week????
  6. I guess one thing would be you wouldn't have people incessantly complaining about dust????
  7. Yeah the only one that comes to mind is Rocky Warner? Maybe Porrego at OCFS??? Michael Storms at Accord won quite a few in a Troyer , Britten and Tremont won a few in Troyers and probably the most was Godown unless you're only talking the Super Dirtcar series then not so much. Bicknells make up 99.9% of the field most anywhere you go so how could they not win the majority of races?
  8. Yeah I was thinking there would be a dozen threads on here if that went down the opposite way when I watched it this morning.
  9. How long you been going in the pits involved with a race team? If you have been going for any significant amount of time you would have seen all of those drivers act childish at some point in their careers. I'm not saying what Matt did was right wrong or indifferent, but all drivers loose their shit at some point. It's the adrenaline and desire to win. Seen it many times from lots of the driver's you listed. Not as many cameras back then and no social media so the incidents get lost to memory. Those guys were/are all legends, but they were by no means perfect, just human. Believe what you want. Not a huge Sheppard fan myself either.
  10. You are very niave if you think those guys didn't all throw tantrums like that back in the day. The difference is there weren't cameras in everyone's hands capturing it all
  11. No Such Thing Anymore!!!! No way any true 40 hr a week working man can compete in either series anymore!
  12. Haha that's all I could find too! Lol
  13. Is this confirmed or just SteweyFan wishing???
  14. Heat draws at the STSS race at Thunder Mountain were done at the series trailer in front of the whole pits at the drivers meeting before the racing started. Drivers drew according to when they signed in at the series trailer. Seemed pretty transparent to me???
  15. And the streak dies at Thunder Mountain!