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  1. The problem with this whole "Tire Infraction" is the way DirtCar Handles the issue in my opinion. First they seem to not be to quick to release to the public (who knows maybe Dirtcar or the Lab screwed up). Witch yes, "Id have my tail between my legs too". That being said, Reading the Rule myself, and by past infractions (Terrance) (Lafrance) (Bloomquist), they got caught, some appealed with no success, but they got, point losses, money fines, and four weeks as the rules state as the minimum. Those competitors served the penalties, and life goes on. That should be the bench mark one would think. Dirt Racing is like a Sandbox, anyone can come play, however there are rules. They are posted and available for all to read. However they have their clause " and/or any action deemed appropriate by Super DIRTcar Series and/or DIRTcar Officials and/or World Racing Group". Which my opinion being: They can do what they want, when they want, to whom they want. Ultimately, someone has jurisdiction to how the sandbox is played in a none black and white way in my opinion, which is not right. Nothing been released publicly yet to my knowledge, and if it is 2 weeks; It s DIRTcar, and World Racing Groups integrity that's Jeopardized, in my opinion. We will all have to go play in a sandbox with cat piss in it. The race teams accused, it sucks, guilty or not. The competitors it sucks potentially thinking a championship may have been in reach only to have that door closed too. Sec 11.1a Article O.) Any member that attempts and/or is found to be using tires that are found to be illegal in any manner will be suspect to disqualification and/or fine and/or suspension and/or loss of points and/or any other action deemed appropriate by Super DIRTcar Series and/or DIRTcar Officials and/or World Racing Group Supervisory Officials. The minimum penalty for any (chemically) altered tire will be as follows: disqualification from the event, and/or a fine up to 1,000 championship or track points, loss of all earned purse and/or reward money from the event, a fine equal to and/or more than the purse money rewarded for the event and/or a minimum suspension of 1 month (minimum or 4 races) up to six (6) months in duration.