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  1. Looks like stewie will possibly be at the valley on sat nights now according to aarn
  2. Geez somebody's an angry little troll God there's a lot of douchebags on DTD
  3. That's awesome and true.... lol f'n dtd people crack me up everyone's an expert on everything .but have never sat there ass in a race car or did track prep........... ever.... but they still know it all
  4. That's absolutely funny ....experts..... a lot of them on d bag digest
  5. Well I guess call me spoiled but when your home tracks Lebanon Valley and its super-fast very rarely ever Dusty or full of holes you kind of expect a little bit more when you go to other race tracks and yes major dust sucks for spectators and Racers I've been on both sides when it's that Dusty you can't drive in that and you sure as hell can't enjoy a race now with this being said I can't wait to read some of crap people are going to talk about Lebanon Valley
  6. Track is so bad they're canceling events till 6:30 to rework the track huge wreck in the Futures race caused by dust
  7. Tracks breaking up so bad its down to the black top its like there racing on sand its dustier than fonda. And that s pretty fricken dusty
  8. Thank u so many smart asses on here its hard to get true info and a straight answer about parking
  9. So I'm guessing there is no parking ugh 4 hours from central mass. With about an hour to go bout to turn around and drive 5 hours back boy they really made a shit show out of sdw thanks cuomo u crooked s.o.b
  10. Oh geez I'm driving all the way from central Massachusetts I'm starting to think this is going to be a big mistake going to Oswego doesn't sound like there's going to be anywhere to put all these cars thanks mr. Cuomo thanks for f'n it all up U crooked s.o.b
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