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  1. Doesn’t the Heinke cars run Bruneau? I believe they have run them for years.
  2. Still a good run. 4 spots away from making the big show. Not bad for someone who turned probably less than 100 laps all weekend or all year in this type of car. Lots of regulars and multi winning drivers in this division that didn’t even get that far.
  3. I just saw on neuman’s Facebook that TMac will be in b main
  4. I see TMac had a decent run in the a main last night finishing 8th from deep in the field. Does this put him I. One of the b-mains Saturday? If so does that give him a decent starting spot in one?
  5. Selfishly, I would love to see rolling wheels recover and do something similar to Weedsport! Would it make an over saturation for tracks in regards to car counts, I’m not sure. I just have so many amazing memories from that place and it was one of my favorite tracks to attend. With the ongoing trend of shorting 5/8, 1/2 mile tracks, I’m not sure the cars would show up. If it did resurrect I would hope the support would be there!
  6. Is this a good price? I’m not trying to be ignorant but I thought low thirties was what a roller cost. Is there a crate in it? If so that makes sense then.
  7. Is TMac running the same car as last year? And will he run gateway again?
  8. They are far behind. Mods are still running for basically the same money (except for this year) with cars that are almost if not already doubled in price. I wouldn’t be surprised if what bob won that year Is not far off. 47 wins with around a minimum of roughly 1500-1700 to win weekly. I’m not saying he is equal with what Williamson did but without having a $100k to win race It will still be interesting how much he won 25 years ago.
  9. I wonder if Barefoot was close the year he won over 40 times. He won I think 5 track championships, skoal title, mr dirt, eastern states I believe, mr dirt track at the valley. The only thing he didn’t win was super dirt week. Didn’t mr dirt pay a lot more back then to win title?
  10. They sure did!! Horrible call, the leader took off first and then didn’t go with stew getting pushed by the 99 at the same time. What do you do there?
  11. Wouldn’t be that much of a surprise. His son raced Bicknell a along with fuller.
  12. Hate to see it but if cars aren’t showing up to support it, maybe it’s the only alternative. Is it a logistical thing why there are not many 358’s showing up? I heard great things about the place last year
  13. Is he taking it to Charlotte? Or is he gonna wait to debut it next season? Car is sharp looking!
  14. Is there more plans in the works for TMac to race the 66 again? Maybe Charlotte or some races next year?