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  1. Is this a good price? I’m not trying to be ignorant but I thought low thirties was what a roller cost. Is there a crate in it? If so that makes sense then.
  2. Is TMac running the same car as last year? And will he run gateway again?
  3. They are far behind. Mods are still running for basically the same money (except for this year) with cars that are almost if not already doubled in price. I wouldn’t be surprised if what bob won that year Is not far off. 47 wins with around a minimum of roughly 1500-1700 to win weekly. I’m not saying he is equal with what Williamson did but without having a $100k to win race It will still be interesting how much he won 25 years ago.
  4. I wonder if Barefoot was close the year he won over 40 times. He won I think 5 track championships, skoal title, mr dirt, eastern states I believe, mr dirt track at the valley. The only thing he didn’t win was super dirt week. Didn’t mr dirt pay a lot more back then to win title?
  5. They sure did!! Horrible call, the leader took off first and then didn’t go with stew getting pushed by the 99 at the same time. What do you do there?
  6. Wouldn’t be that much of a surprise. His son raced Bicknell a along with fuller.
  7. Hate to see it but if cars aren’t showing up to support it, maybe it’s the only alternative. Is it a logistical thing why there are not many 358’s showing up? I heard great things about the place last year
  8. Is he taking it to Charlotte? Or is he gonna wait to debut it next season? Car is sharp looking!
  9. Is there more plans in the works for TMac to race the 66 again? Maybe Charlotte or some races next year?
  10. I think the effort is overlooked for sure. I can’t imagine the hours spent getting things together each year for this event. We as race fans are lucky to still have it. Just remember the wheels being gone (still hard to believe). Super dirt week, although I could not attend, appeared to have a great turnout car and fan wise. 2 our 4 races have been phenomenal and even the first year with the horrific track came down to Stewy and TMac. Syracuse has awful ruts sometimes, as have many tracks. Unfortunately Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. There is some work to do but that can be accomplished. If the track does well off this and can’t get some drainage issues figured out this will continue to get car and fan support. I only wish I could have been there this year. Thankfully coverage was great so I could follow every minute.
  11. He is definitely well over 200 grand. According to superdirtcar points list he had earned over 51 grand, add super dirt week plus satellite shows and then the big centennial he is already there. That doesn’t include any weekly shows or non dirtcar races If he did much of that such as deyo shows.
  12. Thank you for the responses. I was just wondering if it was mandatory
  13. Is it required that a small block has to put the quick fill in if running the big block race? Just wondering if this is a requirement since it is now a rule they don’t run them for the small block race.
  14. The good thing about putting a body on for Oswego is that for the most part it is useable for next season barring any real impact. So most teams would be ready to go next year in that aspect. I knew teams that went to Syracuse with a new specific aero body and by the end of the week from the speed the body was toast.