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  1. Joshua "Jello" Loughnot

    OCFS 7/19

    Not for this trip, but who's got the in at a local golf course? ⛳⛳⛳🏌🏌🏌
  2. Joshua "Jello" Loughnot

    Sheppard cornwall

    I've always said, until Mr. Or Mrs. ENGLSIH flies down from the sky, people who complain about grammar are 1. Arguing a losing case. 2. Are lonely people..... lol
  3. Joshua "Jello" Loughnot

    OCFS 7/19

    How far is George Washingtons headquarters from Ocfc? Is it worth visiting?
  4. Id like to see 5 wide at Oswego. As far, as 4 wide, after every meal. Its nice to fast or go on a diet once and awhile. Makes me apperiate good meals more....
  5. Jack Johnson, Alan Johnson, Brett Hearn and Bob.... The Future : Freisen, Sheppard, Larry and Rudolph...
  6. Joshua "Jello" Loughnot

    SDS Brewerton

    Its a Super Dirt Series event. Super Dirt officals run the program. Smh
  7. Weather looks great tomorrow, considering it feels more like Hurricane 100 weather today. Looking forward to seeing if Lighting hits 4 striaght times.....
  8. Joshua "Jello" Loughnot

    U.S. Politics at Fonda

    How about No Politics on Dtd Forums?
  9. Joshua "Jello" Loughnot

    Ron Davis III

    The win at Fulton was stout. The run at brewerton, imo, was more impressive, started deep in the pack and marched foward.
  10. Joshua "Jello" Loughnot

    Race (event) names

    The Hurricane... For a number of reasons... Freedom 76er sounds sweet... Eastern States has some ring to it.. If I had a event, I would call it "The D" At Brewerton. Run 70 laps for $7000...
  11. Joshua "Jello" Loughnot

    if you had the money

    My driver would be Casey Ostrander. He doesnt race cars but ive come close to death several times in the passenger seat and each time came out alive. He has that "IT" factor. Id go with Troyer because i like the jackets they sell. My home track would be Brewerton. And would total follow the series. If i were picking drivers currently running, Tyler Trump and RD3 without a doubt.
  12. Joshua "Jello" Loughnot

    20th to 1st

    Great to see hes in a 358. Thats awesome. Just watching him and Trump you could tell they were getting out powered, but they def made it up for it with thier driving ability. Looking forward to seeing them progress....
  13. Joshua "Jello" Loughnot

    20th to 1st

    Awesome. Was under the impression he only was running a 358.
  14. Joshua "Jello" Loughnot

    20th to 1st

    Sheppard has talent thats forsure. I was watching Tyler Trump and RD3. Those two both can wheel. If i had the means i would put them in a big block...
  15. Joshua "Jello" Loughnot

    Pyschology of racing.........

    All. All of it. Allllllll... hahahahaha in a creepy count dracula laugh...