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  1. I've really enjoyed being able to watch from NC. Until feature time....
  2. Buck Gasner


    Three different nights during the 2001 season i found myself like this....
  3. My understanding of the substitute driver rule is: As far as points or handicapping is concerned, Jimmy Davis didn't finish second Saturday night. For points & handicapping purposes, Vinnie Sangeniti(sp) finished 2nd. So I believe if Jimmy comes back this week, he will be handicapped like any other new driver (3 wins). This ^^^^ is all according to my understanding of the DIRT rule in general. If I am wrong I'm sure someone will correct me.
  4. C'mon Scott. Let's not let logic or common sense ruin a good rant! lol
  5. Buck Gasner

    Yuke Tires

    I personally have nothing against the yuke (or however you want to spell it) tires. But apparently they don't like me too much. Even with the shortened schedule we run in the vintage class, it seems at least twice a year they try to cross the street as I'm going by....
  6. I guess this takes what some have claimed for years even further. DTD is not only dangerous to our sport, it's also dangerous to our computers!!!! LOL! (It sucks that I feel the need edit this post just to point out the sarcasm/humor that will no doubt be lost on some)
  7. I've always wondered how practical it was for a series to hold events on regular season fri/sat nights, thus making competitors choose where their loyalty lies. Seems like the tail is wagging the dog. Remember when special series ran pre points openers, post point season, and weekdays. And I don't wanna hear that "weekday shows are too much travel and $".
  8. We get it Jeff. We've understood your last 15 posts on the subject. You enjoy the shows you see at other venues more. That's great. It's all about enjoyment. Whether as a fan, crew, driver, owner, whatever one's role may be. But why not post about how excited you are for the new season and the great racing you're gonna see at your favorite venues rather than post negativity about a track that you don't support anyways? And let's not blame diabetes. I've known ya for 30 years... You've always been a bitch! lol
  9. My wife is always telling me I'm a cranky old man stuck in a younger mans body. I'm gonna start showing her your posts to show that she could have it worse. Happy valentines day, you miserable cuss! lol
  10. Buck Gasner

    Doctor to Fonda?

    It's funny you say that. A couple months ago my son asked if Santa is real. After I talked in a circle for a couple minutes, he said "I wanna hear JAKE SPRAKER'S opinion". Lol Kids these days....
  11. I wonder how many of the people that are so quick on here to dismiss this as a bad idea will be attending the meeting to give their opinions in person?
  12. Kudos for owning your actions. I apologize for the name calling, but stand by my opinion that it's a bs move to post that. To 99% of the readers on here, all it means is where a driver is (possibly) going to race. But posting private conversations regarding things that may be in the planning stages could hurt both professional & personal relationships. Between this topic (in general) and the Fonda one, I think the answer to what is hurting our sport the most is on full display.....
  13. Damn... Kind of ballsy posting this. Why not let people make their announcements when they are ready? No. It's not ballsy when the pos doesn't even post under his real name. I'm sure I'll get the "no name calling" spiel from the mods but if the mods did as they should jackasses like this wouldn't be so "ballsy".
  14. Buck Gasner

    Fonda Speedway

    That is the million dollar question that nobody else has asked. Similiar to when Jake & Mike left the ridge. There's a difference between losing money and not profiting enough to be happy.
  15. Previously owned & drove street stocks & "rookie" sportsman cars. Now I own a vintage modified, and I drive it. But if I call myself a driver I'm sure some of my friends on here would correct me. lol