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  1. Can't even remember the last time I missed a Cowboys game, has to be well over 30 years, until last Monday night, and will continue for the fore see-able future. Next time NFL players get on their knees it better be when they begging fans like me for mercy for their stupidity. Outlaw 200 here I come.
  2. Bummed about the Outlaw 200 being moved back a day, chance are I will not be able to attend it tomorrow due to other plans, Thinking about Driving down to Woodhull today, been there once very unique track. Before I make my decision looking for input, what to expect as far a car count for the BB/SB race, and would you expect or know of any drivers who would be at Fulton today to drive down to race tonight at Woodhull?
  3. The Outlaw/Victoria is still my favorite race of the year, but it has lost some of it mystic over the last few years, with rule changes, and what appears to me smaller crowds, (weather does play a part in that). Will have to say up until today I wasn't really bothered by the Sheppard and Phelps not being there, but now a little bummed about it. Also wondering what tonight's weather (predicting rain) will do to tomorrow's schedule of events.
  4. WOW; Anyway, I forgot to ask how is the parking situation at Oswego?
  5. As much as I love dirt modify racing, I love the NFL football more, so I have never even thought about going to any race on a Sunday during football season, but now that has all changed. After the lack of respect shown basically by the whole NFL towards the flag and Nation Anthem, I called DirecTV and canceled the Sunday Ticket that I have since 1998, and no longer watch over priced babies bitch about how bad they have it here in this country. So now that my Sundays are freed up Oswego here I come. Can't wait.
  6. I usually don't watch the pre race, but when the channel guide says the race program starts at 2PM and I turn to that channel and they don't actually drop the green for at least a good 20 minutes or more after that, I will already changed the channel and sometimes forget to turn it back. Also regardless who decided to move the start times back, it is a bad idea, Remember this years Brick Yard 400, or to have a race start at 3:30 pm and it starts raining at 5pm , if race had started at 1PM chances are race would be over by then.
  7. I've been saying this for years. Why the need for a 1+ hour pre race show then another 20 minutes or more at start of actual race program of more interviews. I remember back in the 80's when ESPN carried NASCAR they would show snippets of interviews in corner of screen while race was running.
  8. Agree 100%, it is very hard to make weeknight shows when you have to be at work the next morning. It might be just me, but I love the big events that are ran in the fall, just something about them that gets my blood pumping, probably the higher car counts reminding of days gone past when I was a kid, when it was like that for a weekly show.
  9. One is a gimmick, and the other is there because of nepotism. But will say Danica does or did have some talent to at least get a ride in IRL, but no way in hell would she have gotten it or kept it, if she were a male.
  10. I know this was discussed on here last year, but figured I bring it back up here again. I watched the qualifying for the Indy 500 pole yesterday (fastest 9) as they call it now, and as I watched it, I really feel sad that one of those events that I looked forward to every year from the time I was like 7 or 8 years old in the early 70's is all but shell of it former self. As a kid I would listen to the entire race on the radio and then watch the tape delay on ABC that night, then when they started showing the race live on TV in the mid 80's I would sit and watch the race from pre race to the finish. I loved watching qualifying for this race used to be 4 days of qualifying and sometimes bump day was so intense with drivers and owners making deals to break out a back up car for a driver to try and qualify and bumping out another driver. Now they are lucky to get full field of 33 for the race with the slowest qualifier nearly 10 mph slower then the pole winners speed. Yes I will still watch it this Sunday (pre race ceremony is still one of the main reason I love this event, and now even some of that has changed forever with the playing of 'Back Home Again in Indiana" due to Jim Nabors poor health and his back up Florence Henderson, now deceased. Yes I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, but man I miss those days.
  11. I've always said that certain races the majors as I call them (Daytona 500, Bristol night race, Darlington, the 600) should be worth more points. Agree with you on shortening most races, along with heat races to determine the line up. Have to admit this new stage format they are using this year has made it a little more interesting. But it is now April and soon I will be more interested in big block modified dirt racing.
  12. Sat down to watch the clash, it is terrible. Team racing is just bad racing for the fans.
  13. My comment was made in jest, lol, but I'm sure there are more than 1 reason Carl walked away from NASCAR and I'm sure frustration on many issues weight in on his decision, plus he did say he would race once in while,
  14. Beginning to think, this is why Carl Edwards said I'm done with Nascar.
  15. I totally agree with you on Jenkins and Nuber as the best broadcast team ever. Though I know it is all about the $$, I think one of the biggest mistakes NASCAR did was taking NASCAR from ESPN and putting it on FOX for 1st half of season and NBC or what ever network for the second half of season. I believe NASCAR lost its identity when they moved away from the Rock and North Wilkesboro, And I really hate the lucky dog rule, total BS to me. And as I said before the pre race crap is way too drawn out, no reason they can't show taped interviews with the drivers, while the race is running in a small window on the screen, like they did when Jenkins and Nuber were announcing the races.
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