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  1. Last nights OC sportsman race Lombard dqed gave trophy to tanner Forget abt mod driver he did honorable thing imo and ill take back my rant abt track,,it was beautiful last night Hope it stays that way for rest of weekend.
  2. true on ''challenging'' this one will be vision challenging no rain all wk PERfect for dustbowl 200,,
  3. ESW goes with the other know it all blowhard running the show! Super Dust Bowl 200,,Rt 17 fri aft racing,,
  4. and so the sh$t goes on,,and gets worse every yr dont know abt 9s's funding but other creep is backed by billionaire and the sh#t show contiues at esw next,,,
  5. mixed with that toxic dust absolutley delicious one lane quicway perfect for golden boy who actually pays for thi s##t?
  6. I'm seeing on youtube a part of this green new deal stuff, is gonna be outlawing any mods to engines Some diesel mod guys have already been fined big
  7. of the dirt surface at oswego ? this W##ht a##hole?? mix syrup in the turns good to go you got Sweetners up there use em! why is this so hard
  8. Mr. Halmar paying for more horsepower, newer chassis' and the last lightest parts money can buy so little baby boy Stewie can have his trophy. Look at the top 10 at this race, it's nothing but the cars with the most horsepower and the newest chassis' going faster then the rest. People paying for a better finish. The rules need to be overhauled to prevent these no budget teams from paying for faster race cars then 95% of the field. This isn't a sport anymore, it's a joke
  9. too much silt sand in the dirt will never be right unless replaced . this is according to a higher up at oc I talked to they are really trying to put organic material in but too little too late in the yr now,,as far as production,you gets what you pays,,,or not,,, im sure those people back then were paid well for their good work these new dudes get a free ticket.
  10. I thought they had dust under control,,I know it has been very dry lately though,,
  11. Like Kyle Bush running trucks,,no contest! Some competition from Mahaney and Matt,,but not much.
  12. hes a fine driver for sure,one of the best,,watch next time out prob has to run consi 5 sec lead is unreal,,my boy super matt needed 1 gal more gas,,4 lbs light
  13. No nascar,,too small not enough area for parking unless get rid of ''fair'' lol To make this place good again hire the co. that redid bridgeport that place has amazing races instead of making the track maybe 1 grove on good days for your boy!
  14. on my local f book,,big teams stuff as well as no name,,just seems more than normal for off season,,
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