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  1. how bout them apples,, from kicked out,, to headliner gotta go watch him for sure!
  2. zzz

    Ryan Newman

    Best pic ever of ryan with girls,,.As far as racing goes,, yota has dumped billions in nascar racing,your results are proof of that.
  3. Say what you will abt purses up or down,but OC does and has for awhile drawn a lot of racers every wk.I think if the pay was golden corral lunch ticket that would be fine with some of them! esp sportsman [40-70 show up]and lower divs they do it for fun/seatime for higher divs.
  4. Very nice guy mr palmer. Always came around and thanked us for coming up and supporting the speedway,when my kids raced LAWNMOWERS there! I surely hope OCFS does the same for their fans,drivers,owners!
  5. prolly got a bicky,just weld a teo pro thing in the back! he gonna run on days he's not at oc? maybe hell run at oc too,,
  6. Mike M; is there somewhere for gobbler mod total results Acc site they no update it? thx
  7. don't know about that but some contractors haven't got paid for their work.
  8. in your NASCAR CHAMPIONSHIP run you will do it!Then whats them hill billies gonna say? burton earn a fart etc.
  9. I stumbled on one of her vlogs and she is very enthusiastic and does a good job imo one thing that impressed me is that she said her parents taught her not to speak bad of anyone, that's commendable in this day and age!
  10. I didn't realize it was that lopsided toward Bicknell So quest is; why aren't other brands more equal?And are bicks built here or Canada?
  11. Anybody have the top 10 car brands in the finish of SDW and ESW?
  12. Christine,, that '58 Fury,, except with a 1,000 hp hellaphant motor! at least that tank had a frame! unlike pony cars
  13. No but Paul Irving does a1st class job with his videos posted on you tube or 3 wide message vault just raw video no commentary though
  14. yeah lets celebrate a cheater and felon from 40 yrs ago,,not stew btw,, good idea!
  15. I saw a big tower put up this wk there,,,ONLY halmar approved broadcasts sorry had to say it lol,, I sure hope they will be allowed.
  16. So THATS who this Handy Andy guy is,,sad because it'll prob get into hands of a corp to make mall,condos etc
  17. OC should go to dollar general and get some soap then.new surface seems fine but dust doesn't go away , places out west run just topsoil?
  18. BUT they go crazy over eve of Destruction type shows! guarantee its a full house at OC
  19. At OC,, Fan Apprreciation night Now that's cool!
  20. they're doing a 1$ nite this wk vg.fan appr nite he is doing a wonderfull job with the place,,I just don't want favoritism,,
  21. If Matt had Stews ultra rich backer,,no contest talent for talent,,,Matt wins!
  22. say what you want abt favoritism,etc the stands tell the story this wk empty,, racing still sucks dusty,2-6 lead of winner.just like nap car
  23. I was not there,but was ELATED one of the golden ones didn't win,.even my fav #9,,,,Hope you cashed the check matt as they are prob. looking to dq you good job!,.