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  1. I heard that Accord is allowing fans in the stands next Friday. Something about a new ruling or something being overturned. Does anyone have any details?
  2. Has anyone been to Middletown? How has the crowd been in the drive in? Is it close to sold out?
  3. The racing is closer and more competitive than the real thing, and more fun too
  4. It looks like the stands are full for the first time in 20 years.
  5. Brett has gone from the GOAT as a driver, to on his way to becoming the GOAT as a promoter, with Mr. Larsons money of course. Here’s to “Making Orange County Great Again “
  6. My uncle has basic cable and a flip phone. Where do I even begin?
  7. Has anyone heard why the sudden change from NASCAR trucks to full time at Middletown? No haters please
  8. The STSS schedule is also out. I am too lazy to look, are there any conflicts?
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