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  1. racemonster


    How was the track surface this week?
  2. racemonster


    OCFS’s top 2 guys don’t even qualify.....?
  3. What was the problem with Race monitor last night?
  4. How are things at OCFS tonight? Is it raining yet?
  5. Brett Deyo is a too busy
  6. I have never heard of the races being stopped in the middle of a program because of the threat of rain. They better get their $hit together,and soon!
  7. Why did they not run the features?
  8. Bobby Botcher tribute this Saturday at Orange County. $18,000 on the line. Any invaders? Shepherd could make more in one night, than he could winning the points at Land of Legends.
  9. Canceled or postponed?
  10. racemonster


    Any results?
  11. racemonster

    5 mile point

    Will he ever learn?