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  1. The STSS schedule is also out. I am too lazy to look, are there any conflicts?
  2. In the Graham car or something else?
  3. Is there an date open for the 200?
  4. racemonster

    World Finals

    Where can I find the schedule of events?
  5. racemonster

    Thunder Mountain

    Did something happen at the last STSS race?
  6. In the #20 tonight at Malta.
  7. racemonster

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    If Matt’s not there, the win means nothing.
  8. racemonster

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    Yah, if it was a “real” 200 lapper everyone would be crying about the added expenses of the quick fill, and use that as an excuse not to go.
  9. Could we please get some details? How did this come about?
  10. If Matt is not going, I am not going!
  11. racemonster

    Dippel suspended

    Does anyone know the real reason?
  12. I missed the truck race. What happened to Stewart? 0 laps completed?
  13. How did the surface hold up?
  14. racemonster

    Big show 11

    He must have the extra big, big block in tonight.