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  1. The state can’t afford to pave it because they continue to pay everyone unemployment.
  2. What a joke. Restrictor plate racing is not racing. The drivers and fans should boycott!
  3. What about Fonda this Saturday? It’s the first of the Thunder on the Thruway Series.
  4. According to their Facebook page Racing was supposed to start at 7:15, not hot laps
  5. I walk in, tell them my name, and sign my name. Not once has anyone asked me to verify my name by checking my I.D. Anyone who knows where I vote, and can forge my name could vote as me.
  6. I have been voting for over 30 years, not once has anyone asked me for ID
  7. Doesn’t he have a new chassis or engine builder?
  8. Was the racing good? Meier from 11 with a stacked field.
  9. He seemed to have so much more forward bite than anyone else. It could be a long season for the competition.
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