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  1. Did they fix the grandstand? Seats are kind of low, and difficult to see turn 4.
  2. I've never won one at a race track, but won at a track banquet. $178. The driver I crewed for got $100 for being the mini stock track champion. I usually buy one from Rachel, Hannah and Cheryl at CMP. Cheryl has the highest percentage of winning tickets pulled.
  3. Steve's mom was/is in the hospital, that's why he wasn't at CMP. I have no other info.
  4. Update via facebook: Justin has been released, and is home with a miner concussion. Dave is is stable, but serious condition. He has a broken arm, shattered femur, and a broken tibia and fibula. He will undergo surgery today, and has asked for visitors to wait until after surgery, to visit.
  5. Back in the day,drivers would stop on the front straight, get out, light a cigarette, and look at the tires. Then they would go and talk to the others, until they were told to get back in.
  6. 16 sportsman tonight. The 55 was there, racing. Jon Ellsworth #3:16 made his season debut, Ricky Newton rolled his #54n, after a lapped car cut down in front of him. Ricky was uninjured, and the car sustained mostly sheet metal damage and broken bolt on parts. Phil Vigneri lll won the 2nd feature, and Tony Pangrazio won the make up feature.
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