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  1. Okay... As a former and flagger and race director, allow me to shed some light... Ill start with the giving guys signals to their lead... I hate it... but its just my opinion... Ive only done with classes such as the Vintage cars, who are more about putting on a good show verus actually racing for something... I think its actually an unfair advantage to the leaders over the others... but thats my opinion, and Im sure it varies with others... Now the flaggers importance... In the tower, you can see as much, hear as much, and probably the biggest thing I lacked in the tower versus track side is smell as much... I could smell the burning clutch or dragging brakes, the burning oil smell for an engine about to expire or the rubber from a tire rub... or GAS... when someone forgot there fuel cell cap or it came dislodged some how... You can see the drip streaks on the track of fluids and your "Feet on the ground" for track conditions.. sometimes it can be slippery as heck, but not look it... Your there to feel the rain when it starts... in the tower, you get NONE of that... And the real importance of the flagger... You are a part of the show... I hate the boring flaggers that can barely wave a flag... put a little panache into it... doing some tricks, wave the double checkers.. have fun with it and make it look good... I always hated drivers getting told to go to the rear on the one way first, I always wanted my flagger to show them before I said it... thats as much of a part of the show as the crowd goes nuts with it... Theres a line in the sand tho... Your job has a real purpose, but the fancy flag waving is theatrics... You need the "boots on the ground", the head flagger and the corner marshalls are incredibly important. Now... I will say this, and it might aggravate some people I look up to and respect... The race director position came about when the flaggers of yesteryear started to age, and waving flags and climbing that flagstand started to get tougher and tougher... they had the skills and the knowledge from being in charge, kept that, and moved to the tower... with the 1 way radios and electronic scoring, having that person in the tower with a broader overview almost supervising the flagger and corner marshalls really helps the show move along quickly and more smoothly as far as the racing aspect goes, but like anything, having the right people in the right places, and being a solid cohesive unit always helps, just like anything,... Can it be done without corner marshalls? Yes, can it be done without a head flagger? Yes, can it be done without a race director? Yes... Is it ideal? Hell No.
  2. Coumo (as predicted) killed the loop hole... So being open as a restaurant is off the table... Fonda is back to no fans, and no drive in either...
  3. Fonda has done the same thing, but thats pretty brazen of LV to flaunt it in the PR the way they are.... I'm surprised more tracks have not jumped on board with the loophole... but I have to imagine that PR hits the right politicians hands and its going to be short lived...
  4. Im not disappointed Jr was a first ballot, but I also see why others can be seen as more deserving to go first.... His accomplishments as a driver, 2x "Xfinity" Champion, Daytona 500 wins, his driving career puts him there... not as a first ballot, but there... His car ownership career has been even more impressive. Lets not forget this guy is responsible for grooming Cup Champions Martin Truex Jr and Brad Keselowski, and the most popular driver in the NASCAR in Chase Elliott, a ton of wins and 3 xfinity championships. Thats good enough to put him there alone, not as a first ballot, but there.. Then you factor in all the intangibles.. His love of the history and work with the hall of fame. His presence in the media and his budding broadcasting career. His use of his popularity to help the sport.. Taking the sport on his shoulders even if he knew it or not after his fathers death left a hole that still has not been filled, and probably never will... Add in the often over looked culture change he single handedly brought about after opening up about his concussions and the repercussions that has had on driver health in general. This alone is enough to land him there, not as a first ballot, but there... Add the 3 together, hes where he belongs, and while others maybe should have gone first, like Harry Gant (and Jr even has stated it himself)... Hes very deserving of the 76% of all the ballots he was on, and being a first ballot hall of famer.
  5. I can tell you for me, in 1998 it did... At the end of 96 my cousin stopped racing (my first year being in the pits at Fonda, as I was finally old enough) 97 I sat in the stands, looked at my father and said this sucks, the pits were better... His reply was "better find someone to help them"... That teams been stuck with me since 1998 😜
  6. Oh, it tried... felt some sprinkles standing atop the trailer at the beginning of the prostock race, the dark ugly cloud stayed just south... and on my way home to Utica some of the roads were wet.
  7. I cut the cord over a year ago, best decision I ever made... There are umm "Services" on websites out there where you can watch almost any tv channel (missing mavTV of course...) but all the major ones are there, like FS1... I watched some of the Bristol race and heard the Hendrick PR Talking head being the in booth analyst... (*sorry rant... Jeff Gordon isn't as annoying as DW was, but jesus the HMS love affair is getting obnoxious). I did thoroughly enjoy Mike Joy calling the terrible lot at the back of the field rolling chicanes tho... (the 51,52,53,15, etc...) and praising JJ Yeley for having enough brains to get the junk he was driving the hell out of the guys actually racings way, lol...
  8. You forgot NHL and NBA, dont forget the Knicks and Rangers owner James Dolan and the Buffalo Sabres Owner (Pegula) are both on the Gov's reopening advisory panel.
  9. I don't think its a temper tantrum because they didn't get to be a shop... it started a little sooner than that I think...
  10. Oswegos front grandstands are pretty accessible (ramp towards turn 1) and handicap parking right there... Pretty impressive seats for the supers, not so sure about Super Dirt Week (I went in the front stands during the 1 ever day of practice up there, and have never gone back... mostly because I'm to lazy to go over there, closest I've gotten was a breakfast run to McDonalds while watching the parade) Bob, on Charlotte, the bathrooms are pretty impressive for any track, even for the short track worlds when I walked over to check out the stands and was the only person over there, they were spotless and very accessible. I almost think a person in a wheel chair could get away with using a regular stall in a pinch... (I can tell you the same applies for the drag strip, which from where we pitted, I mostly used, lol).
  11. To the best of my knowledge, WRG (and the state funding given to them) Has created the black lot, the road system in the camping area, drainage in the pit area (including an underground retaining pond), and redid the back grandstands... I forgot the amount Brian Carter said they budgeted for improvements on this years super dirt week, they wanted to do more than they did, but some of that funding had to be redirected because the pits ended up being more than they figured... I just remember it was at least double what I had "guestimated" they were spending on improvements each year...
  12. I filled in as the turn 3 flagger last year at Fonda when Nick wasn't able to be there, its definitely a thrill to have sportsman flying at you on all sides for sure!
  13. Which time? 😂 I have to say standing at the pit gate (guard let me hope up there during prostock hotlaps to get photo) is probably one of the coolest places Ive watch from yet... Utica-Rome standing on top of one of the dirt pile surrounding the light pole in turn 1 where the lap counter used to be a long time ago (2003ish)... Seeing them come flying at you and tossing them was pretty impressive... except for Dave Raucher... he hit the "mud turtle" mean to keep guys out of the infield every single lap..
  14. Tuesday March 24th edition of the AARN... It says it was in the works before this all started, and its on hold with the current owners being in their 80's... Reading it sounds like the most credible "rumors" about the place to date... Great to see an old track back from the dead, but I offer this warning... does Rolling Wheels have a place anymore? Weedsport replaced its specials only format... and I can list more tracks hurting then thriving. Would it reopening just put another nail in the coffin of one of these struggling tracks? Would it actually survive itself?
  15. I think Johnny Gibson made the show... While the indycar race itself sucked this weekend, PT and the guys did a good job with the broadcast and roughly understand iracing and how it works... Watching nascar, Jeff Gordon doesn't have a clue and Mike Joy could care less.. it sounds like hes announcing from the prospective of "I have to announce a %&^@$# video game???? Seriously???"... Its awful.
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