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  1. CRSA and Patriots are run by the same people if I remember right (Mike Emhoff) but the CRSA is a 305 class... I had the pleasure of flagging the ESS sprints visits to the Ridge back in the day.... "Sprint cars in a blender"... 305 aren't much better, to the fact that the sprint track record was held by a 305 (Josh Flint) if not still held by one...
  2. The Rabbitt

    Ryan Newman

    I dont know if the Newman bar made any significant impact on his crash with where he was hit...that given, I will say this... it sure as hell saved Corey Lajoie...
  3. The Rabbitt

    Ryan Newman

    I believe the brain bleed is what was the serious issue out of the gate, that and the length of time he was unconscious... Im sure he is no wheres near 100% but with the bleed having stopped, and the swelling going down, and somehow, no other significant injuries (zoom in on the picture of the car in the air after being hit and look at the top door bar... instead of being a "C" shape, its an S....) Im not surprised he was released in 48 hours... Im sure he has plenty of medical visits and follow ups waiting for him when he got back to Charlotte... and Ill be shocked if hes back in the car before 4 or 5 weeks... I still cannot for the life of me figure out how he has no other significant injuries in that wreck, I figured at least something on the left side, arm, leg, shoulder, ribs, something.... There's a lot of bent stuff on that side of the car that says he should have something else... He really can thank Dale Earnhardt Sr. for surviving, since his crash they have moved the driver significantly inboard from the side left side of the cars with the CoT and beyond.. in 2001 cars they would have been squeegeeing Ryan off Corey's windshield....
  4. Varies by track, but 3 is usually the magic number of yellows.
  5. Chris Stockham is probably who had it (Corky of Parts Peddler Fames son I think)... Was it a bright orange 44?
  6. So let me get this right... Last year AR's were a good deal when Fonda and the Ridge were the only tracks in the area running them, and any guys wanting to run Albany Saratoga or Utica were screwed... but now when its back to where it was 1 off season ago before Fonda changed hands suddenly its an awful deal? It was a bad deal last year for the racer, its a bad deal this year for the racer... but it is what it is... Brett Deyo wouldn't be paying out what he does without the AR money, and the same goes to any track that get tire deals... It's sadly the way business is done... tracks are not viable operations on their own anymore... They rely on sponsorship money/deal money to make it happen.
  7. Not to pick apart your arguement, but sprints have it to, domed wings, flat wings... but by in large yes, you can just about race anywhere... I noticed you left out the other "modifieds"... those cars, IMCA, UMP, eMod etc are just as big of a dumpster fire on differing rules as we are if not worse...
  8. Most of those upgrades were made during the Matt Delorenzo Era (about 6 years ago).
  9. Not really a viable option, turns 3 and 4 were built on fill to begin with... That would be a nightmare... If you were on a crew that was stuck in the infield the first year and left to roast in the sun, having to haul 3 times as much stuff in because you couldn't get back to your trailer, the way they do it now is a godsend!. Honestly tho, to make it smoother would be to just do some work routing the fans thru the pit area to the stands a little better... Right now those fans and the cars end up occupying the same space at several occasions, primarily at the "point" where the roads Y (by the Hoosier and VP trucks) and where they come down the ramp by the tech tent....Load in is pretty straight forward, its the load out, with fans leaving the stands, or the lining up as fans are headed to the stands where it gets congested and well, pretty stupid.... The general ticket does NOT get you access to the infield.. so anyone in theory, should have a pit band, and have a clue...
  10. I think the staging isnt bad at if they fixed one thing... THE FANS... I walking the bridge that crossed by the "tech tent" so people leaving the stands weren't walking in front of cars would significantly improve everything... that by far is one of the absolutely biggest pains in the ass of the whole thing... There are people with no business being around an active pit area walking from the stands to catch the tram or back to the their campsites that pay no mind or attention to what is going on around them...
  11. Oswego is perfect for the race for 1 simple reason just like Syracuse was... Its neutral ground. No one has the advantage of racing there all year, because the racing there all year doesn't apply. Forget any of the camping etc... just that alone makes it the right thing. I'll be honest, at this point, I think Oswego is still viable as an asphalt facility because of SDW, and SDW is viable because of Oswego... Its a win win, and state money or not, Oswego loves its racing, they love the influx of tourism dollars, and they support the event as a community. By the time that money runs out I can only imagine what the upgrades to the facility will be like as every year they have made significant improvements. The green lot year 1 was an epic disaster... now, its only partially a disaster, and we (the fans camping there) as a whole have pretty much figured out how to handle it...last year the pits were beyond a disaster... this year? again improving significantly (and from what Mr Carter had to say, they didn't even accomplish all of the pit stuff they intended to this year as resources were diverted because the work they did this year took more than they had planned for it to be) Imagine what another 6 years will bring???
  12. Sauter probably has it out for all the GMS and GMS backed trucks.. after all, he got booted for guys bring money to the table....
  13. I have seen 5 in my life... 3 drivers (I think) and 2 crew. 3 of the 5 are still around... Back to back years I watched the safety crew at Oswego revive people... One was an modified racer that dropped as he climbed out of the car after warmups (he asked who was going to the drive the car if he couldnt as he was put in the ambulance) and I think it was Mike Bonds father-in-law? that collapsed in victory lane when he won the SBS portion of the classic. I remember one of our board members here dropping on his way to victory lane as he crossed the track... But I also remember Bob VanAernam passing at Fonda, and another I think driver, suffering a massive heart attack at Malta as he climbed from the car... I was younger and I vaguely remember it, would have been late 80's early 90's, maybe someone here remembers the details... Going to malta to the races was a special occasion as a kid, so it sticks in my mind, but I dont remember the details beside that.
  14. From what I have seen on Facebook they believe he had a medical event (speculation was a heart attack) causing the accident.
  15. From what I read on facebook, the nose and roof was stuff Weld intended to do before they banned it... So its as it would have been raced at the Eastern States back in the day...