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  1. Oswego still sets the gold standard for short track safety crews... it was 10 seconds before the first truck is on scene and another 10 to have the fire out... with cars still on track at speed (despite it being on the last lap)... Theres video of the wreck and the response... Im sure live it seemed like an eternity... Vern got out of the car on his own and Oswego's facebook/twitter said he was transferred to Syracuse with non-life threatening injuries... Id imagine precautionary in case he inhaled any fire... Anyone know what the 350 supers run for fuel? Didnt look like a methanol fire.. and know they run crates so Im assuming race fuel or pump gas?
  2. Between 2 and 3... Some bite, weather its from abrasiveness or moisture, but not to fast to destroy race cars, and multiple lanes.... Separates the men from the boys because it requires handling, but not so slick its a 1 line parade where everyones equal and no one can go anywhere. For todays cars and equipment... thats the sweet spot.
  3. "Turned over" is the common term. John, you got a snicker out of me on that one, lol.
  4. Prostocks had 1 caution total. Nick Stone and Chucky Dumblewski were both on Hoosiers.
  5. Thank you to this anonymous sponsor! Its a refreshing feeling to see this class get some recognition and love it deserves!!!
  6. Jerry Springer only wished he could have signed some of the people I saw that day...😨
  7. Even if you don't go to a race there, checking out the field days with the Demo derby is umm... "an experience".... Some mighty interesting people come out of the woodwork for that.....
  8. I would say IMSA and Indy drew about the same crowd Super Dirt Week would numbers wise there... Those were/are far from a packed house...
  9. Anyone whos ever driven thru Watkin's Glen during a major event will disagree about this being a good idea... its taken almost an hour to get out of town from the track when Ive been there for the Indycar and 6 Hour IMSA races... I can only imagine what a nightmare the Cup Weekend is....
  10. If you ask someone from NYC or Long Island, anything above the Catskills is upstate... Capital District is probably the more proper term for LV putting it in with Fonda, Albany Saratoga and Glen Ridge for the tracks in that area...
  11. Ive been working on tires for a few years now... its my monday night routine, and depending on if the tires are new, or the race was extra distance, it takes me between 2 to 3 hours to prep 8 tires for a prostock normally.. for us we don't have to sipe them every week, as our 20 lap races and hards dont get a tremendous amount of wear. We get a ton of races out of our tires... usually they go away when there isnt any tread left to grind... I also prepare the tires completely differently depending on where we are running them, I do a lot more work to a tire were taking to Utica or Oswego then what we run at Fonda... Its a dark art for sure... but done right it makes a big difference... and with some experience, you can tell how the car was performing based on the tires...
  12. Utica is a different kind of slick...There is no abrasiveness in the surface so once its dry it polishes... Its a unique little animal for sure! It was dry and slick in Charlotte for the Short Track Worlds on Sunday, but it still managed to eat a 60 (hards) off a prostock, Fonda was slick for the prostock tour race, yet it also killed a 60.... , You wont ever see that with what Utica has currently. The only surface I think its comparable to is Oswegos... but even then, Oswego might have more grip when its polished off....
  13. The Rabbitt

    Bus trip to World Finals

    11 hours on the dot with the hauler for the Short Track worlds this year... Bob is spot on, thanks to the weather on Friday we took in some race shops, the mall, and some go karting up in concorde... Bus would be a hell of a lot of fun for the trip, and probably slightly more comfortable a ride thru Pennsylvania on 81 (who paves your roads in PA? Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles? Sweet Jesus!)... But Im with Bob, having your own wheels is the only way to go as there is so much down there to take in if you havent been there often.
  14. if you look at the bottom of the 8 on the orange car you can still see the back of the 2, lol.
  15. Depends on the deal... Oswego has a commitment program for the super modifieds, if you sign up and make the required shows its a guaranteed minimum. Most of the "show up money" in the dirt world goes to the guys who butts in seats... Im sure it still happens today... no doubt in my mind.