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  1. No there wasn't but everything I post you argue about. That's why I said, there's no need to argue about it like you want too
  2. Welp, what a shame. Been about 10 times, and haven't went in 3 years & haven't missed any of it and wont miss it when its gone either. I-88 on that Saturday is awesome!   But for all of you it bothers you & that's alright. No need to argue.
  3. I'd like to know what that phone call was like between Howie & Andy and how much money was offered. I for one will be at Glen Ridge this week, if my buddy wants to go.
  4. Will suck because guys will have to choose, if they can't afford to race a billion races in that week
  5. We are, we bitch and moan so much and the promoters are so scared to try and race on a iffy weather day, that they just cancel. Its our own fault that we bitch about everything
  6. Would have been a nice night for racing. But when you listen to the weatherman...But then again its better if it did rain.
  7. I say we bash the Malta staff for cancelling when its not even raining like we do when other tracks do! Whos with me!
  8. See we got one already! Haha. I just think it would kinda fit perfect into the night. As to what the nights about. Get the veterans like Hearn, Romano, and Decker in what they used to race, and some guys that never have raced tho cars before like Friesen, RJ, Kislowski. Would be neat. Even tho it wouldn't happen.
  9. And this is exactly what I was just saying in another post. I didn't know what your talking about. Did I think you were busting my ball? Yes. There was no question mark at the end of your sentence, so the way I read it, was you busting my balls. If there was a question mark it would have been different. That's why I said it's very hard to know how people mean things on social media. But no worries.
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