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  1. I would love to see Stewart move up to a HIGHER class next year and run a modified full time.
  2. Maybe you should count the cars and decide what class is the support class!
  3. The track I was referring to was in Acra and it ran in 52 or later and was just off rt23.
  4. Acra is just west of Cairo N.Y. in Greene County. I am not sure of the name of the track but we all called it “Acra”. It ran in the early 50’s about the same time as Clearview in South Westerlo N.Y.
  5. My first race was at Clearview Speedway, then on to Acra, Sharon Springs and the “BIG” track in Fonda. I remember Acra was up and down hill.
  6. It appears that even back in the day, sanctioning bodies had their favorites.
  7. I would say the 4th turn for the first time there. It has worked well for me since 1955. Usually less dust and a breeze when it is hot.
  8. 4th turn during the meet and greet. Pete does do a great job remembering the veterans and I as one appreciate the effort but the rest of the year the water trucks, wreckers, photographers and a large number( I hate to say) of the fans completely disregard the Anthem. All I can say is that it proves that we cannot cure stupid.
  9. Well Pete, you managed to have the water truck driving on the track during the National Anthem to piss off those that care, but you couldn’t find time to put some water on the track before the mod feature. I am sure some car owners and drivers really appreciate your water conserving efforts. I appreciate the winner of the mod race expressing concerne for the drivers involved in the avoidable wreck in turn three last night. My hopes are that everyone is in good shape this morning.
  10. I must have missed it. What did the winner of the mod feature have to say in his interview?
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