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  1. 80k, you won't be disappointed by Eldora. bring your lawn chairs in and set them up on the hillside early. walk around and check out different spots during practice, there isn't a bad seat in the place. enjoy
  2. the best thing i saw all weekend was Vern Lafave get out of his burning racecar at Oswego. by far the scariest fire I've seen there in almost 40 years of attendance. the safety crew had the fire completely out in 45 seconds.
  3. it's looking like it will be another week before they catch a break. the radar for today looks terrible
  4. I went Friday and was so not impressed that i decided to sell my ticket for Saturday. i wasn't impressed by the racing at all. the lights in the building went out at one point for 20 minutes or so. the concessions were a giant cluster, huge lines and overpriced (NYS). I was able to add a new track to my list and found other things to do Saturday.
  5. i hope Sheppard and Rudolph both run OCFS weekly to go after $3300 weekly and $40,000 season title. people will lose their mind
  6. You do not need reserved seats. they never sell out of pit passes, which means you can enter and basically go anywhere you want. there are 2 big screens in the pit area which dozens of people set up lawn chairs and watch from. also with a pit pass, you can go into the grandstand area and there are probably 15 TV's showing live action.
  7. $3.00 cans of PBR at multiple spots
  8. Nice, we should have a beer or 2 together next year.
  9. So, after reading everything in this thread, I figured I'd respond. I attended my 1st ever Chili Bowl this year, arriving Wednesday morning. It is an absolute spectacle to watch and attend, from walking around the pits before the races to watching the actual events themselves. we arrived at the track Saturday morning at 9:30, watched a bunch of races then left early afternoon to grab a friend at the hotel and a quick bite to eat. we returned to the track in time for the 2 E's through the A. Hopefully I'll be able to make a return trip each year. I had an absolute blast. we had reserved seats in section AA 14 rows up, but also checked out turn 2 bleachers, turn 3 pit stands, front stretch bleachers and also watched a few races on the closed circuit televisions in the concession area. i highly recommend checking it out
  10. I heard today that Britten and Graham split. I don't know if that will change his status for Florida
  11. i was simply doing the math
  12. i would say Friesen's 5, Phelps 2 and Wight 1 would be what he was getting at
  13. i thought it was fine then and after watching the replay of it, i still thinks it's fine. he didn't dump him, he nudged him along. lol