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  1. I've seen it posted multiple times this week and I was curious as to what it means? if this has been asked before, I apologize, I must have missed it or forgot
  2. John, when will we know who is racing what night?
  3. Hey John, I'll be there Wednesday night through Saturday in section AA, I'll make sure to get a hold of you for an alcoholic beverage. 👍
  4. Plans are to harvest all the top soil out of the green lot and the speedway has put in requests across the state to get as much road grindings as possible to cover the entire field.
  5. I was up there the end of last week, the track looks great.
  6. racinjason

    Fonda 200

    yeah, classy doesn't fit with the Sheppard haters. move along, nothing to see here
  7. for most of the spots in the black lot, $200 is cheap.....for spot 4, $200 is too much, let alone $1200. not a chance of getting level there
  8. wow, talk about mark-up! most expensive spot is in the "flats", which was $200
  9. I'm looking for another camping spot for dirt week if anyone has one they are looking to get rid of. thanks in advance
  10. the speedway was rented out for the weekend for bacon fest. work was being done outside the track in the camping areas, but they couldn't put any barriers or dirt down until that event was over
  11. 80k, you won't be disappointed by Eldora. bring your lawn chairs in and set them up on the hillside early. walk around and check out different spots during practice, there isn't a bad seat in the place. enjoy
  12. the best thing i saw all weekend was Vern Lafave get out of his burning racecar at Oswego. by far the scariest fire I've seen there in almost 40 years of attendance. the safety crew had the fire completely out in 45 seconds.
  13. it's looking like it will be another week before they catch a break. the radar for today looks terrible
  14. I went Friday and was so not impressed that i decided to sell my ticket for Saturday. i wasn't impressed by the racing at all. the lights in the building went out at one point for 20 minutes or so. the concessions were a giant cluster, huge lines and overpriced (NYS). I was able to add a new track to my list and found other things to do Saturday.
  15. i hope Sheppard and Rudolph both run OCFS weekly to go after $3300 weekly and $40,000 season title. people will lose their mind