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  1. foster

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    track was a corn field
  2. foster

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    he ran the 121 last time
  3. if you cant beat them join them ..
  4. foster

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    very doubtful any gypsum cars will be there, they do not have any "outlaw" motors as far as i know
  5. because they are not a "world racing group" sanctioned track
  6. i will give a shout out to the oswego police, when dirt week 1st came to oswego one of my worries was traffic, i thought for sure it would take forever to get out, well it was way way easier then leaveing the syracuse fairgrounds the oswego police directed traffic and it took me less then 10 mins to hit 104 then smooth sailing from there.if we want this event to stay in c.n.y i see no other place to have it , so it is what it is gotta make the best of it,overall i think its working out.
  7. well, it was supposed to be a 300 lap race the 1st year wasnt it? lol
  8. thats strange i got my "will call" tickets at gate 2 sat am , o well its a memory now
  9. and good luck finding a spot if you get there after 9am,
  10. $$$$$$ teams are running low , also man power you need crew help ..
  11. i thought track was excellent, no passing? did anyone see the race?? williamson from 29th to 3rd. not a ripple in the track smooth and fast .
  12. when is your next race with it?
  13. that will look just like the car he raced sat