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  1. yes SDS, and yes he will not hold back on his opinion ,but i will say hes earned the respect and we all should be able to say what we feel .
  2. thats not a bad thing ,actually its alot of pressure ,car is always a contender when t-mac straps into it..
  3. i dont care if u asked me to answer , i will anyways
  4. i will answer part of this, 1st night out in graham car was sds weedsport , he finished p6 after working all night on car to get it going in right direction, i think he won the 3rd night out with it and finished in top 5 many times, p 2 at eastern states , if not for shock mount issue had outlaw 200 won, prob 1 win at charlotte or at least a top 3 in both events at charlotte unfortunately trying different suspension set ups cost the team huge, on to this season , teo promised mr graham more then he delivered, IMO, so now here we are onto better things.
  5. have you not read what charlie deangelis said? danny was very easy to work with, easy on equipment, when he ran generellis car they had same body all season, you are way off on this comment.also if this were true why would vic coffey have him back? o wait he wants to win races and be up frount.iam done answering these stupid comments from people that do not even know the situation.
  6. iam not battleing with anyone just stateing truth, lets all just see how it plays out. i certainly do not expect danny to start storming by 9s every race , but i do say he will be a factor now, and IF he isnt i will take my bashing from all of you that say otherwise, peace out..
  7. he consults pretty much with no one on a regular basis , maybe you should apply
  8. because its no loss to get fired\ leave a failure