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  1. 1998 rolling wheels dr wins from last in bill trout #84 a car he never even sat in until feature time.
  2. i dont feel sorry for LOL, they might get more fans back ,people will not know the winner before the night starts now
  3. dont worry about 9s, he was "testing" the next secret set up and now realizes it doesnt work ,back to upstate n.y. where he will again go back to what he knows works and spanks everyone, especially at LOL raceway.
  4. siri did not have a DIRT legal motor he only had the "deyo series motor" so he wasnt going to be able to race volusia.
  5. he probably had not received his vacation schedule from mandee at that point in time.
  6. good luck being able to keep up with the "deyo boys"with a dirt legal BB
  7. o there will be videos dont worry
  8. neither dunn or hares have a big small blk for deyo rules, they are going for "practice" before volusia
  9. because thats what graham has for him
  10. shakelton sold all 9 stores to ride off into the sunset, retire, the drs future after florida with tyler siri is anyones guess
  11. i goggled it also , wayne county n.y. has the most trailer parks