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  1. 20 years ago,still going strong....
  2. foster


    i agree,also same could be said for dr,pat ward, billy decker, alan, steve pain, in other words oldguysrule
  3. because they didnt know all the details and it certainly looked new
  4. only he can decide hopefully its figured out ..
  5. like i said, middletown pay out and offer from 66 team threw a monkey wrench into the decsion makeing process this past week....stay tuned
  6. it was a troyer left from lastyear , i belive its for sale, perrego will be in 18 again when o.c. doesnt race as far as i know
  7. this is all my fault for being abscent from here for awhile
  8. ps the people doing the track schedules sure could make life alot easier on everyone if they could just work together to benefit the fans and the drivers ...without those 2 items none of it works. jmo
  9. it was a troyer from last year with new body etc. listen, dr did this to himself trying to race for the best purse it isnt always black and white alot of hard decsions are made that from the outside appear to be easy, we all have times where its not easy to pick the right one.haveing options is always a good thing but sometimes causes alot of confusion and you cant keep everyone happy , you know its called double edged sword... we shall see what the future holds, one thing is for sure its always a rollercoaster with the dr , but he keeps it exciteing,and real.
  10. This is so well said that I have to re post it ... Sorry for your family's loss Dale ...
  11. Yes , I thought some could see the humor 😁
  12. Mike is filming mandees blogs , Jimmy isn't a teacher Ryan is , hbr stayed home ...
  13. Great raceing , wish I was there..
  14. At my track we allow flying cars with any aluminum parts .. GLENN
  15. Some teams were spotted with aluminum water pumps , nothing was done, all of a sudden aluminum yokes, and dq .. no refusal to do motor tech, didn't matter already dqed for aluminum yokes ..