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  1. shakelton sold all 9 stores to ride off into the sunset, retire, the drs future after florida with tyler siri is anyones guess
  2. i goggled it also , wayne county n.y. has the most trailer parks
  3. frank cozze still races? i thought he retired , go frank
  4. its certainly not getting any easier, i have a small piece of property that 3 of us hunt. land is getting harder to find, sat while in my tree stand i see a body of a deer but cant see its head so i wait and watch, all of a sudden BANG,BANG, some guy with no orange is 20 yards behind me is missing ,then another guy shoots from the other side hits the deer ,he yells o sorry dad didnt know you were in there , so i yell back and say me either and your on fucking posted property , and that must be why you have no orange on???, o we are sorry wtf i am still pissed off about this, o and yes they offered me the very small spike horn , i said you shot it take and get the f out of here . its just hard to find a safe place anymore to hunt , the farmer that lets me hunt with him on this property just blew it off but its not a good deal imo.
  5. when did rudolph drive for graham,?
  6. if you havent noticed graham likes to supply the cars , not the crew, dunn, perrago , etc all supply there own crews, so good deal if you can supply the people .
  7. foster

    Time To Retire?

    this just in, hearn retires, and bobby and matt open a bicknell dealer in place of teo , lol
  8. might as well call the dirt series the "iroc" series ,everyone has same race car now pretty much
  9. alot of cars were regular BB since they are gonna be there for ES weekend why not try and make the show, 66 atlas car for example with t mac tried DNQ, along with many others.so maybe not as many cars as you would of had on a regular stss race
  10. foster

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    bob,why do we have to actually race to make an observation that the track was rough? we have eyes and can see the situation . peace out ... on a positive note i hope your trip to charlotte goes smooth this year .
  11. foster

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    so, oil man can "disagree" and all you say to him is his car is pretty? lmfao
  12. and now the rest of the story, o and then deyo takes over ronnie isnt set up to run big sm blk and am racer tires