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  1. They have an $80,000.00 investment, yes. Everyone is not dropping 80 g's every off season to race the Valley 20 times a year. I can think of a few multi car teams that may but those guys are few and far between. What we can agree on is racing is a rich man's sport, no matter what it costs every week.
  2. Maybe if you count rebuild costs? How about rebuild costs, repairs, and the big one ... original cost. The cars aren't free. Chassis are what? $10,000? A competitive engine over $50,000? Then throw in all those other seemingly insignificant costs, and you'll see where my numbers come from. The cost of racing anywhere is ridiculous ... at The Valley it's even worse. It's not quite like running Syracuse every week, but it's the closest you'll get to it on a weekly basis. I was responding to Old Racers $2500.00 a week post.
  3. Old racer Just my opinion but $800.00-$1200.00 cost per week MAXIMUM is more in line. Maybe If your counting your rebuild cost and divide that over 10-12 races added to your weekly bill your stretching to get to 1800.00. Not everyone out there spends Hearn type $. You would be kidding yourself. If you think your the only one on this board who knows what spending "their own money" is your also mistaken. lol
  4. Too bad the guy is about 6" shorter than Stew or he's about 12 in the picture.
  5. Jake Get a new Troyer from Mike and put Marc Johnson in it at Ricky Daloooka's old track. The guy is more than deserving of a good ride. Just don't force him to wheel that import you own!
  6. How old is he today officially? It seems like he has been 14 for almost 3+ years.
  7. "I'm not even sure if I'm making any money at Albany Saratoga" -Howard Commander
  8. The only good thing about Lebanon Valley is the hot dogs. Sincerely Tim Fuller Northeast $hitholes Mod pilot
  9. Jake is on a roll but I doubt many people will get your last post. I did hear a few things. They are having a clam bake starting at 7:11 pm outside before the banquet free to all drivers and 2 crew members. Also the local Taxi tycoon is offering free rides home within a 100 mile radius of the banquet if you get a little over your head with the wobbly pops.
  10. Please keep this thread going. The BULL$HIT was starting to get really deep and entertaining!
  11. So the 602 kid is a "cocky egomaniac" because he wasn't going to tell you his gear ratio? Would it have been easier to swallow if he smiled and gave you some crazy bogus # ( which is what 95% of people do anyway)
  12. #1. Stew wasn't there and should have never commented. #2. In a media frenzy to get some dirt on a popular NASCAR driver they (ESPN) took the first guy who agreed to comment on the matter regardless if he was there or not. #3. ESPN didn't even check on Friesens backround or they would have known about his engagement to "Smokette"and the conflict of interest alarm would have sounded After I watched the video and saw JZ practically stop in turn 2 immediately after the incident I believe he was relaying to ESPN what JZ saw that night. She was right behind Smoke when it happened. Im pretty confident I know what she thinks happened based on Friesens interview. She would never say it in an interview but Friesen could care less. Friesen also may have an axe to grind based on "alledged" issues that occurred between Smoke and his future wife. It was just such a tragic accident. The first thing I thought about was KW jrs. Mom and Dad watching that happen in front of them.....I almost vomited when I first saw it. Its pointless to go on and on placing blame and rehashing possible scenarios. ....he is gone. A Mother and Father lost their 20 year old boy. Godbless the Ward family
  13. Call them what you want as far as being real race cars. I remember a real scary fire with a 4 cylinder car at Glen Ridge years ago. Whatever the top speeds are, safety equipment NEEDS to be at the top of the list. Jake may be able to offer more input on the fire I am referring to (not sure if they were there yet or not)....it was bad!
  14. Just saw the other topic on this. Sincerely, Guy with head in his a$$
  15. I remember seeing a 4 cylinder guy at A.S. years ago waiting to go on the track in a USED set of the disposable white paint zip up painting cover alls. A paper suit soaked in flammable paint products....yikes