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  1. thats awesome ...hopefully they will call pete and tell him how to run a show..
  2. decker4193

    U.S. Politics at Fonda

    dont blame you....he really needs a lesson on how to run a program...half hour late again on start time...40 mins intermission.waters the track and the prostock drivers have to waste there fuel to run it in for 20 mins...idiot
  3. decker4193


    how was the valley turnout??
  4. decker4193


    they had a great turnout... 30 plus pro stock, sportsmen, modified, and about the same in limiteds...
  5. i think u might be right about getting drivers there.. r j ,stewie, justin boller are heading to valley. i did read mike mareska is doing alot of late model racing and fuller and doctor dont need hometrack points so i doubt they will be back.. bobby vedder retired...i still think he will get close to 20 cars on a most sats...cant wait to see rocky and varin battle it out..josh hoenforst and wilder also in the mix..
  6. decker4193


    one word Pete....happy harry was hit the head with a rock and broke his helmet .told pete about it and guess what petes answer was dont like it load up...very classy he is..lots people grumbling and said they lose more mods its not gonna be worth coming down here.for a dozens mods...
  7. hey neffro 3 facts..bobby varin had the cops come to fonda fact...ask him..fact 2 more prostock drivers are done there fact..not saying names and not that any one would care if they left fact...here another one i noticed all of parillo equipment off to the sideline fact...
  8. heard bobby took one to the kisser....apparently went down to another drivers pit area...the scales were not working right apparently...sounds like the wheels coming off for pete...also heard today from a couple reliable sources a few more drivers are done there....
  9. decker4193

    Glen Ridge

    i think u are right captdonnie..of the 9 mods i bet 3 of em were crates..i heard earlier he was gonna get rid of the mods and run sportsmen as the headline ...well he had only 7 of them.. of the 9 mods that were there 2 of them i didnt expect to see were danny varin and donnie elliot..will they be back??.i understand pete pays the purse on car count and be willing to bet danny didnt get 500 bucks for the win and donnie will lucky to see a 50 dollor bill. time will tell what will happen...i love the ridge and the racing is awesome when they get cars..if they could get 15 or 16 cars i be thrilled dont care who they were..
  10. i will man up, he did run the show thru, short intermission.. really happy justin won..all in all great racing. good job pete
  11. that is nice and will give him benefit of doubt..doubt they will start on time and im sure the intermission will be longerthen 15 mins....but if goes off like he says i will be the first 1 on here tomorow complimenting him
  12. decker4193


    i be shocked if its not raining there in next 20 mins
  13. decker4193

    Canandaigua modified field

    i agree racer80 ..i think utica will have an excellent field this year...fonda as much i hate to say it maybe in trouble...i am hearing alot of guys in all divisions are leaving...he is so pigheaded and i think he gets his jollies screwing these guys... i know at least 8 guys are done there.. u can count on any of the sowle sponsorship cars to be gone..