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  1. Yup...that's why Rolling Wheels isn't sold ( they have vast real estate properties that profit greatly) & why Fulton probably won't open
  2. I am considered a high risk for the virus as I am a 3 time Cancer survivor with Diabetes & only one lung......I was at Chatham Speedway in Lousiana for 2 solid weeks in late May around THOUSANDS of people NOT wearing masks & was just tested....guess what?......NO VIRUS!.....This shutdown is nothing but a political power grab & an attempt to sccare everyone into submission.....JMO
  3. I believe that 100%...the Mafia still lives....it's in Albany!
  4. The Oneidas are in bed with King Cuomo & will do whatever he desires & that is why they closed for the COVID in the first place....as far as entrance goes, I believe that you have to live within a 120 mile radius & be a NYS Resident
  5. George, When I was @ Volusia to pick up the trailer & head to Iouisiana in late May I was told that there was a distinct possibility of SDW being moved to Volusia & that we should maybe bring the trailer back there because of it
  6. NYS has allowed all 4 of the Oneida Casino's to open............ NYS gets 25% of the profits to divide among the Counties where the casino's are located according to the agreement made years ago with Cuomo.....and that's not counting the monies I'm betting are kicked back to the King of New York
  7. GT, The thing that irritates me is that Casino's are ok to open for business& NYS is getting a big percentage of their profits (25%) so NYS stands to make a ton as long as they are open while the race tracks suffer
  8. ok, makes sense to me..... irregardless, the fair board has close ties with the County & I'm sure that has a lot to do with their getting the green light to have fans which i am very happy about. Tracks in other counties are suffering because the County leaders don't want to piss off King Cuomo
  9. Larry Wight said in an interview last night that "Stew could run a wheelbarrow & still beat everyone".....LOL
  10. Fonda & Land of Legends are the only tracks running with fans allowed that I know of and the one thing they have in common is the fact that both fairgrounds are owned by the County .......is it just coincidence that the counties are the ones to allow the tracks to let fans in & these two tracks are allowed & no one else is???????
  11. I haven'y heard of one alcoholic dying from COVID19....must be something to that!.....LOL
  12. When I was told this was 6 weeks ago when Fla was in much better shape
  13. Exactly....I was at Volusia to pick up the trailer to take to Chatham Speedway in Louisiana & was told that the switch to Volusia was a very distinct possibility because of the way that NY was handling the racing....wouldn't surprise me one bit
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