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  1. I think the tech guys need to have their hearing checked......while they are Dq'ing a guy for an illegal air cleaner there are at least 5 Crates going by that sound like a fuel dragster.....Ray Charles can tell you they are not running a "legal" crate
  2. My two favorite races were when I was campaigning a Nascar modified in 1970. Two dead heats involving the same driver.....Don Wayman......The first one was with David Lape in the Camaro bodied #22 & the one a couple of weeks later was against Pete Corey in the #93....Pete came on like gangbusters on the last lap & ended up a dead heat.....Don was driving Russ Betz's #59 both races
  3. Hell, it's 50 G's for the WOO sprints & they had them somewhere every year....besides, WRG owns both WOO divisions
  4. He has a vast history of cheating.....he & Tim Sears should team up & maybe add a pro stock racer that has the same history & call themselves the "Illegal Eagles"....LOL
  5. LOL, sorry.....I meant the Astros
  6. Christ....it's damn near 30 bucks to even watch a dirt race on tv.....I'll stay home & watch the Yankees vs orioles this weekend....LOL
  7. All the more reason to somehow resurrect Rolling Wheels! With the money they have spent renting & re-doing Oswego every year, they could have re-purchased the Wheels
  8. no, I don't believe so
  9. He ran a 360 at Fonda 200
  10. Another Dirtcar shitshow
  11. Financially, STSS is a much better series by a mile
  12. A 100 laps on AR's can account for a lot of weight loss in rubber
  13. My favorite 3 day show each year is The Super Bowl @ Golden Isles Speedway
  14. CandyLand has a trailer at both Fonda & LOL.....The trailer at Fonda is in the first turn
  15. Both races are available on DTD TV