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  1. and he's good at greasing palms....just ask Andrew Cuomo.....LOL
  2. racer80

    Josh Bayko

    If he was just looking to get screwed he could have went to OCFS......LOL
  3. They were both intentional...especially the Sears attack on Bob......nothing was done & that is the reason why I have NEVER returned to Brewerton or Fulton as a fan.....The Red "clique" never has to be reprimanded
  4. My point is: How would it be fair if someone involved in the wreck changed shocks, torsion bars, gears or ANYTHING not damaged in the lap 12 wreck to improve performance & then go back to their spot?
  5. Everyone.....racers, track operators, so-called officials, sanctioning bodies, tire manufacturers & fans alike are just putting another bullet into an already dying body (racing in general)......either patch up the wounds or let it die in peace!
  6. Scott....that's IF they only repair what is damaged by the accident....I was told that some even changed headers that were undamaged looking for an advantage
  7. BINGO!!!!!!!........Paul Cole is the only promoter I have seen in a looooong time who actually looks out for racers & fans alike.....the rest either screw the racers with their backgate charges, bad calls & unexperienced officials or overcharge the shit out of fans & screw them over everytime they have a rainout 1/2 way thru the nite
  8. I think as a full-time racer, the "right to work" statute applies here
  9. You can watch a thief, but you can't watch a LIAR
  10. I don't think they can ban him from a STSS series race....John Wight was not legally able to stop him from running SDS at his tracks
  11. He's not there because they're too cheap to pay him what he's worth
  12. Like I said before....once a shithole, always a shithole....that;s why you put turds in charge....LOL
  13. The tracks should be also punished for allowing it......I can remember when your wristband was cut off if you wanted to purchase beer during the races at Fonda.....I wonder if they still do that?
  14. There are a few Dirtcar sanctioned tracks that I have witnessed many times people, including drivers, coming from the pits to the beer booth all nite long