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  1. exactly! Why would they make a better tire when they have no competition in Dirtcar. They just give Dirtcar big money to guarantee that & they just keep raising the tire prices. Give them some competition & watch the price come down & better tires developed
  2. That's exactly why i say take tire choice out of the hands of the sanctioning bodies & put it back in the racers control where it belongs.....make the tire money be earned thru contingency awards at every race instead of sanctioning groups determining who, where & how much the racers will get
  3. Well, Monster Energy is a sponsor & Nascar drivers are not required to only drink that cat piss....LOL, Hoosier is not an advertising sponsor as Goodyear is not in nascar
  4. I agree, but my point is why should the sanctioning bodies receive ANY benefits from the tire companies...after all, they're not the ones buying the tires, the racers are
  5. The sanctioning bodies are the ones reaping most of the benefits from the tire manufacturers today. Back when i started you could use whoever's tired you wanted & if they wanted to add money to advertise their product it was thru contingency awards so that if you didn't feel that you wanted to use their tire you weren't eligible for any of their money, but you had the ability to choose what was best for your car.......I for one would love to see it go back to that
  6. Alan Johnson must have had x-ray vision to be able to come from dead last to 2nd on a track that was "entirely invisible"
  7. Finally....a promoter who actually promotes his race track. There's only a few.....Paul Cole, Bill Shea, Howie & now Brett Deyo
  8. I've seen enough to know that $30 is better off spent elsewhere
  9. Sounds like a great race with Alan coming from the back to 2nd....beats the hell out of a SDS race that's waaay overpriced & boring as hell
  10. I haven't seen a SDS race in 3 years that didn't absolutely bore me to death...same winners, all the fast cars starting up front & no coming from the back....all this for at least $30
  11. I can't see Stewart tying himself up for 5 days @ SDW to win 50 Grand.....OCFS, yes....SDW....no
  12. Could they make it anymore boring???? Put the 12 fastest cars in the first 12 spots every week? .....no thank you, Id rather see them bring their over-funded cars from the back
  13. I'm not a Shepard fan.....I just hate childish bullshit by promoters
  14. Fulton runs BB in the 200 & Shepard is barred....He left Brewerton because of favoritism
  15. Then allow him to compete at those two tracks & show everyone that you're not afraid of him!