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  1. Haas was brake checking in the restart zone and they penalized Hohenforst........bad call in my opinion
  2. John, You need to stop drinking that Dirtcar Kool Aid & look again..In the last 10 years Dirtcar has done nothing but cause problems for the sport.....it's all about the Benjamins for them & they don't care who they step on to achieve their greedy goal
  3. There is no comparison.........STSS is a much better series by a mile....much better racing, better purses & no monkey business
  4. "pulling the plug" means taking someone off life support.....not funny at all
  5. 18 and under get in free.....at that age you could already be out of school and working....probably still living with parents.... a slap in the face to seniors who don't even get a discount
  6. What always burned me up about Brewerton and Fulton is that if you're a 17 or 18 year old working a good job and living with your parents, you get In free while the senior that faithfully attended the tracks for many years has to pay full price....???????
  7. It is 1958....That is Marilyn VanDerbur, Miss Ameria 1958 & Miriam Sanderson, Miss NYS.....I got their autograph as they came thru the gate in a Limo....I was 11 at the time
  8. As someone who has been a fan, driver & team owner almost 70 years I can honestly say that auto racing everywhere has definitely gone straight to $hit
  9. Nascar stands for: Not A Snowballs Chance At Racing
  10. I would much rather pay DTD TV for specific events than the $150 that it cost yearly....Flo's constant interruptions of the track announcements & their totally annoying ads are just too much. I would love to see DTD TV take over the streaming at Fonda, but I realize that it's Deyo's deal with Flo
  11. He must have flung a bunch of weights off the car too......he was 22 lbs light at the scales
  12. I don't watch any SDS shows....boring racing with all BIG money cars guaranteed to start up front in all the races
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