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  1. John..... as a vendor who has worked with both organizations I an honestly say that WRG could sure use an all around different plan ....racing wise....business wise? they are very good
  2. Dirtcar has been tryin their best to screw Deyo ever since he became a promoter....they would do well to follow his lead instead of tryin to ambush everything he does
  3. Well, I guess this means that Dirtcar will for sure schedule a SDS race on the same weekend....but who cares
  4. Dave was a very good friend having known him since our go kart days....He won a few races at Fonda in different cars....He had the 1st Tobias chassis car & it still exists .....Dave never sold it
  5. George, Can you change something to allow me to message other members
  6. There are tools there for checking ports on the cylinder heads, go-no go tool for carb, throttle plate tool for 4412 & others
  7. I have quite a few DIRT Tech tools from the early 90's when Glenn ran it & am wondering if there is any interest in them. They are mostly cylinder head, intake & 4412 & 4777 carb tools
  8. Says the guy whose choice is Miller Lite over Budweiser....LOL....just bustin' on ya John
  9. I have 4 Modified Country magazines from Flemington Speedway 1983 including the special issue with the Stan Ploski foldout...I will sell them to the 1st reasonable offer.....I also have magazines from Nazareth & Bridgeport from year 1983 (PitStop & Bridgeport Bandit)
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