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  1. I can remember the songs they played over the PA while the track was being packed in the late 50's......."Sleep Walk" by Johnny & Santo & "Yakety Yak" by the oasters as well as "Sweet Nuthins" by Brenda Lee.....showing my age.....LOL
  2. Sept 5, 1971.....I qualified for the Utica-Rome 400 with a small block against the top drivers in Nascar Mods including Richie (who won both 200 lap segments), Flemke, Charland, Bugsy Stevens, Lazzaro, DeSarro, Cook, both Hensley brothers, Hank Thomas, Romano, Bernie Miller, Dave Lape & others
  3. George, you don't think that there isn't some influence from certain Dirtcar officials?
  4. Like I said, if Dirtar isn't going to make any money off it...they ain't gonna allow it...period!
  5. Anything Dirtcar can't make money on will be disallowed.....
  6. racer80

    WRG Huge Void To Fill

    Tom is a great guy.....maybe he could somehow get together with Brett Deyo....those two together could build a national series that would be second to none
  7. racer80

    Ryan Newman

    thank you
  8. racer80

    Ryan Newman

    What were his injuries....anyone know?
  9. nice try, but what was told to Jeff (my former boss) completely contradicts what you just said.....My health has forced me to no longer work as a vendor, but it is just not fair to take it out on Jeff because of my critique of the way SDS is operated
  10. Be careful...he'll run to Dean & tell them you're bashing the SDS & they'll threaten you or someone you work for....I know from experience!
  11. You can't compare BB racing from Volusia to NYS racing because Volusia has a track condition that is 2nd to none as far as bite & the NY tracks are skating rinks
  12. No.... they run as their own sanctioning body, same as Ess except they schedule wherever they want
  13. No need...Patriots race wherever they want & don't answer to any other sanctioning body
  14. Because Brett Deyo is the promoter & WRG is totally against STSS owned by Deyo....I know the feeling Scott, they do whatever they can to disrupt Brett's endeavors. I think they're upset because he's forcing them to up their game.....They have gone so far as to threaten my FORMER employer because of my criticism of the way some races are run