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  1. Land of Legends is the best run race track in the Northeast as far as taking good care of the racers & fans alike. Paul Cole, Greg Emerson & Greg Hixson make sure of that!
  2. Tracks down south have that nice tacky red clay that I wish they could use up here, but I understand that environment al laws don't allow the importation of the clay to NYS.....I don't know how true that is......if anyone knows for sure, let us know please
  3. Isn't that Matt Shepard vs Larry Wight????......LOL
  4. How about 50 years ago.....I was racing there at that time & it rained every other week
  5. I don't know what they did on Saturday @ Land of Legends, but they ran all the races which included Sprints & Mods & there wasn't a hint of dust all night
  6. street car....converting over from TBI to Carb
  7. I am in need of a stock Holley 4412 for a vehicle of mine at a reasonable price if anyone has one for sale.....thanks
  8. I don't give two shits about the political humor....today's Comedians just suck....period!!!!.....Dave Chappell is the ONLY funny guy in the business
  9. Unfortunately we have no more Dangerfields, Kinisons, Pryors or Kaufmanns....we are stuck with no talent comedians such as Fallon, Ferrell, Sandler & the worst of all..Carrey....thankfully they got rid of Jon Stewart, now if only Bill Maher & Steven Colbert would follow suit
  10. "Some people just can't drive without destroying cars & objects" signed Danica Patrick
  11. Apparently he & his wife went on to become relatives of Andrew Cuomo & Joanie Mahoney
  12. What he should have done........but didn't was hold his line like ALL lap cars are supposed to do, but instead he moved up to block Friesen
  13. Which is exactly what he did.....he moved up the track to block him!
  14. I have been attending Fonda as a 6 year old in 1953, a modified driver & owner from 1968 to 1972 & a fan after that & I'm here to tell you that the track has been rough thru 1 & 2 due to drainage problems ALL those years.....not anything new. Last nite was one of the best opening nite track conditions I have seen there
  15. Unfortunately for Fonda fans it looks like a lot of rain for Fonda......Land of Legends looks like your best bet as the have 0% chance of rain from 1:00 on