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  1. Depends on how many trips he needs to run to the toilet because of the Hershey squirts he gets from drinking that crap.....LOL
  2. It doesn't matter....Patriots are as good as ESS....maybe even better......at least they aren't joined at the hip with WRG
  3. and the fact that it takes forever to run a race because they can't go 2 laps without someone spinning out & then driving away as soon as the caution is thrown
  4. Sorry Gasket, but once again you & I are going to disagree on a young racer.....I firmly believe that this young man has a ton of talent, but to put a kid at this age behind the wheel of a BB Modified is just plain foolish....their brain which controls reasoning among other things is not fully developed until at least age 17 & IMO is a danger to the adult racers at that age, let alone his own safety....this is just my opinion, but is sure something to think about
  5. yes, but not too many that are run by Brett......If I recall correctly I think that the sprints @ Fonda were Patriots or CRSA......bottom line is that there apparently is a feud between WRG & Brett Deyo
  6. Ryan told me @ Fulton 200 last year that he would love to run the STSS, but he didn't have the motors to compete with their motor program
  7. You're right......they pretty much stick to Dirtcar & usually won't with STSS or it's tracks.....I'm not absolutely sure, but I think that is what I think....That doesn't mean they don't have a good program, just that they are particular ????
  8. It's bad enough that the racers put their hard earned money & their sweat to provide the entertainment that the promoters charge money & sell food & drink to the people who enjoy the entertainment & pay squat back to the racers for their efforts and after all that they make mandatory tires, parts & fuel all the while getting big money from the manufacturers. In my opinion dirt racers need to desperately form their own association along the lines of ESS who have a proven club that is totally successful....use their own officials & tech people to police their members.....experienced racers policing racers...not inexperienced college boys
  9. racer80


    Maybe he's gonna file a lawsuit against Nascar for the horsecrap suspension....I wouldn't blame him if he did
  10. Nobody here is "bashing" anyone.......it's criticizing with a hope that improvements will be made....and just for your information, I no longer work for Candyland so please stop using them as a way to get to me...thank you
  11. You can rest assured that any criticism you have about WRG will be reported by him to his immediate bosses at WRG......I know from experience
  12. I agree wholeheartedly, but I still would like the motor builders to have to put up a bond....after all, they're the ones cheating up the motors.....builder loses bond, car owner & driver are suspended
  13. If an engine builder has to put his seals on a 602 I don't think he will take the chance of losing 5 grand for cheating up a rate. A lightweight crank will make that car come off the turn like a missle
  14. Your right, but what if it's a sportsman engine that is put on the dyno......I don't think lightweight parts are going to show up on a dyno
  15. I made the statement many years ago that Dirtcar needs to have ALL motors sealed by GM & if they need to be repaired or rebuilt, it needs to be done by a motor builder who has put up a $5000 dollar bond for the privilege of repairing, rebuilding & resealing the motors with their own seals.....if the motor is found to be illegal the builder whose seals are on the motor will lose his bond money......How many builders do you know that would put his seal on an illegal motor & chance losing 5Gs????