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  1. I received my 2nd COVID shot on Feb 7th & immediately beat feet for Florida to get the hell out of NY only to return if Cuomo is history
  2. Thanks, but that's a 150 mile drive.....too far for me.....I'm 25miles from East Bay so I'll wait till they start back up
  3. 17 cars......Beautiful facility....fast track, but I have never been to a track that drags out the show & wastes time all nite like this one.....I will wait a couple more weeks until East Bay starts back up
  4. I'm headed down to Port Charlotte (Florida) in about an hour for an asphalt Super Late Model 100 lapper.....85 with a nice breeze....no chance of rain (or snow...lol)
  5. I was there...it was a big block race.....Stewart drove one of #87 team cars that Jack Johnson was driving for....Tony started on the pole
  6. Brewerton's purse is considerably lower than Fonda & U-R giving the smaller modified teams something to think about.....much more money across the board at Deyo's tracks
  7. Tony Stewart won a Big Block race @ Lebanon Valley in 2001, but I don't remember if it was a SDS or not
  8. The purse @ Fonda & UR is far superior to Dirtcar's purses, hence a great reason for the smaller teams to run UR on Fridays rather than Brewerton
  9. I witnessed that fight.....Kenny in the 1st round.....LOL
  10. My pick for the winner is The France Family.....LOL
  11. This is the main reason that I no longer attend SDS races.....They manipulate everything in order to appease their Elite drivers....something Deyo appears to NOT do
  12. My father was a crewman for Red Knoblauch in the mid 50's when Kenny won his 1st feature @ Fonda in Red's car.....#13 flathead Ford
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