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  1. I was there...it was a big block race.....Stewart drove one of #87 team cars that Jack Johnson was driving for....Tony started on the pole
  2. Brewerton's purse is considerably lower than Fonda & U-R giving the smaller modified teams something to think about.....much more money across the board at Deyo's tracks
  3. Tony Stewart won a Big Block race @ Lebanon Valley in 2001, but I don't remember if it was a SDS or not
  4. The purse @ Fonda & UR is far superior to Dirtcar's purses, hence a great reason for the smaller teams to run UR on Fridays rather than Brewerton
  5. I witnessed that fight.....Kenny in the 1st round.....LOL
  6. My pick for the winner is The France Family.....LOL
  7. This is the main reason that I no longer attend SDS races.....They manipulate everything in order to appease their Elite drivers....something Deyo appears to NOT do
  8. My father was a crewman for Red Knoblauch in the mid 50's when Kenny won his 1st feature @ Fonda in Red's car.....#13 flathead Ford
  9. I would love to have seen Sheppard racing against Kenny Shoemaker in the 60's....there would have been a Battle Royal every nite....LOL
  10. During the Saturday nite pit meeting@ Fonda in 1968 Les Kellerhouse, the pit steward asked about complaints & Rene Charland was sitting on the platform facing us with a cigar hanging out of his mouth when Tony Villano rushed up & squashed the cigar all over his face.....I'm sure REDDFOX will remember that one
  11. the chassis are different on most Southern Modifieds....they mostly use the same chassis that IMA uses
  12. No I'm not....I don't like the late models, but love the UMP Mods that run weekly
  13. Leroy, I'm moving 30 miles south of East Bay Raceway in 2 weeks......going to live there 9 months & back up here for the summer
  14. They should rename Super Bowl The "Toilet Bowl"......LOL
  15. The division would be very good on a big track if they went back to open 2 bbl motors......probably even cheaper than the cheated up crates
  16. It's not a big deal, you just refresh the page when it does that
  17. I'm sorry, but I don't agree with anyone who feels that DTDTV's prices are too high. $25-30 for a live PPV is more than reasonable when you consider that literally thousands of people pay $50-75 to watch a phony wrestling match....most of the ones complaining on here would spend $100 if The Super Bowl were to institute a PPV
  18. I would say that if you don't want to pay $25 to sit in your comfortable recliner 10 ft from the bathroom passed a refrigerator packed with hotdogs & beer to watch better coverage than if you were there....then get an airline ticket & head down there & pay even more to watch it, eat cold $4 hotdogs & $5 beer after standing in a line to piss in a trough!!!!!
  19. Rocky Warner won a modified race there with his Crate Sportsman....What's that tell you about the competition
  20. Running a practice nite once is one thing, but multiple times just to rake in the dough & not share it with the racers is another
  21. In my opinion, the tracks that ran "practice" only should be ignored completely when & if fans are ever allowed again......My reason is that they took advantage of the shutdown by charging everyone a minimum of $25 to enter the pits while not paying out any sort of purse & raking in a ton of money for between their outrageous amount to enter & running their concessions at an elevated price also.....I know of one track that ran them all the time & had at least 150 people there at $25 a pop to watch groups of 8-10 cars run about 4-5 laps at a time per each group....no racing or a
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