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  1. the stands were not full for a 100000.00 lol and everyone was there
  2. can anyone tell me if rule 5;15 letter G in the dirt rule book applied to this situation
  3. why didnt mr larsen grow a set and come down and tell his racers personally that he changed the rules
  4. good job eagle you are completely correct glenn would never suspend any one for being upset he would probably use all the social media we have today and made money with it instead of enemies
  5. those greats were under donnelly who understood racing not these egotistic promotors we have today
  6. rain and rough track no comparison larson new it was raining shows he lack of leadership when his officials cant even be on the same page
  7. behind scedule all week and the radar showed the rain maybee mr larson and mr gurda should own up
  8. its about being told one thing and then changing their mind im sure all the racers that were there wanted to win 100000.00 dollars it seems to me that the officials that changed the rules were influenced by racers that wanted an advantage as far as im concerned matt was wrong by calling the gurda names and gurda was wrong by changing the rules
  9. i was sitting in my truck with wipers on before race started looking at radar with a yellow blob at race track you would think that a good business man trying to run a race track would have people smart enough to look at weather radar and why did they say the drivers could fix their cars and get their spots back on their telecast
  10. what would they have found if they tested all the drivers
  11. i guess the only thing every other driver has that matt doesnt is eyes in the back of their head lol
  12. i think the professional was run over by the other professional first thats why he ran him off the race track again a by product of a one lane race track
  13. the track was way over watered before they ran and the rain the lower part of the track never got run in so they moved the yuke tires out made it a lane and a half wide wide track was way to fast with now room to race no one passed in the sportsman feature or street stocks and the mods kept running over each other trying to pass fireworks were great racing sucked and i got home at 2 in the morning i wont be going back
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