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  1. WTF watched 24 hr race on Direct TV they switch channel to local NBC and the 700 club is on. Had to watch last 2 hrs on channel 205 sports mix.
  2. Grandview lost Gular last year now Cozze and Strunk to new Egypt
  3. So what’s this rumors for next year.
  4. Rain Saturday. But what is the Crate race pay ?
  5. Yes you can it’s the 40ft long site the site with the 2 free kegs of beer for everyone hope hope you can take care of it . I’ll find out next year when people ask where’s the free beer motor home
  6. Hey Rob it’s the 48 ft motor home spot we had 2 kegs of beer for everyone good luck

  7. All those yellow flags and still run out of gas
  8. They need to rethink about signing on to a long term deal at this place.
  9. Who’s doing the towing the track ?
  10. Nice car count. What time was everything finished?
  11. no rain

    Penn Can

    Maybe there counting on some Afton drivers