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  1. did a drive by today about 5 pm couldn't stop. about 20 fans in the stands and 40 cars in lot.
  2. If there’s a NY track to race it might be OCFS big pits lots of seating plus drive in parking area. But that part of N.Y. has 8100 cases and over 200 deaths.
  3. Advanced tickets and sellers in parking lots walking around anything to keep lines down will help
  4. If things don’t change buy July Trump will be pushing to change the election date.
  5. I remember him going over turn 3 fence at Bridgeport someone was with him that night 🙏
  6. The flu is over a year time this is months. Just remember it’s just going to blow away
  7. 1600 new cases in PA. Today big testing to start Monday in Wilkes-Barre
  8. Going to be interesting years from now to see how many hedge funds got the bank money compared to the mom and pop shops
  9. If NJ ever opens Wall Stadium is all paved, also New Egypt has a wheel chair section,
  10. WTF watched 24 hr race on Direct TV they switch channel to local NBC and the 700 club is on. Had to watch last 2 hrs on channel 205 sports mix.
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