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  1. Miller14J


    Tons of racing and it really was nonstop. They took no breaks and the racing was great. The sprints seeing Danny drive from last up to a top 5 was a show. And watching Matt Sheppard go from the back to racing with the top 5 after an early pit stop was a show as well even though he was down a lap he was obviously the fastest car on the track but hey they don't always win...great show last night!
  2. Can outlaw confirm this as the PR man? That's a lot for a put pass. I was ok w$40 with my dirt license...$60 is way over the top.
  3. This all coming from a guy that did nothing but bad mouth the previous promoter and sat on his ladder. Now the rose colored glasses are on and everything's fine...just telling it like it is but I guess that's not ok.
  4. Outlaw....I watched the entire show. Did you get any photos of all the thrashed cars? I saw the constantino 7 being hauled out of the gate by the cage. AJ counted 3 flips and mueller and Hohenforst caught a big berm of mud off two that cost mueller 2nd in the second feature. If I was a photo guy I would've parked my ass in turn 2 or across from the turn four pit entrance. Both had monster holes that kept upsetting the cars. Good racing but I'm glad it wasn't my wallet. Lol
  5. They're not dealing with a tough year. Jamie's main problem is not a lot of fans in the stands. He told me the car counts aren't the issue as he has 16-20 mods every week and we have had the same in the crates. We enjoy going there and Jamie is accessible and always takes constructive criticism with a smile. Others could learn from him.
  6. Damn and the infield was the smoothest part about turn one!
  7. Now Marc is a dishonest guy? What reason would he have. Just an FYI there aren't an abundance of techs in the race world that want to come and spend the night doing the tech and getting their balls busted for it. That's a bit over the top to call his integrity into question. I think that over the years he's tried to do the right thing. Wow.
  8. Hunts is certified to take seals off and reseal with GM bolts? I thought only Kevlar and Boyd's could do it legally and were dirt sanctioned...
  9. What's the dirt rule on this? Being Fonda's a dirt track I hope they follow the rules and make an example of this.
  10. Jake now that he refused tech at a Dirt sanctioned track is there a suspension or penalty that dirt mandates? No surprise he refused but funny how it took all year for someone to do it.
  11. What about Clancy Miller. When will someone recognize him? Besides being a great photo guy in his time, he has so much history that I'm sure he'd share if asked. The past few years I've seen many inducted that weren't as deserving as him. I messaged the Facebook hall of fame page last year and recommended him and still no dice. Trumps right the systems rigged!
  12. Miller14J

    I-88 stss

    Brett explained it at the drivers meeting. He said they'd qualify 3 out of each heat and take more out of the consi. Not a bad thing. I'm at most of these shows where they qualify 5 and then take 2 out of the consi. Brett's has a down to earth approach that I think drivers really can appreciate.
  13. Miller14J


    I know the last time we went there, they hollered over the pa that if you want to go in the infield go now or you can't cross. We ran right to the track and the flagger at the end of pit road gave us one hell of an attitude and asked me where the hell I thought I was going. I laughed at him and kept walking. One hand doesn't talk to the other. Then we wanted to go watch the rest of the races in the stands later on and were told we had to go all the way around the cow place, through the gate by the grandstands. I understand the danger of going through during the races so why not put a entrance into the stands on the other side of the cow palace. I had a friend with me that can't walk a long way and it just makes sense. My favorite is the drivers meetings. If you don't like it you can hit 30a was said the first week. They need some people that have some people skills there. I'm about sick of hearing that we should all be grateful he took it over because otherwise it'd be closed...not true there were other bidders. Now maybe in year one they wouldn't have run a full card but that's neither here nor there. My biggest problem with that statement is without cars and drivers the tracks not gonna survive anyways. Try treating people like you care that they're there. Each one of these drivers have 10-110k+ worth of equipment there. They're the show! The promoter isn't shit without them. I'm not impressed at any track where the gustapo shouts and treats the people like shit and then at the end of the meeting says "thanks for coming and have a good night!" Wish pete would find some personnel with some personal people skills....
  14. I hope dirt does it and it works for the 358 division. I think it would revive the class and like Goggles said give the sportsman guys a place to move to without paying 40-60k for a motor.