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  1. Draw for heat race start. All qualified cars redraw! Sure the luck of the draw will play into but the current format doesn’t do it for me.
  2. Make the races 60-70 laps, cautions do not count. Deyo knows what he is doing!
  3. By the way, congrats to Stewie! No other reason to watch other than cheering for Stew! The rest of NASCRAP is a waste of time! Give me my Friday night at Albany Saratoga anytime!
  4. Drop the time trials! The lower dollar teams already know they can’t compete against time trials, therefore most are running for a less than tenth place finish before the feature starts. Deyo’s series provides a better chance for lower budget teams to have an opportunity. How about 70 lap races, cautions do not count? The three lap rule for cautions is taking away green flag racing. I was not at OCFS for their race but the cautions at Oswego were frustrating for me and the fans we were sitting around. We don’t pay our hard earned dollars to watch laps click off under caution!
  5. Rangers94

    DIRT NE Banquet

    STEW can sit wherever he wants! Go STEWIE!
  6. Not much was said about Marc finishing fifth at Oswego. It was great to see the “White Knight” mixing it up with the more heavily funded teams! He has a great future ahead! Maybe TR should make him “their driver”!
  7. Why would someone bring Donnie into this?
  8. Rangers94

    TMac wins World 100!

    😎 Way to go T-MAC!
  9. Does anyone know the number of each manufacturer and who was driving what at Oswego? What do most of the big guns in Jersey and PA drive? Someone with time please enlighten me!
  10. Rangers94


    Thoughts and prayers! We are all part of the racing family.
  11. What is/was wrong with RJ? scagliotta is not a threat anywhere!
  12. Rangers94

    Ryan Godown

    Modown ran a clean race...for a change!
  13. Caution laps were too many! Heck if more laps were under green, Phelps May have got fuel and tires much earlier and had a chance at a decent finish! 5 laps is way too may, open the pits a lap after they yellow, give them a lap, throw the green!