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  1. Rangers94

    Outlaw/Race Monitor

    Looked at it this morning and Perrego won. Looked like Stew didn’t even start the race!
  2. So what happens when as you say there are no more Shit holes? Can’t we be positive and promote the sport that most of us love?
  3. Malta was five bucks more this past Friday for ESS. 27 is on the high side!
  4. Does anyone know if the make up feature from last nights rainout is on Saturday the 8th?
  5. Marc Johnson catching Rocky without a caution and passing him on the last lap!
  6. Place is packed, reminds of a long long time ago. Three features left at 830. 50/50 approaching 3K
  7. Sure would like to see some tracks add some dates (most likely midweek), for all the rain outs so far. I know it gets tougher to schedule as the season goes on but it’s early May and we have not had much to do on Friday and Saturday nights!
  8. Fonda should have a great group of cars! Weather permitting.
  9. Rangers94

    Yuke tires

    That didn’t last long!
  10. Great to see Lyle and his team have pushed the yuke tires far away from the track at Malta. Thank you!
  11. Draw for heat race start. All qualified cars redraw! Sure the luck of the draw will play into but the current format doesn’t do it for me.