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  1. Forums been quiet! Matt is 0 for 7! Has everyone caught up? I’m sure he is trying new packages but come on, no one expected this!
  2. More drivers heading to Fonda! Should make for a great year there!
  3. CORRUPT CUOMO , the asshole ! Enough said!
  4. I can’t believe there are so many negative Nancies on here. We need every track we can and the Wheels was always an exciting place to be! Open her up!
  5. Rangers94


    I’m sure he is a big fan of all the caution laps!
  6. 100 lap race, cautions do not count! The B.S. with the yellows was insane! Anyone know how many green flag laps were run?
  7. That’s no way for the “ Prince” to behave!
  8. I think we have a NEW SUPER MAT!
  9. Maybe the race directors should black flag these guys? A flat tire is one thing but in Hanson’s case he was a pain! All the drivers stop when they have a flat but to stop for no other reason is crap! That may not be the solution but......
  10. Congratulations to that team! I kept waiting thinking he was going to run off 1 and 2 but he didn’t! WELL DONE!
  11. No track needs any bad publicity. The track can do whatever the heck they please! Wake up people, tracks close for various reasons but not many new ones are popping up! Enjoy what you have, if you don’t like what they do, don’t support the track! I drove 2 plus hours for the Centennial and it was one of the best races I ever saw! No track is perfect. Be thankful you have a track to complain about but don’t do it here!
  12. Attrition contributes greatly to finishing order! STSS draw for heats is best! Time trials suck!
  13. Extra caution laps were bull. I don’t know why Dirt has to have the 3 lap rule for cautions.
  14. Congratulations to Marc and the entire 3J team! A-S has the most talented field of drivers and your accomplishment is Outstanding!