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  1. Great race. Track was awesome. The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere was even better. The parking lot was like a god damn Grateful Dead concert. The kid deserves it. He was fast all day. Excellent time at The Malta Massive weekend.
  2. This weekend has already been awesome so far. Saturday's gonna be even better. I'm going out on a limb and saying Matty D. takes this thing. That new Bicknell looked dialed in last night. Perrego and Decker both looked fast, and never count out Tremont. Who's it gonna be?
  3. Turn 1 at Fonda is legendary. Every week, walking through that front gate, as the ground is trembling from the mods bombing into the corner , I tell myself........"I love this friggen place!!" "Get back up in your effing tower!!!"
  4. Let's just be honest here guys. They're all scared to race Stewie and that new Bicknell.
  5. Maybe I had a lot of dirt in my eyes, but to say that Marc wasn't at his door "ever" is incorrect from where I was watching. Marc got nearly side by side with him a couple of times before the incident in turn 1 even happened. Gary knew he was there.
  6. Not quite sure if you were there or not...but Marc showed INCREDIBLE patience with the 673.Marc tried the outside(and had him beat) and tried the low side (also had him beat).  Everytime he saw Marc coming along side of him, he would make a point to block his line. Those outsider Big Blocks came in trying to push the regulars around it it backfired for the 673. Anybody that thinks Marc is a rough driver obviously doesn't go to Malta very often.
  7. i think stewy would have something to say about that king stuff for the past 2 yrs. they are both good.   Well...you may be right, Stew probably would have something to say. But until Stew puts up 5 track titles or 50 wins....Varin is the guy with the most success at Fonda right now. Until then......
  8. That's a real good idea. But what about those who don't even drink beer eh?
  9. Oh boy...look out Bobby Varin. Team Canada is coming for you.

  10. Fonda is on it's way back to it's glory days. It's tough when you lose two of your legenday drivers in the same 5 year span. Jack and Dave were two of the top draws every week. It's really nice to have Bobby back, as he really is the king of that place in the modern era. Hopefully the 3D car will also return on a regular basis to mix things up a bit. Jack fans will have to settle for RJ and Lape fans will have to find another to root for. But once the dust clears, let's hope Matty  and Co. are able to bring Fonda back to the best place in the World to be on a Saturday night.
  11. 6 posts from this guy and not one of them Intelligent   I'm sorry, I'm new here and my English is not perfect I will try to be more careful.  Apologies. By the way, what year did you win Mr. Dirt? 
  12. How about putting Marc Johnson in that car? Just about the same talent level without all of the drama.
  13.   I'm not sure "his boy Danny" really did anything that night that helps your comment have validity. He tried, in typical Varin fashion to carry things off the track because he couldn't beat Stewie on the track. That didn't seem to work either. 
  14. Bobby Varin is one of the best wheel men in the business. Watching him wind that big-block up and ride the high line is one of the highlights of Fonda. That being said...he does get very aggresive on the restarts. Many times i've seen him pass 3 or 4 cars before they even get back to the line. Several reports also have him striking people with his fists as they pull into their pits and are still strapped in their car. Ill bet my bottom dollar he'll never try and punch Stewie like that.
  15. Despite Matty's small statutre, he's actually pretty tough. He's been in wrecks before and I'm sure he will recover from this just fine. It was really nice to see the 3d back out there doing his thing at Fonda. That team is a force to reckon with and while it may not be the season they'd hoped for, there have still been flashes of his old self. The real thing that I think we all need to take from this is how dangerous the sport can really be. It's easy to forget sometimes what these drivers put on the line for us everytime they hit the track. Let's all wish Matty a swift recovery and hope to s
  16. If they make me pay another $24 to see the rest of the show I paid for already, I'll be pretty unhappy aboot that.
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