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  1. Congrats to Ronnie Johnson tonight at Albany Saratoga Speedway. He was able to take the lead around lap 10th and hold off charges of Keith Flach,Brett Hearn and finally-Marc Johnson. One heck of a show,especially the last 5 laps with Ronnie running the high side and Marc running the bottom. They ran side by side the last few laps with the 2RJ taking the checkers at the end! His 29th win at Albany Saratoga Speedway. Way to go Ronnie!
  2. Looking for info on drivers that will be showing up to Fonda Speedway for the Firecracker50. Anybody with info is appreciated. Thanks
  3. Why is everyone saying "slick" track? Lyle dosed the top & middle with water before the mods even took the track. Looked pretty wet when Jackie Brown got to high and slid towards the turn 4 wall. Why do you think everyone except for a few were running the top-thus the bottom feeders worked their way to the front. I thought it was a great race,looked like the bottom in 1 and 2 was preferred line and the top in 3 and 4 was the preferred line. Really great track especially after just having a 111 lap show. Would have been interesting if a caution came out with Matty D running high and Marc J running low.
  4. Is he not a jr? Sorry if that's the only thing you have to complain about
  5. Anybody that was able to go to Albany Saratoga Speedway last night really received a show from Keith Flach Jr. It all started with a roll over in the heat (went over 2 or 3 times from what I saw) that destroyed his car. He then brought out his back up car for the feature and started 24th(LAST)! He then rode the high side most of the race picking cars off every lap,then he caught up to the champ(Brett Hearn) running the same line and made quick work of him moving around the bottom of the track.He then jumped to his preferred line (topside) and was able to get by Ronnie Johnson for 3rd. Just as he was working for 2nd on Matty Delorenzo the caution came out. Which was gonna help him I believe especially starting on the bottom behind Mike Mahaney. He was able to get a great restart but the caution flew that same lap (33/35). Single file they went for the last two,he was able to get by Matty for a lap but Matt came back for 2nd. He finished 3rd with a great run! He was definitely fun to watch. Thanks for a great show Keith Flach Jr.#43
  6. I was looking forward tonight's racing until I walked in and saw Lucia in the water truck.Thought well maybe it wont be that bad(ya know,positive thinking),since last week was fun to watch.And as soon as a cars came out of the pits for warm ups,it was a PURE dust bowl with craters forming in the corners.Just like the Lucia era! Then we had 2 red flags for cars going over(because a heavy track only wrecks cars 1/2 of you say) and then we were able to watch that feature,ALL the heats,and some more features ALL singled filed on the bottom...that was so exciting I almost fell asleep. Then we had the old Lucia intermission to water the top of the track and try to bring in an outside lane.And guess what,that turned into a single file on top race for feature #1 and feature #2 turned into a bottom hugger once that topped burned off in between those features. So anyway,not impressed with Lucia track! Give me that tacky,clay flying race track any day! Please Deyo. PS: yes stewie put on a show in that 1st feature,but once he showed everyone the way around it turned into follow the leader! PSS: I'm feeling much better after my 2nd shower to get the dust off me.LoL
  7. Everything from food to racing to management at Fonda Speedway. Everything was awesome this weekend!
  8. Fonda is my local track,which I love. But I stand by my opinion. LoL
  9. I also agree with Orion56rs, Albany Saratoga Speedway has a stacked field of cars that can win. Brett Hearn,Ronnie Johnson,Peter Britten,Jessey Mueller,Kenny Tremont,Marc Johnson,Matt Delorenzo,Keith Flach,Stewert Friesen(when able) and that's just some. Plenty of the others can win on any night if the luck goes their way too.
  10. rsdirt12a


    Don't forget about the Sportsman race too. Chris Johnson and Tim Hartman Jr. banging through turns 3 and 4 hitting the wall (not to hard) and coming to the checkers side by side. Congrats to Chris Johnson on an awesome WIN!
  11. Obviously your not a fonda speedway regular, I do believe Mike Mahaney won the ICEJAM his 1st time there and backed it up with the McDonald's 100 race win that same year (his 2nd time there).
  12. rsdirt12a

    MR. Dirt $25,500

    You would think there would be over 50+ cars when the payout is 25k!! I would think that would pull in guys from the south too. They come up for deyo shows that pay less than that. But we'll see soon enough.
  13. It was a good program but maybe not run heats for every division when you have extra distance races for 2 classes. Especially bringing in an extra division(mods) to run a long distance race that usaully is not run there.JMO
  14. It worked,place was packed. Glad stewie showed up otherwise we would have left early. That was one of the longest shows I've been to in quite awhile. Gates opened at 3pm,races started at 530pm,we left at 11pm and they were still racing sportsman cars. Wish I could have stayed but some people work Mondays.