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  1. Crowd was decent(had to be 4 rows apart),alot of people doing the infield parking. Track was great with that new clay,alot smoother and not as many rocks. Car counts were pretty good in all divisions. 50/50 was $1700+
  2. I must admit Mike Maresca(247mm) and Matt Delorenzo(3D) look very fast the last two races. I think you'll see them in victory lane this year.
  3. Stewert Friesen rolls to 2 wins in a row at Fonda Speedway after tonight's victory! #62 of his career at Fonda. Congrats Stewie!! Keep it up.
  4. It's ED BITTING!! I've never talked to him but I know him,he was across the track earlier in the night and he usaully is every week! He's been promoting Fonda all year,shouldn't need to be bullied by security that doesn't know jack.
  5. 1st off,race was over,the July 3rd race 1/2 the crowd went across the track at the end of the race-maybe to make it look good for tv. 2nd off,ALL year long they let people cross for pictures,especially the WINNERS family,thus the Zemkens weren't allowed over and that's why Ray was going to climb the fence. Either do it the same all year or don't do it at all. 3rd off,they would tell fans one thing and change it without letting them know(blanket policy). And last thing,hot dogs and hamburgers don't cost that much even if you have left overs. Like the one guy said have a food trailer for the weekend since it's your biggest weekend.
  6. Congrats on a great win Stewert Frieson !Believe it's #60 overall and 5th all time! Sucked for Matt Sheppard to come up light,thought he might have got stewie on that last lap like stewie got him on July 3rd.
  7. Races were over,all cars in victory lane,security wouldn't let anybody over,not even the zemken clan! I wasn't even crossing but had to watch the ridiculous about to insue. Ed Bitting(sorry if that's spelled wrong)and his wife tried to cross and they wouldn't even let them through. Anybody and everybody knows,that his pre race speeches about the greatness of Fonda coming back to the light. But these people hired didn't have any idea who he was after he gave a great speech earlier before the start of the races. I was just amazed how Un Fan friendly this race weekend was especially after that security vs fans & DTD. PS: Would have made a fortune under ran delay if you had food available,people waited in lines to be told NO food! PSS: Ray Z.- I would have loved to have see you climb that fence like you started too!LoL
  8. Should be packed tomorrow with the way the forecast is looking:(
  9. I was hoping to see my favorite Chuck "The snake" Hebing!
  10. People also get nervous about reserve seating,from what I saw last night,the security posted at the stairs felt like a prison not a race track. Heck there wasn't that much at The Moody Mile when we were there LoL. Alot of regulars were mad about losing their Saturday night seats,they went through and took every body's stuff and either threw it in a pile or threw it out. I was mad because months before I asked and both deyo's told me to leave my blanket down(I even offered to pay more for my general admission seat and was turned away)I went down Thursday and it was gone! Then they said rules changed. If I was told earlier I would have taken my stuff with me but they told me to leave it.From what I heard in line I was not the only one with this problem! Deyo, need to learn to take care of your regulars,we're the ones their every weekend,not these people that come down to a race or two! PS-the old couple sitting next to us had reserved seating tickets but liked the general admission seating better and sat there.To me either reserve the whole place or just the tops few rows.
  11. He flipped over fence,took some of it out,landed just before the sidewalk,everybody raced out there to help through the turn 2 entrance,stopped traffic both ways until they were able to get him in the ambulance and get the car back to the pits. Goes from winning the championship for the PST tour to taking a ride in the ambulance. Hope he's ok!
  12. Obviously you don't go to malta very much,there's usaully a line to the tree line by 5pm with parking lot half full. You could show up at 7 pm tonight and park right to the front. So have at it. Just checked mike mallets face book posts EVERYONE is at OCFS tonight. Drivers and fans! PS: It was down pouring when I left at 5:30pm.
  13. Jackie brown,justin barber,Chris johnson,Jessey Mueller was all I saw pull in,crowd is real small at malta.plenty of parking available. I'm leaving now,looks sad. Don't know why they tried to compete against OCFS!
  14. Is it just show up points for mods at saratoga tonight(Aug 16th)? Anybody know whose gonna be at Albany Saratoga for mods or are they all at Orange County?
  15. Congrats to Stewie on the Fonda Speedway win Saturday night!!Made a great run at the end to take the win away from Danny Varin. And Congrats on the Dirt Derby 100 win at Eldora.
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