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  1. rsdirt12a


    Don't forget about the Sportsman race too. Chris Johnson and Tim Hartman Jr. banging through turns 3 and 4 hitting the wall (not to hard) and coming to the checkers side by side. Congrats to Chris Johnson on an awesome WIN!
  2. Obviously your not a fonda speedway regular, I do believe Mike Mahaney won the ICEJAM his 1st time there and backed it up with the McDonald's 100 race win that same year (his 2nd time there).
  3. rsdirt12a

    MR. Dirt $25,500

    You would think there would be over 50+ cars when the payout is 25k!! I would think that would pull in guys from the south too. They come up for deyo shows that pay less than that. But we'll see soon enough.
  4. It was a good program but maybe not run heats for every division when you have extra distance races for 2 classes. Especially bringing in an extra division(mods) to run a long distance race that usaully is not run there.JMO
  5. It worked,place was packed. Glad stewie showed up otherwise we would have left early. That was one of the longest shows I've been to in quite awhile. Gates opened at 3pm,races started at 530pm,we left at 11pm and they were still racing sportsman cars. Wish I could have stayed but some people work Mondays.
  6. Varin said he got into him during victory lane ceremonies. Laughed it off.
  7. Don't need a video when the winner(bobby varin) says in victory lane that he got into him(stewert friesen)"a lil bit"!
  8. No Pat ward, No Godown! Stewie at least showed up like he said he would.
  9. Does anybody know if they are doing multiple features like they've done in the past? Haven't been able to find anything weather their running 1 or 2 or 3 features per division. Thanks for the info if anybody knows anything.
  10. No mod heats, varin won drellos 2nd and rocky warner 3rd
  11. The 3 sportsman heats are over,mods ran 2 warmup sessions and now we're at intermission with pete running around on the track. Features I think are up soon.
  12. Sorry my bad 10 mods,26 sportsman. It's not pete's fault but you can't compete with Malta. It's no different from when Matty ate the WOO late model show that no fans showed up because of the chance for weather. It's just sad overall.
  13. I heard he just changed the race to 25 laps $1000 to win with 11 modifieds! And there's only like 30 sportman,should have know better and went to saratoga. This place is becoming the ridge 2.0 very sad,you can't compete with albany saratoga or a Brett Deyo show. Last time I make this mistake!
  14. Just drove by the track and it looks like there are hardly any cars here in fonda. Fingers crossed more show up before the show starts.