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  1. I would plan a weekend when weedsport runs a race. you will not be disappointed
  2. do I care about SDW , absolutely, but i'm not coming on here, everyday and asking for updates. or posting why are the crews not working weekends.   if it gets built, great. if it doesn't, no big deal.   to me sdw died at the fairground. it will never be the same, that I can guarantee
  3. who cares???? it's built in time,good. if not does it really affect you ??   it's a weekend, people deserve time off. maybe they are on a 2 week shutdown, maybe they now need to work on drainage and have to wait till spring.   The way I see it, unless you are an investor, you have zero reason to complain. life must boring if CNYRP is a big enough concern to write about it everyday.   as soon as it was announced that sdw was moving, I made plans to head down south to the world finals for 2016. I will wait to see if I return to sdw for the 2017 year.
  4. Billy is one of the best with interga shocks, any information a racer can gain just in the field of shocks is worth more than 300 bucks.
  5. Well they got rid of Sheppard, it was not for the lack of performance, so it had to be monetary.   With the cash save with Sheppard gone, you would think that Phelps would go down. When teams, companies or anything else down size, 99% of the time is $$ related. I never said HBR was broke, I said they must be hurting for money, but it's obvious that they are not spending what they used to.
  6. Odd that Jimmy Phelps is not going, With Sheppard gone and Jimmy not going to Florida, HBR must be hurting for $$
  7. not so sure about that miniracer12, stands looked pretty empty by the pictures Tom posted
  8. There is a reason why the list of 7z drivers is long lol   I can't see Decker with MPR.
  9. I have not and will not watch the video. I want my last memories of the Moody Mile to be a happy one. sitting around a camp fire with my 2 buddies, talking racing and laughing until the sun came up.   Truly is a sad moment
  10. you saying Mohawk is a sh!thole? guess you never been there
  11. they will draw cars from Canada with the dollar difference. you can bet the McCreadie's will be there instead of Brockville, maybe even Billy Dunn.   I used to love going to cam am back in the early 90's
  12. we have under 14k in our engine and we won 7 features. HP is irrelevant when 90 % of the time the track is slick and dry. That's when driver skill comes into play.   teams that have 45k in a 358 is wasting money. 
  13. anybody using the new Logitech g920?   looking to buy a wheel that I can use on both the pc and my Xbox One
  14. 10k American is almost 14k Canadian. you can get a decent 358 built with that money here in Canada
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