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  1. I think “The Stew Factor “ does have a lot to do with teams staying away. When he’s right, he’s practically unbeatable. 200 laps is a long race but he’s been lucky and great at Fonda his entire career. For me no 2RJ, so I’ll be passing on this show... Disappointed to say the least. Enjoy the show to those that go.
  2. Icky Shuffle don't have Sh*t on the Darwin Dance.... man was that kid excited. Way to go DRG!! Fun night at Fonda !!!!
  3. The radar is drying up too. Too bad, my son was excited to go.
  4. Yea thinking he was a bit premature on the plug pulling. Only 4:30..... smh
  5. If you get anything close to what we just got in Fonda it's over. Good luck but that radar doesn't lie.
  6. Local Dirt Tracks need more guys like Scott Friers..... this is a pretty amazing deal he's done here and has worked his ass off doing it. Bill's memory honored in a big way.
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