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  1. Taxes plus plus and more .....business getting punch drunk from getting beat from all sides Nine long months and no end in site ...Media news is flat out bad and getting worse S@#%T getting old fast .....Teams heading South in these times are Brave souls to cross todays landscape which is a Gauntlet of troubles ......
  2. Sheppard beat SF last 4 races ( all wins ) they ran against each other and end of year in Mods ....Did SF owner say it's time try something else ? Before OC shut down Sheppard won 4 in a row at OC also a place he normally didn't win at and without fuel pressure issues I think he would have run away with ESW BB and with little luck could have swept Port Royal weekend .....Way Sheppard finished year ( new car ) SF will not win 50% of races in Mods in 2021 or DIRT or Deyo series sweep in my mind .....
  3. It's like the saying she got the Gold mine ( driver getting 40 % to 50% to drive ) I ( car owner ) get the shaft ......, Investment cost, labor , time and upkeep but tax rite off if you need one ....
  4. 2020 Lucas Oil Late Model Champ earnings $376,950.... $75k was point money ......T-Mac 2nd place points total $296,000 ....6th place point earnings $128.450 IDK how many of the 50 plus race schedule they ran but for amount of travel it's not big money I would guess Owens tour champ first place gross earnings would not pay for haulers he parks beside in pits Maybe half the price of the newest exotic Haulers
  5. .......Drellos earnings in 602 class at Devils Bowl $26,826 in 2020 You would be hard pressed to find anyone earning more in 602s anywhere else in 2020
  6. I don't think they are catering to anyone at moment There Web site has no racing listed from April 24 th at Bristol , TN till Oct 6 , 2021 at Oswego , NY IF? NY opens up by then AND if NY pays part of purse ? I doubt NY STATE , which is flat broke will be doing that .....
  7. Certain distance between cars on track at all times ( 10,20 30 ft being discussed ) If leader is in bottom groove you must rim ride to pass or disqualified at pay window A lite on top of cars will come on if in violation and officials will know .... Dominion has been hired to manufacture and install system ....This will be nation wide policy if a certain NY politician gets a dirt style racing cabinet position in new administration
  8. California Covid -19 Spread By Location Household /Social Gatherings 73.84 %........Healthcare Delivery 7.81 %.......Higher Education Student 2.2 %......Education Employee 1.5 %.......Restaurants & Bars 1.43 %.....So who do they close first ? Restaurants & Bars 🙄 country wide .....
  9. You can offer your help in any way possible in these tough times if you think you can do better job I'm sure there must be places you can contact and volunteer Also I think new pending stimulus bill includes $15 BILLION Grants & Loans to entertainment industry and I would think maybe race tracks or teams may possibly qualify ? IDK but I don't see why not they all pay taxes ect These are tough times but I think Government has done some great things PPP .PUA . Grants ,UI . SBA loans ....Warp Speed on vaccines faster than anyone thought possible ( many experts said it was impossi
  10. Any and all tracks can be bought for rite price so anyone who want's to show Promoters how to do it in these times go for it .....You are not allowed by law to have people in stands so what exactly are new wanna be Promoters going to promote ? Spell it out ....You have two incoming revenue sources PITS & LIVE STREAM Up or down in or out that's it so lets hear your business plan Now there are track owners and other shut business that will jump on your wisdom like a Hobo on a ham sandwich .....lets hear it
  11. It will be years before side effects from vaccine are known .....Also what strain will China release next ? Feb 2020 Border patrol seized enough China Fentanyl and Meth to kill 229 million Americans ...October 2019 Ohio bust reveals enough China Fentanyl to kill every person in Ohio many times over ...November 2020 Yuma , Arizona bust enough China Fentanyl to kill 200,000 Americans ......I think between C-19 and China drugs coming thru borders someone in DC would say we need stronger borders and we may have a issue here and I would consider this a pattern ? .....A $3000 investment in China
  12. Now don't question DOMINION software NY uses for all things in NY Government and 27 other states
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