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  1. I'm thinking Deyo show in Florida not Valusia ...and I have been to Valusia and on any dirt track who knows what your going to get on given nite and I think the UMP mods cars are near as fast on some nites as BB DIRT at Valusia....I'm sure some would disagree
  2. Tell that to Tim Fuller at Mohawk .....2018 SDS BB race and I think Deyo gives more weight breaks than DIRT and Cornwall SDS BB in past did someone win with w/16 ?. Did Fuller also win Oswego in w/16 in 358 race? And did Williamson win ESW 358 at OC 2019 in W/16 and Sheppard finsh 2nd and did Sheppard win Oswego 2017 358 with W/16 ?.....If tracks ice it can happen big or small track with 250 lb weight break.....
  3. lets bet price of a complete w/16 with all the parts to install .....I'll buy one give it to top team to run down there After they win a race I'll have one free......
  4. Top secret ......but Devils Bowl pays $1200 for 602s weekly $700 2nd......Points 1rst $5000.......2nd $2500.....Rocky took home I think near $14,500 for Vermont 200 602 race ......Hopefully with some luck sponsors may on some nites increase winner in 602 to $1500......also non starters I think get $75. weekly .....I think this is close to what some tracks pay 358s as headliner with points maybe more .....
  5. W/16 with 250 lb weight break may surprise on slick track ......350 lb weight break against BSB Aluminum blocks ....
  6. Your splitting hairs here , they do have automated machines cutting out body panels , what they call them IDK .....Also I don't get the hating on Deyo / He already banned aluminum blocks while ago after one team ran them in 2018 ?.....He did 1 hell of a job at Fonda in 2019 He paid out $494,770 to racers during season and then another $50,000 in point money for total of $544,770 Included in that was Rocky getting over $10,000 track champ money ....Please name 5 tracks that paid out anywhere near this for this style racing in 2019 .......On STSS tour they averaged 41 cars in BB/SB for year and had 232 different entrants in 602 class .....Deyo paid $53,000 to win Fonda 200 and over $125,000 purse also had 50 lap Mod race at Fonda that paid $10,000 to win .....Last week Sheppard took home $58,000 plus from STSS series point fund .....WTH has guy gotta do to get some credit for first year at a track on way out ?
  7. Well it has been said SF won Fonda 200 $53,000 with 358 against Pro Power BSB in Rocky and MS cars which finished behind him .. and I think CNC style machines are now used for body panels at Bicknell and DKM and are used to machine alot of parts sold and I believe Teo, Bicknell ,DKM use them and Troyer has new Bend Tech Dragon for cutting steel ......I'm probably wrong again about this all...And I think Deyo has top series at this time in DIRT style Mod racing I watch both DIRT & Deyo series live .
  8. What ?.......modern racing is what ?....It's stupid money in my mind I see Dunn/ Benson have used pit cart for sale cost $25,000 new , gotta have one of those I see where fastest BB at Devils Bowl , VT 2019 was Hearn 104.548 mph......(MS &SF were also there ) ....Fastest 358 SB also Hearn in 2019 on same day 103.069 mph ....So it looks like lets say he had w/16 at a cost of $13k new in SB and BB cost near $50k....now that's $35,000 more +or - to go 1 mile per hr faster......I believe with weight adjustments that SB will match BB speed and I can't see anything negative by doing this .....W/16 has won 2 Super DIRT races against BB so i can't see argument that these sealed motors will not work .....IDK but for $19,500 complete with carb plus $3000. for aluminum block complete LS Wegner 427 Warrior wet system with proper weight breaks could save some teams good money .......I have seen wet system finish 4th in BB at Syracuse (200 laps ) so not going to listen that this will not take the abuse or work at Saturday nite tracks ......Maybe HC will let someone try this BB 427 Wegner with weight breaks.....Why not and like the w/16 made by same people when it wins what are modern racers going to say ?...I would not be surprised if Deyo is first to try it ....he seems to think outside the box with rules and purses.....And Bayko I don't claim to know to much about racing past or present...But I do use calculator to figure cost of doing business once in awhile ......
  9. No new rules for Deyo's series or Fonda so what's problem ? And if BSB ( Pro Power ) Ford $48,000 prices and up are to high for Fonda or others just keep giving w/16 and spec 358 more weight breaks It's 250 lb now Go to 300 to 350 lbs and problems over Simple But racers don't like simple non drama solutions .....Someone ( car builder ) has DIRT's ear that's why BS is going on I would guess......Since Bicknell sells the cars( hundreds ) Facebook shows 10 cars in one 53 ft trailer being shipped and owners ( son ) wins all big races IDK why they haven't lobbied hard for Wegner w/16 and new spec Wegner LS 427 more weight breaks since they also are only ones selling .They have Cars, Tires ,Parts ,Motors and Purses locked up now ......Similar to ( Sheppard ) Rocket house car in WOO series LM..$600,000 2019 total winnings ?...crumbs left......They have all feedback from several hundred cars Feed info to computer and Automated CNC fleet of machines and they are ready to shop vac money from drivers , owners and tracks ......This is not the old days no more.....When mother ship shows up with Storm Troopers best load up .....💀
  10. How about new Wegner LS 427 DIRT Spec motor , At 2019 PRI Show .....$18,900 W/O carb......$19,500 W Carb 850 Holley ....Sealed Motor wet system , complete all front belts , pulleys ...$6000. estimated rebuild cost ......W/16 has won Oswego .....Eastern States 150 ....this will work with rite weight breaks......
  11. How about Deyo's Florida deal first year SB ,BB show Thursday $5000. Friday $7500 , Saturday $10,000.....or save your equipment for Valusia next week for $2000. to win during mid week and $5000 Saturday which is a little better than Deyo's 602 Florida swing .......I belief DIRT has been paying $2000. to win for 25 years or less for Mid Week shows......but they don't race for money they say and travel 3000 miles to race ....Sharp business men....
  12. Not all humans are friends .....Yep I agree some lowlife just broke into my office 15 ft off ground with stolen ladder....Trying to decide bear traps or neck snares or hiring TopDog.....
  13. old racer

    Coil Car

    I would think (LFR ) Troyer would hire top runner to get their car back up front ......They have gone backwards since MS left and didn't LFR sponsor MS first year on his own ? Rite now all clones in BB class.....Time for USA car to take crown again....
  14. They all would be there if they had BSB and had run alot of laps on ARs .....MS has run as much or more on ARs this year and is leading points in North & South Deyo series races on ARs plus (Outlaw )....I'm thinking he has Pro Power BSB and has decent shot at winning this race Anyone who changes tires gives up position at half way break so I think this is going to be possibly good race with strategy coming into play big time ......If you don't try to win $53,000 ?...Never Bitch about Mod purse again......I would not be surprised if any combo wins ....BB...358 or BSB or W16......
  15. He picked up ride at ESW in Bicknell 358 after motor issues last year , Vermont car ....was dominate and won only to be found few lbs under weight because regular driver out weighted him by alot with no time or just didn't think of weight issue ( I doubt that will happen again ) $15,000 lesson......