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  1. Orangeman is gone Andy is new fuel for Media because someone has to be in order to feed the need ......I think most all outside events all states will be open by May /June maybe mask required but open 100 % capacity or near
  2. Both tracks run same fuel and tires Outlaw posted 2020 Mod purse off web ,,,1st $2000 2nd $1200 3rd $800 4th $650 10th $200.........UR posted 2021 Mod purse off web 1rst $2400 2nd $1300 3rd $900 4th $700 10th $500 Outlaw has own Outlaw TV live .....I Think UR will have DTD TV live so who would you would you pay to watch if you had a choice ? I think if I'm selling entertainment I put best players on stage I can and viewer #s I would think would be selling point to potential sponsors for tracks ... Now Malta has Hell or High Water $5600 to win April 16th opener on
  3. All time Mod winners at UR SF 54 wins and last win 7/20/2017 2nd Place MS 42 wins and last win 8/5/2018 I would think UR would have some high paying events during year which haven't been posted yet ...One draw at UR and Outlaw will be AR tire money that both MS and SF have won last 3 years I think $10,000 for year end regional champ winning % at home track ...SF tied MS last year in home track wins 10 each Fonda SF / Outlaw MS but SF had better non win % finishes I belief so won 1st place $$ ...I could be wrong on this ....
  4. # 1 I don't think any Western NY area dirt track pays $2400 weekly to win ? Which can't hurt and maybe Mahaney will run UR /Fonda ..... Devils Bowl will pay $2500 to win 30 lap 602 opener May 1 ( Saturday ) and also pay $5000 to win another 100 lap 602 race end of May .....Good money for 602 class
  5. Pro Power site advertising 360 Ford D3 Short Track Super Series w/Front Drive Package -Iron Block w/Carb for $35,000 So looks like this may be hot set up for that series ? If so teams probably need 2 each if they fallow both series plus weekly tracks .....
  6. Pro Power web site says congrats to Rudolph for using Pro Power in Deyo Florida swing so he has setup for Utica /Fonda I'd guess ....Plus Heffner also on site for Deyo's Super Series power...
  7. That was against BB SDS at Mohawk and Merritville ... W-16 I think also has won first two SDS 358 races at Oswego Fuller & Sheppard I think rule change now favors 358 spec with 25 lb difference in weight rules compared to W-16 ...Williamson now runs spec 358 over W-16 I think from BTK
  8. Biggest crowd I ever saw at LV and correct me if I'm wrong but I think he ran ( Bedell ) Chrysler Power And is that the only Chrysler Power motor that ever won a DIRT 358 SDS race ?...I think TS started on front row and lead all 100 laps ....I watched Jeff Gordon show and TS has that car in his car collection ...Black TEO #20 ..
  9. Mr Miller it would be good if you posted article here on DTD February 16 2021 ( Matt Williamson : Overcoming Obstacles to Race .....I'm not smart enough and 4wheelin would bitch Good article by fellow driver
  10. I think we have met ? Are you the Health Inspector who comes in at 1am with rule book or the Liquor Inspector at same time ? Both who say I am Repeat Offender ....I ran outa paper towels in men's room at 1am 20 years ago So I am a Repeat Offender .....page 3 chapter 4 ......This is 2021 cities out west are burning There are rule books against it , Mask are to be worn by all ! Guess what some don't belief in rule book .....Senate & House don't fallow rule book ....get my drift ? 15,000 plus elders were forced to room with Covid people .....Rule book against that also ...... Your perfec
  11. Ya I wonder what these posters would do if I had them stand beside me when I run door at my bar business which I have run for 40 years when 25 Harley's pull up and mix with loggers, truck drivers , pavers, roofers , farmers , divers, mechanics , dozer operators , lawyers and doctors and women drama queens ......Sounds like they would soil there drawers before dark I've seen fools go outa there mind over pool game , wrong music you name it For $4000 they would burn place to foundation if they felt wronged ....This MS deal sounds like nothing to me but posters living sheltered lives can't ha
  12. I think they may think you have Nancy fever or Orangeman style derangement .....Also LeBron was warned by NBA for flopping .....No marks no injuries ? Is there a flopping rule at tracks now ? LeBron was fined $5000 in 2013 by NBA also
  13. I think your problem is DIRT CAR is not a democracy your vote doesn't count After considering facts they made a decision and are moving on to next race ...Take your own prescription and enjoy the day .....
  14. In NHL does a player get suspended for fighting each game or a penalty ? You were involved in game 27 years ? Never a fight ? Did you ever get banned for fighting ? If so how long ? You mentioned hockey so how could you stay around game 27 yrs if you don't like fighting ? If Max said ok here is $4000 it was bone head move I admitted that ...Take the money you lost and fix the car .....Probably end of story ....It's possible something like this has happened before IDK
  15. Now that the Orangeman is gone after 60 months of 24/7 obsession Media needs a cash cow and it looks like he is on the menu other than CNN I think tracks in NY will be at 50% or more by April BUT I think DC will try to mandate mask for any paid entry business everywhere in country
  16. He probably will but pennies from heaven for SF he may take in $150k from Fonda /UR this year 10 each @ $2400 plus specials $53,000 at Fonda and Deyo I'm sure will have big paying race at UR on several dates....
  17. Starting Feb 23 NY State allowing 10% capacity in venues of more than 10,000 capacity so it seems things could open up more soon as vaccinations increase which they say are coming ?
  18. I met MS and family once and they seemed like great people , honest , hard working and I don't think wrecking his property and kicking his dog would go over well ( especially the dog ) no matter what fool was doing the kicking and wrecking .....I think they may grab a jack handle not the broom but hey I could be wrong .....I had a small fella who broke into my house and was in my closet when I got there with some of my property while back and his size didn't get him any favors I didn't read the rule book I guess ......
  19. There you go ....I watched KS as a young fella at Fonda ......Greatest generation ,fool with the bull you could get the horn and instantly ......Real men who would not do well in these times Insult there family , insult there wife's , intentionally wreck them payback was coming , and stands were full and guess what ? FEAR was RESPECT Any fool can wreck someone but takes some talent to drive by them ......The Cancel Culture today tries to rule country in all subjects .....
  20. Nobody knows what DIRT has or hasn't done What was said or wasn't said between players here What did or did not happen in pits .....Whether DIRT dropped ball or still holding the ball You fellas are just speculating It is there business not yours ......3 sides to every story He said, she said , and little bit of both It's all Entertainment that's what DIRT is selling if you don't like it change channel but if MS is not on I'm not buying To each his own .......DIRT could have black flagged Max on spot they chose not to so you could use argument they created problem and MS solved problem ..
  21. You fellas gotta start driving to give lessons then start a racing series to show world how to run it then become a judge to show us how to hand out justice .....Senate could use you fellas today
  22. $4000 to win and $700 for 5th and MS probably had excellent chance to win on track with bite starting 4th Max started 5th and no doubt Max #$@%#$ up ......MS does this for living , pays his own bills Max shows up with helmet ...There has been some drama this year Britten wreck and SF wreck so teams probably on edge plus COVID plus plus
  23. Watch DIRT Vision high lites from last nite First lap Max has dumb spell and does do what he did to Rudolph at LOL He put both Sheppard and Britten out by dive bombing Sheppard who was pushed into Britten .....Good track from rain and race from that point on and Sheppard after pitting came back to 5th ....
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