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  1. Sprint cars are not the safest cars to race. Having a family now probably has something to do with it. With Jessica flipping pretty bad at Utica then Stew rolling it pretty good at weedport just a few weeks apart probably shed some light on things.
  2. So what’s up with Utica. I see Brett Deyo was asked about helping with promotion. Is Gene Cole back at the track or is Kim and Bill still running the track? Rumors have been running around but never know what’s true.
  3. Like him or not still have to respect the man for what he gave us. I didn’t agree with everything Glenn did but I have many great memories at super dirt week and other DIRT races!! If it wasn’t for Glenn would we have the racing or drivers we have or had thru the years. Hard to say. Everyone has a dream some reach those dreams others don’t. Glenn’s first dream came true bringing us the DIRT series. The second dream of the track just didn’t work out. But hey at least he tried.
  4. If our north east Modifieds had 1 motor 1 tire and not so many rules a traveling series could be possible.
  5. We are the ones that shot our selfs in the foot. We got 2 different kinds of tires and about 15 motor combinations for 1 car. Weight brakes on this rev box on that. When’s the last time a 360 or 410 sprint car race had a paragraph of of rules at the bottom of an ad for a upcoming race.
  6. It will all come around TEO will be fine. Just like years ago Randy ( Matt shepherds crew chief) bought a TEO and brought it to Bicknell. Just like when Matt went to Troyer and started winning everyone had to have a Troyer. There will always be guys that continue to jump from one chassis to another to another to another thinking that chassis is the hot set up. Bicknell obviously has the hot set up but it will change in a few years always does. Same with engine builders. Everyone had a Hutter then JPM or Enders. Then CC or billy the kid. It comes down to who do you like working with who d
  7. Speedweeks are cool but for a modified team it’s a nightmare!! Sprint cars can get away with it because the cars don’t need to be scaled they use set up blocks. Trying to find a level parking lot sucks. If your lucky you hook up with a fellow racer to use his shop. It’s a lot on these teams to turn the car around every night. At Dirt Week your all set up in one spot plus all the chassis builders have there tents set up so you can scale the car anytime you want. That’s Big big plus and huge help. Sure all the drivers think it’s cool and so did we but ask them in two weeks I bet a lot of th
  8. Every one thinks buying tires is so easy!! If it’s so easy buck up and hand out $800 bucks so they can buy 4 tires. But once the tire bill comes around nobody is around to help out. Asking a guy that runs Hoosier all season long to go out and spend over 2k for 10 tires is asking a lot. Especially when sponsorship money isn’t 100%. this year. You got to think everyone is running on 50-60% sponsorship money. You can’t ask a sponsor to buck up when the car hasn’t been on CNY local tracks. Guys in PA different story there cars have been on there local tracks all season long so there sponsors p
  9. Why is it interesting?? Storms was Hearn’s Crew chief for a year or two. Storms worked at TEO for a short period of time. Both Hearn and Storms drove for Vinny in the 4* car. Vinny is back in the game sponsoring and owning cars again. Don’t quote me on this but I believe Vinny is helping prep the Hearn 20 car when Brett is ready to race. There is a lot of connections between Hearn Storms TEO Vinny and the 20 car.
  10. If you a real good roofer making real good money why would you start doing driveway sealing?? Just to see if you can do it?? No your bringing in a great income for you and your family and your having fun doing it. Maybe to him that’s all he wants.
  11. A cap won’t work friends family sponsors buy parts for drivers all the time. If I buy 10 wheels how are they going to know who I give them to
  12. I say have one motor one motor only. If you want to run a big block then there is only one big block. If you run a 360 sprint car they don’t have 7 different 360 engine combinations. A 410 is a 410 305 is a 305. The north east modified community needs to come together and decide on 1 big block 1 small block and that’s what you can use. The crap with big block vs big small block vs W16 vs the 9 other motor choices is what hurts all north east modified racing. The big boys in the modified racing ( series owners, promoters ect) need to think 5-10 years down the road instead of 3-4 days away. If e
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