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  1. Why is it interesting?? Storms was Hearn’s Crew chief for a year or two. Storms worked at TEO for a short period of time. Both Hearn and Storms drove for Vinny in the 4* car. Vinny is back in the game sponsoring and owning cars again. Don’t quote me on this but I believe Vinny is helping prep the Hearn 20 car when Brett is ready to race. There is a lot of connections between Hearn Storms TEO Vinny and the 20 car.
  2. If you a real good roofer making real good money why would you start doing driveway sealing?? Just to see if you can do it?? No your bringing in a great income for you and your family and your having fun doing it. Maybe to him that’s all he wants.
  3. A cap won’t work friends family sponsors buy parts for drivers all the time. If I buy 10 wheels how are they going to know who I give them to
  4. I say have one motor one motor only. If you want to run a big block then there is only one big block. If you run a 360 sprint car they don’t have 7 different 360 engine combinations. A 410 is a 410 305 is a 305. The north east modified community needs to come together and decide on 1 big block 1 small block and that’s what you can use. The crap with big block vs big small block vs W16 vs the 9 other motor choices is what hurts all north east modified racing. The big boys in the modified racing ( series owners, promoters ect) need to think 5-10 years down the road instead of 3-4 days away. If everyone doesn’t come together to help all of Racing then we mind as well stick a fork in north east modified racing.
  5. Willy Decker Sr used left side panhard stuff in the late 90s early 2000s and won some races at Fulton on it.he still has it hanging in his shop. He fabricated it himself. Then it went away. Now it’s coming back. Everything in race is always a full circle sooner or later the open sportsman motors will be back.
  6. Let’s here your comment rpm to Gary’s post. I know you have one because you know better then anyone.
  7. We were all there unload ready to go. It’s not like they called it 2 days before. Listen I don’t care what drivers do but all other dirt car guys were there so they needed to do something or dirt car would just get walked all over. Like I said I didn’t like the scheduling deal that dirt car did but someone had a hard on against a track. And if you guys think they don’t care about the fans then maybe everyone should take a step back and think about how much they give us at our fingertips. They don’t need to give live up dates or race monitor etc. any sanctioning body can say turn it off. I’m just glad that I’ve grown up in upstate ny with the best racing in my opinion!! I just hope it continues. Who cares if it’s dirt car roc super series enjoy them all.
  8. Well duh. I’m saying what if that day he played for a different team.
  9. How would you feel if you planned to go to a yankees game to watch let’s say jerter and it rains out. But come to find out Jeter was never their because that day he played for the Mets You would be pissed off. If that game happens you would be sitting their for no reason. When these guy sign up for dirt car they are telling fans this is where im going to be. Just like Jeter signing for the Yankees that’s the team I will be on. The fact is their was an event planned and the facts are Brett made no attempt to be their. I am I Brett fan I know Brett but rules are rules don’t like them don’t sign on. I don’t agree on how it was scheduled but hey that’s just how it goes sometimes.
  10. Rpm how does one get a hold of you for shocks?? I maybe looking for a shock guy for one of my drivers?? Business name??
  11. Ronnie Johnson’s new Bicknell is one sweet looking car!!
  12. In weekly racing yes top 5 to the pit shack and we are check these 4-5 things have it ready. I agree on that but when you have big shows like dirt week outlaw etc. where there is 80-100 cars pre tech need to be different going thru the line.
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