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  1. WMR Racing


    How come no sportsman updates?? No race monitor not a thing for the sportsman
  2. Plus they guys on the woo tour are changing motors and rearends every 5-6 races to get rebuilt. They usually have 5-6 motors 2-3 on the road 2-3 at the shop getting rebuilt. That has to be a very pricey. I couldn’t imagine the bill on that every year.
  3. Do you think matt owns his motors?? No! Do you matt pays 10k for a frame and body from Bicknell?? No. Do you think matt pays 5k in shocks?? No way. If you win and make a name for your self the racing people will come to you. I’ve always said if you chained a boat anchor to your rear bumper and went out and won a bunch of races. 90% of all other race cars would have a boat anchor changed to their bumper. If someone is winning a shit ton all racers will want what that guy has.
  4. Paul Kinney 360 ESS owns the sign shop @ Kinney’s good place to stop by and Bull shit about racing lol
  5. I own DS Detailing that is on the 1/4 of Matt Janczuk’s sportsman car for the past 4 seasons and my wife and I just opened Primal Tee Shop last year that is the main sponsor on Willy Decker JR’s (the son) sportsman car. Each sponsor is different then each other. Matts we supply fuel tires and other expenses as needed. With matt he takes care of his equipment very very well. So very seldom do I get a phone call for help on a big issue. For Willy being a younger driver trying to make a name for himself we made a deal where we will make all his aperal (hats shirts sweatshirts stickers) anything that he could sell to friends family and fans to bring money in to help his racing funds. Plus a little extra things here and there. A lot of people say it’s the worst investment but it all depends on who and how they carry your name. DS Detailing has done sooo many race car trailers in the last 4 years because of Matt. We hope Willy carries the Primal name the same way. So go buy a Willy Decker JR shirt and tell me what you think. Plus your helping out a young racer.
  6. I couldn’t even put a dollar amount on what I spend between the 2 cars i sponsor. Both are main sponsors on the 1/4 panels but different companies on each car
  7. WMR Racing

    Yuke tires

    When Stew raced at utica Rome weekly he used to hit the yuke tires with his nerf bar in 1and 2 to keep moving them in under green flag. I always thought that was pretty neat how he could do that just to get that extra inch
  8. One of the biggest problems racers have is help. Instead of posting 68 messages on a message form about something that nobody will ever control go volunteer at a local guys shop. Even if it’s washing trailer or sweeping it out. Every racer always needs a helping hand. If you want racing in the north east to succeed put some time in and help some people out. Posting bull shit on a message board isn’t going to help anyone.
  9. WMR Racing

    Rocky and Jake

    So if I am a ceo of smaller company making good money having fun and love my job you your saying I should quit what I know pick up my family and start a new job with a new company that I know nothing about at the bottom of the latter. Who in the right mind would do that. Honest answer rpm would you.
  10. It’s nice to hear Utica has takin this weekend off so drivers and teams have a chance at the biggest payout ever.
  11. How about all the race fans are they going to stay loyal to there weekend track or are they going to chase the big money show??
  12. I can’t believe this race hasn’t made the front page yet