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  1. One of the biggest problems racers have is help. Instead of posting 68 messages on a message form about something that nobody will ever control go volunteer at a local guys shop. Even if it’s washing trailer or sweeping it out. Every racer always needs a helping hand. If you want racing in the north east to succeed put some time in and help some people out. Posting bull shit on a message board isn’t going to help anyone.
  2. WMR Racing

    Rocky and Jake

    So if I am a ceo of smaller company making good money having fun and love my job you your saying I should quit what I know pick up my family and start a new job with a new company that I know nothing about at the bottom of the latter. Who in the right mind would do that. Honest answer rpm would you.
  3. It’s nice to hear Utica has takin this weekend off so drivers and teams have a chance at the biggest payout ever.
  4. How about all the race fans are they going to stay loyal to there weekend track or are they going to chase the big money show??
  5. I can’t believe this race hasn’t made the front page yet
  6. I was at the race the night before the insistent at the Glen. He won that race. I’ll never forget that night at Shangri La. I was 11
  7. If you talk to Ronnie Johnson he likes Utica. It’s just to far away
  8. The owner of nice n easy passed away 5 or 6 years ago. They still ran the stores after he passed but then sold out. Nice n easy was based out of Canastota Ny. The owner was a huge race fan.
  9. WMR Racing

    SDS Title

    I’ll go out on a limb here and say Rudolph comes out swinging and gets the surprise title win.
  10. So to become the dirt car sportsman or dirt car pro stock champion you have to go to Charlotte. That’s smart. So stupid
  11. Run the tee shirt shop. Primal Tee Shop. Let us know if anyone needs anything!!! The detailing business gets slow in the winter.
  12. The word is traveling. Way to many miles for guys with full time jobs and families. If you could race for a living then yes it’s fine but those days are gone.
  13. Time to bring the WOO sprints back to dirt week