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  1. As posted on the speedway's FB page this evening. 2019 was a amazing re birth of the Track of Champions, 2020 is going to even better, and now the new surface to add to the mix!! Amazing what a real promoter and a great team can do to a facility. I don't like to rush time, but honestly cant wait for April 2020!!!! The sun hasn't entirely set on our 2019 season. Starting next week, the speedway will be resurfaced with fresh clay as we prepare for 2020. Again, thank you all for being part of an overwhelmingly successful season and 200 weekend. The best is yet to come!
  2. If Hansons issues where actually posted, maybe there would be more knowledge of what was going on after the flat, in reality he, or any other driver that goes through this on any night get tore up on social media, sad reality we live in. Him running the grader at the track has no barring on what took place!
  3. When you have a track surface that is made up of a lot of river mud and rocks, what do you expect tire wear to be? When the surface gets re done, tire wear for those that know how to take care of tires while running hard, will be even less than it is now. Tires is just another thing to complain about, just like the running out of food last night, in all honesty and reality how could anyone not expect any track to run low or out of things on the last night of a season, even with out the rain delay!!! No facility or staff or racers will ever be perfect, and for to many race fans, that's a highly understood fact!!!
  4. Congrats Stew, 9s gets DQ’d so Rocky gets 2nd!!
  5. The race is gonna finish tonight, according to the track, we will be waiting out the rain. There has been 2 good grooves so far, not everyone is having tire issues. It could run all 200 under green amd someone would find a dault!!
  6. J. Downing

    Fonda 200

    40 mods took hot laps, 40 are starting tonight! Gonna be awesome!! The 200 is BACK!!
  7. J. Downing

    Fonda 200

    Place is jammin with tailgaters!! Place gonna be packed tonight!!! Woot-f’ing-Woot!!!
  8. Yea the seating spacing is generous for sure. Lots of sold seats with no one in them last night. Tonights show should have a almost packed house. 50/50 was a little over 3000.00 so tonight should be that plus some!!
  9. He looked really good last night, gonna be a contender tonight for sure!!!
  10. J. Downing

    Fonda 200

    He landed between the side walk and the wooden wall, right side up. He is a lucky man for sure! Kept overnight for observation, im sure he is sore as hell this am!!
  11. J. Downing

    Fonda 200

    36-40 !! Its gonna be awesome!!
  12. Your welcome. They put extra bleachers in, turn one and some in front of the grandstands between the stairs. Enjoy the weekend!!
  13. Whats the status of the LOL show sat? Memorial race or DIRT series race?
  14. All of the Grand Stands are reserved seats, bleachers in turn 1, 4 are general admision.