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  1. If the black solar carpet gets permits and approved in Montgomery County, Town of Glen, Glenridge motorsports park is gone after 2022. So the list of tracks may continue to decrease since we are all about solar here in NYS!
  2. Freason wont be at fonda much in 2022, Trucks series schedule has lots of conflicts in the coming year.
  3. The telecast of the races is not the same view as the announcers. The only negative of the way the races are shown. Its better than not seeing or hearing anything when ya cant be there, so not a complaint really, but ya cant take what they say vs what you see as the same thing, or missing something because of those facts.
  4. racermurray, my apologies, I wasn't referring to you as complainer, I was surrounded by a bunch at the track all 3 days. People rather complain when "their" guy isnt winning, vs enjoying so many cars attempting to make the show. Car counts for all 3 days where great,
  5. Some may have not realized there where some crate guys running mods, there where a cple crates that tried to make the show, they didnt make it. Not as field fillers, if they wanted to try they where free to do so. I dream of the day that people complain less and enjoy racing more. We are ending up with fewer tracks across the country as time goes on. NYS has decided we wont have fossil fuel vehicles in the future, so who knows if racing will actually exist 30 yrs from now? 39 Mods raced for the win yesterday, 1 DNS, the entire 3 days was great and much appreciated after next to no racing last
  6. 40 cars to try and qualify tonight, granted a bunch of 602 crates, but still a good size field for the feature.
  7. The work put into the track since last weekend would go a long way to not having it real bad after todays rain. We did have some torrential downpours today, but the river being low, and the prep prior to today, the track grounds and surface where in a better position to handle the rain. By tomorrow evening, we should see a awesome, tacky, fast surface, come Friday and Sat, its gonna be great racing!!!
  8. Sat night at Fonda. Thats what he has posted on social media
  9. The top 2 of each heat are in the dash. Sorry, I miss understood the layout.
  10. The 4-2nd plce finishers from the heat races are in the dash.
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