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  1. You’ve missed my point. Im not gonna argue with you.
  2. I was speaking of when Tony wanted to wait till after Sunday night to tear his crate apart because he also didnt have another piece to run in its place. Many tore him apart for that line of thinking. I expect next to none to say the same things to you. Because thats how this sport is.
  3. Thank you Jake for doing what was expected!
  4. When that was the case for Tony Farone a short while back everyone claimed he was just cheating? So why would it be ok for Jake and not Tony? Some people are quick to forget who throws stones and who lives in a glass house. On a side note, Congrats to Jake on his Daughters wedding and congrats to the Newlyweds!!
  5. Supposedly he wasn't refusing post race tech, Mueller put money up to tear him down, he refused. Jake follows these threads, lets ask Jake to explain what went down and what his reasons for his decision was? Its only fare to be given the chance to answer a question. In my opinion, the thread title should have Jakes name in it, no reason to beat around the bush of the subject?
  6. After the MAV airing, I'm sure someone will post clips, it was a amazing moment to add to the great history of Fonda Speedway!!
  7. I dont understand how she was a buy in yet she was in the redraw for a starting spot. Im not a 55 fan, but those that wher in the consi or provisional spots didnt get a draw for the redraw? Maybe i was sleeping in the heat races and didnt see who was top 5 of each heat please educate me? Unless this is just to bitch about some bitch of a driver that didnt start in front of another, then dont bother!!’ It was a fantastic night at the track of champions!
  8. Hats off to all the Fonda staff from the top to the bottom! Great racing all night for every fan im attendance! Ive learned over the years, for every asshat out there bitching, there are 10 people out there that appreciate those that keep folks informed and per-mote what’s in our back yard! Great job once again Brett, thank you from my family to yours!! Happy Independence day!
  9. This place looks great tonight and its gonna be a packed house!!!
  10. Track has now guarantied at $1000.00 50/50 prize! Last sat night it was over 2700.00 to the winner!!! Other than lucky winners, point fund is going to be amazing at the end of the year!!!
  11. J. Downing

    Glen Ridge

    Why you ask? Well for starters, when you advertise something, you should be doing what you advertise, start time, program line up, feature line ups as a example. When you get going, not spending useless time having packer trucks dry out the surface you put water on to help with dust. Allowing some people to drive over others, yet reprimand others for doing the same thing, consistently doing things one way gains credibility. Last night no pro stocks because of USAC, yet ran 5 4 cylinders and 2-3 street stocks? The announcer told us repeatedly there was 24 usac’s, yet the USAC officials said there was only 13. People as fans notice and remember things, since they are not running the show, better than those running the show! I have been a vocal supporter and volunteered countless hours at the ridge in the last several years, when its time to speak up, I also do that with my name out there, not hiding behind anything! My family and I love the track, and usually the racing there, I don't wanna see it go away. But if only 3-400 people show up with less than 50 cars in the pits, who can afford to keep going?
  12. J. Downing

    Glen Ridge

    If you have been going every week its easier to see why the scant car count and fan count! Sad in all reality, the writings on the wall for sure!!!