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  1. OMFG, Deyo again knocks it out of the park! June 16, 2019 Fonda Speedway (Fonda, New York) Bill Ag Match Races, Hondo Classic and a $5 bill! Mother Nature has not been too kind to the Fonda Speedway and its awesome fans thus far in 2019. Rainouts and some not so wonderful weather has plagued us all season and although we have seen some exciting racing, we feel as if we want to do something more to show our appreciation. The Winner's Circle in Fonda New York has featured many Saturday after parties, and two of those men that were staples at the Montgomery County establishment will be honored on one night together. The Bill ‘Ag’ Anagnostopulos Elimination Match Races & The 14th annual Hondo Carpenter Classic will now headline the night of racing on June 29, 2019, sponsored by SchoolHouse Pools of Amsterdam, NY. Joining the 2 premiere events will be the Sunoco Racing Modifieds, Swagger Factory Apparel 602 Crate Sportsman ($1,000 To Win Thanks to Eric Orozco Racing), Montgomery County Office for Aging, Inc. Limited Sportsman, and the Trackside Body Works Street Stocks. Gates Open at 4:00 p.m., Hot Laps take to the track at 6:00 p.m., and Racing starts at 7:00 p.m. General admission for this event is going to be… Hmmm, what could admission be for an show with 2 premiere events on the same card? $5.00? Yeah! That sounds like a nice round number! General Admission WILL BE ONLY $5.00! Fonda Speedway Fans – You Deserve It! Thank you for your dedication & support all season thus far, and to think, we are just getting started! #YouDeserveIt
  2. MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR LUCRATIVE FIRECRACKER 50 AT FONDA SPEEDWAY JULY 3 The Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series Fueled By Sunoco Racing invades Fonda Speedway Wednesday, July 3 for the Fuccillo Automotive Group Firecracker 50 presented by Teo Pro Car. A huge payout - including $10,000 to win - has been posted! Position Payout 1 $10,000 2 $4,000 3 $3,000 4 $2,000 5 $1,500 6 $1,150 7 $1,125 8 $1,100 9 $1,050 10 $1,000 11 $750 12 $650 13 $550 14 $450 15 $425 16 $415 17 $405 18 $400 19 $400 20 $400 21 $400 22 $400 23 $400 24 $400 North Prov. $200 North Prov. $200 Track Pr. Buy-In I cant even dream what will be cried about wrong with this??
  3. Deyo himself is a honest and open person. When people talk to him they find this out. He also doesn't deal well with bullshit, and he shouldn't. There will always be bumps in the road, everywhere. If given the chance Brett is more than willing to work on them openly. He wants the drivers and fans to be as equally as happy as possible all while providing affordable racing for both sides. That being said, good help has always been hard to find, always will be. Mother nature is a see you next Tuesday, and the property at Fonda has been neglected for generations when we speak of the speedway part of the property. No 1 person can walk in and change it all immediately! As someone that has never met the man in person, I am more than willing to give him the chance to make things better, it already is in some aspects, again 1 person can fix all! If you know someone thats a expert in track prep, willing to “help”, a soil expert willing to “help”, a tech person that is willing to “help”, just among a few things, I'm certain he would be thrilled to talk to them on a non-race night! If also everyone could agree to follow the posted rules and hold each other accountable, that would go a long way to making things better than they have been, in all divisions, all the time!
  4. Used to be that way, this year with the weather we have had, swamp to start at 3-4 pm, by features dry, dusty and slick. If you follow lap times its easy to see vs just watching. Single groove bottom that has been pushed so low the last few years. 1-2 is practically flat around both turns. go down to fonda and under neath the few inches of racing surface its like jello still. Mother nature has been no friend when it comes to ground conditions around the mohawk valley for sure !
  5. BV/DV Fan, I as one of the few that post with my name exposed, to not hide behind a screen name, here and other forums, can tell you that social media has become like a sickness for the majority. They find it near impossible to ever actually allow another to speak the truth, or opine anything without clobbering the hell out of you because they dont agree, or like what you have posted. All of that will NEVER change now, because its too easy to do. You’ve done NOTHING wrong! I value having two dirt tracks in my back yard so to speak. I have volunteered many hours for several promoters over the years at Fonda and Glenridge, because im a fan of racing and I felt it was the right thing to do when needed. I learned many years ago, when you step put into the public light, you HAVE to be prepared to deal with all that know they are better at what you do and how you do it. Most have no idea how not to be that way. There will always be great race night/days, and absolute shit race nights/days, thats a fact! Knowing how to deal with them and move on will always be a challenge, because we are all human. I hope those of us that live near tracks in our backyard, are afforded the opportunity for many years to come, to keep going to cheer or boo who ever we want, when we want, at the tracks we want!! There, now there are two of us that the rest can pile onto, frankly I dont give two shits!!
  6. J. Downing

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    Whats the next rain date?
  7. Cousin luke wins pro stocks, Calabrese wins sportsman.( spelling).
  8. All that bitched last week, mod feature has been moved up this week!! BULLSHIT!!!
  9. Bobby Varin beats Stew by a door panel for the held over feature win!!!
  10. Big congrats to Northville Central School band for a great National Anthem performance! Great words from DTD Ed Bittig to start the day evening as well!! Track is amazing tonight, held over mod feature from last week is gonna be amazing! Clay tossed into the grandstands entering turn 1 tonight, yes I said the grandstands!!
  11. Fonda has run 5 weeks in 2019, the only thing we can bitch about is what class runs when on a sat night? If you where not happy this past sat night at Fonda, do Brett, all his team and the rest of us a favor, dont come back!! This thread is a prime example of whats wrong with the sport in todays society! Thank god people like this are in the minority!! I spent 30 bucks to get in sat., wife and I where bummed it rained when it did, but guess what, we had fun until it rained! Next week and thru the rest of the season when we can be there, we will be grateful for the opportunity we are being given to be there! Many, many more should think the same way!!
  12. Tim Hartman jr wins 602 crate feature.
  13. Rocky wins mod feature, 50/50 was $4112.00 to the winner!! Holy shit!!!!congrats who ever won!!
  14. Cousin Luke pakrs the 97 on the checkerboard square! Great feature!