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  1. Why is there another show? Did Fonda tell other track drivers they couldnt come to the one already scheduled by them?
  2. Something a little different for a change! No matter near or far, friend or foe, young or older, wishing each and every dirt car racing fan a Very Merry Christmas!!
  3. My point has been mossed completely! Regardless of what you think of someone, being charged with a crime doesnt make you guilty, everyone has the constitutional right to their day in court. Society today has forgotten that point severely , time after time.
  4. November 28, 2019 (Fonda, New York) Fonda 200 Is BACK again! After signing the lease in Fonda NY, promoter Brett Deyo had a vision of bringing back a 200 lap race at the Fonda Speedway. The return of the Fonda 200 became reality and paid a staggering $53,000 to win! Stewart Friesen outdueled Matt Sheppard to pick up the historic paycheck at the end of 3 days of racing at the famed 1/2 mile speedway. In 2020, the dates for the $53,000 to win Fonda 200 will be September 17th, 18th, and 19th! The 200 will also pay $1,000 to start, which will make the $125,000+ total purse from 2019 rise to well over $130,000! More details to follow at a later time. Who will take home another historic paycheck in 2020 at the Fonda Speedway? Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Show who the money? The racer cup that was presented to the drivers was a hell of a deal. Its not all about the pockets of the promoters! There have been a lot of decisions made in the last year that leave much to be desired. I have been a quote "die hard" fan for years, I think this is the last straw for me. More concentration on getting the crap together each week and running a show without delay, getting more cars into the facility each week for racing, there is just a cple things that would help the place out. Constant change isn't good for any facility or business!!! When business people, fans, drivers and other tracks go out of their way to help, the last thing you should ever do is kick those folks where it counts!!! What do I know, im just a fan anyways!!!
  6. Well all I can say is, its now been proven how well these guys like to shit where they eat so to say!! What a dick move, not just against all the drivers that run both local tracks, but all the others that have supported the ridge for so long! Both can be replaced at Fonda, so I hope that’s understood!!
  7. Its 2019, everyone is guilty as charged till they prove thier innocence, a large part of what’s wrong in Our society’s!!!
  8. Im sorry, I didn't know EVERY driver from Fonda went to Florida to race in the winter.
  9. Oh I forgot to add, Prostocks weekly purse min will be $800.00 each week to win, add that to the list of great news!!!
  10. 20/20 I agree with what your saying, as I stated, what I have been told. Doesn't mean its the truth, I have stated for years, there is more crying in dirt car racing than any other sport. NO ONE races for money, yet they ALL bitch about the costs of racing. More owners than drivers, but there has been a fair amount of both. Pick a track, race there, and be happy there is a place to race. That's all way to much to ask. Same goes for many fans, no matter what they get, they always want more of something. Im happy to go 10 min to the track, enjoy the racing, food, drinks and friends along with healthy friendly debate over who is gonna do what each and every week. The feeling at Fonda in 2019 was as close to what it was 30 years ago that we have ever felt! I cant wait to feel that again in 2020. I really don't care if there isn't 5 new teams running, the car counts each week had multiple people that could win actually each week, even when Stew was in the house so to speak. Coming into 2020 with the new surface, the fans knowing what they are going to get after Deyo's 1st season, there isn't honestly much to be bitched about. Its all up to the owners and drivers where they wanna go, what there reason for racing is week in and week out. There is NO need to have stuff to run Friday, Saturday, Sunday since NO one races for money around here. That's just a quote from several teams and the facts of watching people not show up close to home, to run for less somewhere else. The endless debate and bitching over who is racing where each week, what track is gonna screw over what track, what is DIRT gonna do this year to non DIRT tracks, how much does a burger cost, why isn't the beer cold, all will continue, as will all those that like to engage in the endless back and forth! Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and enjoyable New Year 2020!!!
  11. Im told its pretty expensive to buy and install a quick fuel set up needed for hot pit stops, that's the main reason it wasn't done in 2019, prob. wont see it in 2020 either for the same reason.
  12. Brett could schedule in Jan and there would be another race at the same time!!!!
  13. Thanks for the reply. The new surface that has been laid down for Fonda 2020 should make for even better racing than 2019 was. Hope to see your car at home at Fonda at least. best wishes to you and the family. Have a nice Thanksgiving and a merry Christmas regardless of your 2020 plans!!
  14. So Redd, who is gonna pilot your car this season at Fonda and the Ridge?
  15. Everyone has a fav., over the years they come and go. What some consider a driver to be varies. I grew up watching at Fonda the BR Dewit 12 hook the front tire on the inside corner berms and ride the corners like a rail, some loved it, I wasn't a fan. That isn't driving to me, again to each his own. Many have tried to convince me Ronnie was what his dad once was, my point is he isn't and never will be. The same analogy was used for years with Earnhardt and Jr, same thing applies, not even close! As far as the question let what go, it was a comment on your statement about old promoter and money owed, my point being, that person is no longer involved with the track, so its not the tracks fault, hence let it go. I can remember going to Fonda when I was about 5ish, im 45 now, far from new, not that matters, but to be fully honest with you!
  16. Never been a ronnie fan, so im not two faced at all. If he left the valley what would you have to champion for.
  17. Tang is better than orange koolaid!! Just sayin!
  18. I dont know what all are doing other than fonda for 2020 yet. But if they go the fonda way then yea it would all be the same. I had stated a personal desire to see happen, I wont hold my breath!
  19. Jake is a big boy now, if someone owes him anything he knows how to get it! The current promotor has NOTHING to do with the person that ran the place into the ground and didnt pay his bills! Ronnie can stay away, he isnt gonna draw that much to Fonda, not a 1/4 of the driver his father was, let it go!! I would love to see the Ridge run friday. Fonda sat then Utica Sundays, the 3 track circuit would be a financial win for the teams that ran those three each week! The amount of cars that dont make the features at Malta each week shows there is cars that could actually race elsewhere on Friday nights! Mod Edit... no need to name call
  20. Guess its hard to watch the other racing after the restarts, its not every lap of every feature, but there was a lot of it!
  21. No one would ever Say they dont want more cars to come to any track, but if the fields of each division stayed the same and the racing did as well or got even better, I as a local fan cant ask for much more!! A chance at a $1000.00 plus every week 50/50, great food, ice cold beer on top of great racing all night! Im sure there are some that would want and complain for more, but they could get free admission every week and complain about the cost! Im hoping for more sprint shows and maybe a cple traveling series as well. New surface is gonna be sweet so even better 3 wide racing for the future!
  22. Those that ran the season and the money that was paid out and will be paid out at the banquet would say otherwise! Its been years since the point fund and race purses where ever at the level of 2019! When another track is added to the American Racer Cup for 2020, even more guys will enjoy the perks as well!! 2020 is gonna be even more Amazing than 2019 was!!!
  23. As well as extensive drain repair to help with the under surface water issues that have plagued 1 and 2 for years!!!!
  24. J. Downing

    Brett Hearn

    Again, Hern 2020 limited schedule, Stew will be in his 20 ride when Brett is not !! The team will travel, with a diff driver in the seat most of the season, when it doesnt conflict with Nascar.