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  1. What was the point? You wont see any race at “The Ridge” having anything to do with Fonda Speedway in 2020!!
  2. Dan-Dan, i saw on CBS news tonight that the numbers out of Florida are being investigated by the FDA and Florida, the lab that was doing many of there tests has been caught mishandling them. So the actual numbers from Florida are what?, yea know one really knows! And the Texas girl, thats been debunked as well, a dr cant and wouldnt talk about pts like that. The numbers of recovery world wide have been reported on all the stations, so not like fox news is spreading its own data. My point exactly to begin with, who, (not the organization) do you believe when So much crap has been spread???
  3. I guess if EVERYTHING we are told WAS true then maybe there would be more belief around the country. Florida is reported to be such a hot zone, max capacity at hospitals and icu’s, shortage of supplies, yet family and friends that Actually live there claim and have shown pictures pf just the oposite. So when someone lies to me once, its game over. If anyone could have shopped at home depot for the last 3 1/2 months with NO mask and no one was ever traced to getting the virus inside those stores, how the hell could I get it standing outside ? The virus is real, if you have health issues and get it, it COULD be bad for you. 99% of the WORLD population recovers 100% after having it, that means there are other thing’s that are Actually more dangerous day to day then Covid-19!! Facts, not political bs!! Dont feel safe, stay home, otherwise in A Democracy I have the right to do what legally I want, more facts once again!!
  4. As posted on official FB page of the track. I dont need to opine, the track did it for me and everyone else!! Unreal!! FONDA SPEEDWAY NEWS FLASH - PLEASE READ COMPLETELY! As you have seen on the news, restrictions regarding COVID-19 are changing rapidly, sometimes multiple times per day. Today, Fonda Speedway received a call regarding our future events starting with the ‘One Wild Wednesday’ tomorrow night (Wednesday, July 15). New York State officials, led by Governor Cuomo, have informed Montgomery County that Fonda Speedway may not utilize the Infield Drive-In (or the Grandstands) for any events until regulations change. With that said, we must restrict tomorrow’s event, and any other upcoming races, to the pit area ONLY and online viewing via Dirt Track Digest TV. The spike of cases in Montgomery County, outlined on Monday, was a contributing factor to this decision. Please do not take this announcement as a negative toward Montgomery County Executive Matt Ossenfort or Montgomery County Sheriff Jeff Smith. Our local officials have gone above and beyond to support Fonda Speedway and we’ve been fortunate to host several high-profile events as a result of their hard work and dedication to the speedway and the fairgrounds. This directive comes from the Democratic Party at the state level. Despite the last-minute change, we ARE STILL RACING on Wednesday, July 15 with our scheduled ‘One Wild Wednesday’ program. It is only fair to the teams who have prepared for this event and adjusted their schedules to support the show. You can watch the event online at the following link: https://dirttrackdigest.tv/videos/8946 The latest restrictions may lead to adjustments in the remainder of the schedule. With only the pit area open, it is financially impossible to continue with regular Saturday night racing. We take pride in paying some of the best purses in New York State to our drivers and it is not in our plans to lower them or charge our racers high pit gate fees. The damage done to our racers’ budgets will last far longer than the COVID pandemic by dropping purses and raising admission prices. With that said, the upcoming schedule will be reviewed and posted shortly. Please be patient as we work together to keep racing going at the Track of Champions. We understand that you are angry. We are too! Take a moment to contact the Governor’s office and let them know your feelings (politely): http://www.governor.ny.gov/contact And once again, YES, we are racing on Wednesday, July 15 open only to the pit area and Pay-Per-View. An update on this Saturday will be posted in the near future. Thank you for your support and remember to vote! Elections have consequences and we are feeling them now.
  5. Watkins Glen has its Nascar race pulled. Guess Cuomo's playground doesn't get to make any money either!!! Eldora Truck race has been cancelled as well.
  6. Thats not true. The Fair board is elected by members of the ag society There is no county involvement in the regard of board positions.
  7. The biggest problem in NYS is so many are interpreting what Gov Cuomo has put out! More organizations need to band together and challenge the many unconstitutional directives Cuomo has put out. Next to Zero laws can be put out by the Governor of NYS! Using state agencies like Dept of Health, to threaten any business should be illegal in itself! Time for the tax payers and businesses to stand up for a change!!
  8. Sat the 18th the debut of the 18V. That’s what was posted as the plan.
  9. From Montgomery County Executive: I can’t sit back and watch advertisements for the annual Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks display in New York City, while meanwhile, in Montgomery County, I have been told in our Mohawk Valley Control Room, on multiple occasions, that vendors who conduct these fireworks displays could have their permits revoked, face fines or other repercussions. Our community has made so many sacrifices throughout the last several months, followed each guideline set by the state and done everything in our power to keep our numbers down. It’s unfair and hypocritical that our residents are unable to celebrate Independence Day with this long-standing tradition while those in New York City are able to. This was released this am by him. Its refreshing to see elected leaders speak up for our community. It shouldn't be about politics, yet it actually is in every sense of the word. Those saying it isn’t, are the very ones making it that way, because in 2020, everything is made political! Weaponizing every aspect of tax payer lives is more dangerous than most understand, and most will be very confused when it all comes to a head! Lets see the colors, lets hear the booms, not only are fans at the races ok, so should be fireworks around INDEPENDENCE DAY!!
  10. If your reg track is having fans, go and enjoy. If not, go to a track that is. Todays society wants to interpret every word of everything, which leads to confusion and anger. Have a great holiday weekend, everyone should come on here next Monday and tell us all how bad it !! I wish safe and great racing on all driving and all watching, in person or at home!!
  11. My point was the elected officials that live in a sort of dream world, Where they think they can make people do things at the snap of their fingers because of the position they hold. Its clearly the Cuomo moto based on just about everything he has done since 1st elected.
  12. The impact on the fed court ruling is im fact as wide ranging as many have been saying. Racing, graduations, other outdoor activities! About time a fed judge put the elected dreamers in their places. Most tracks are posting on social media about re opening plans, all being made with legal guidance saying they have the right to do so! Firecracker 50 this wed at Fonda as example, stands and infield passes as well as reg pit admission!! Its time to go racing!!!
  13. Stew wont be in Fonda on 6-27. So a new winner will be in the square at the end Of next sat night!
  14. I heard from someone that works there, ive also been told a little over 400 can fit in the covered stands and prob close to that on open bleachers, thats because of spacing they have to do for covid restrictions they are being forced to follow. Should be no issues with getting in. Remember bring your mask.
  15. From what I was told, no gate limit. You must wear a mask at all times. So if your not on the infield or pits, you must have a mask. Just what I was told.
  16. I didnt see a posting from them about stands being open, people that where there last Friday said lots where sitting in the stands.
  17. So the valley and Fonda have advertised gate entry fee’s, as well as pit fee’s and at Fonda infield car pass for 4 people fee. Malta now says no spectators.
  18. The valley, Malta and Fonda are letting fans in this week. Way over due, if you want to go to a outdoor event and enjoy fresh air and dirt, all should be allowed. By all means if you don’t feel comfortable, stay home. Its easy peasy!!
  19. Almost all he has done across nys with the covid 19 executive directives is not only unconstitutional for nys, the federal level and illegal. But us little guys cant afford to take him to court to change it! No nys Governor has the legal standing to make laws, not even recommendations that are Enforceable! He can although and already has, used state agencies to punish those that dont follow his orders, via permit and license revocations! Thats how scummy government works!!
  20. from the tracks fb page, its over as fast as it started! This blows!!! Last Saturday, we were granted permission from local officials to conduct a trial/observation day of private track rentals. Over a 12-hour period (8 a.m.-8 p.m.), the speedway hosted 20 cars representing the Modified, Crate 602 Sportsman, Pro Stock and Street Stock divisions. Drivers ranged from complete beginners to multi-time champions. We were asked by the County to keep publicity to a minimum in order to avoid onlookers on Bridge Street, on the bridge itself and vehicles blocking traffic at the entrance gate. This day of practice was to be our operational model for the near future. The session was divided into two-hour sets of four cars with just the driver and one crew member in each hauler – a total of eight people in the pit area at a time – and the speedway was limited to a skeleton staff of just four people. Haulers were asked to park at minimum 50 feet apart. All facility gates were locked. Everyone on hand wore a mask (the speedway supplied masks for those without one). All attendees received hand sanitizer on the way in. Every person in attendance filled out a name and address form for Contact Tracing which was submitted to Montgomery County Public Health. Bathrooms were sanitized and stocked with extra soap. Social distancing was practiced. County officials were on hand throughout the day and were very pleased with our ability to conduct this type of event safely. They felt confident that we would be able to open up the next two weekends for race teams looking for track time on the new clay surface. Today, on a call with Montgomery County officials, Governor Cuomo’s office indicated that NO speedways in New York State are permitted to host any on-track activity until further notice. This is a statewide ordinance. Local officials are fighting on our behalf to get this decision overturned. Keep posted for updates in the days to come. In the meantime, drivers looking to secure a time slot for future private practice sessions should e-mail Angela Hanson at fondaspeedwayangela@gmail.com or call the speedway office at 518.915.4395. She will keep a list of those looking to secure a time slot and can provide all details. The cost is $200 per car and the track is prepped repeatedly throughout the day. Any team that has already been on the track as part of the trial day will not be permitted a second time slot until all drivers have their first opportunity. Once restrictions lift, an Open Practice will be run as well for teams unable to take part in the private rentals. Unfortunately, current regulations of less than 10 people gathering do not allow for those type of events. Again, we appreciate everyone’s patience and we will continue to update any changes. -Fonda Speedway Management
  21. Around the world as testing is being done, they are finding thousands of people have antibodies to Covid-19. If every person in the world was tested based on current findings, millions would be found to have had the virus, recovered great and never had a symptom. Yes it can be bad for some humans, but the vast majority are not bothered by as much as a cough. We learn as time goes on, the reaction was more over the top than ever seen before, but since no one knew what we where getting into, its understandable. Now that we know so very much info, there is Zero need to keep everyone locked down like all are about to die. Politics doesnt have a place in saftey, I agree, but those screaming about it are the ones causing the issues, a hard look in the mirror is def needed to those few folks. Hope all stay healthy, hope no one has lost a loved one to anything including this virus, and really hope when this is over, no one looses everything as a result of the closing of society!
  22. Cuomo in NY says today, “ I. cant see Saratoga Horse track opening this year unless the entire state is open. You cant open any venue that can draw people from a different region of the state or surrounding states. “ That easily means, we wont see dirt track racing in 2020, and that just plain Blows!!! All while millions of people have been found to have been positive and not had 1 symptom!! Government hype by anyone has never been healthy to democracy or society!!!
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