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  1. Sammy Swindell in the Cliff Barcomb 11, not sure what year.
  2. I thought he ran a good clean race before Overton hip checked him.
  3. I wouldn’t walk across the street to see it. Can’t stand indoor races. JMO
  4. I don’t take pleasure in any track losing cars or drivers, I like to see all of them be successful.
  5. The SDS is a tough nut to crack. Hell, I believe the HBR Team only won one race and that’s a lot better funded than Godown’s team. The team owner is probably a smart man who figured as good a team as he had, he couldn’t compete dollar wise with the top 3or4 teams.
  6. I used screen mirroring for all three days of The World Finals, worked great.
  7. The SDS in my opinion has gotten kind of stale over the last few years.
  8. No big deal to me. I went there once last year and it was one time too many. Too bad because it is a racey little track.. The only consistent thing about the place is year to year instability and long intermissions.
  9. I have attended The Knoxville Nationals, The World 100 and The Dream at Eldora and other big events, I always have to laugh at SDW’s claim of being racing’s biggest party.
  10. He’s not very well liked in Upstate New York, his presence at Fonda and good purses in his STSS caused a few promoters and a sanctioning body to pony up a few bucks more in purse money.
  11. I don’t think you’re bashing, just telling the facts according to past history, Must be the facts rub some people the wrong way.
  12. I agree and hopefully some day the bully will be shoved around by somebody stronger.
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