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  1. Rocky is a great sportsman driver,cant take that away from him. But lets face it in top notch equipment..I think as a sportsman driver he is a big fish in a small pond . Now lets see how he does with top notch equipment as a mod driver??? I don't think he can hold a candle to R.J .. Big mistake on Jakes part.Good luck to all parties,this is what makes local dirt racing interesting,and keeps people coming back for more.
  3. I did not mean take ride from RJ ,( HE IS RUNNING GREAT WOULD NOT DO ANY THING TO THAT RIDE) I meant other owners or teams, I would think if someone was looking for a driver or to change a driver ROCKY would be high on that short list?
  4. I think most likely the single file re-start was because of to many cautions and the time was getting late,they still had other races to try and get in. That beings said, Rocky is most likely the most talented sportsman driver out there to day!! The question I have is why does he not get a chance in a big block??? ( WITH OUT A DOUT SHOULD GET A CHANCE) . Is there not a ride out there for him? Does he not want to make the move? I would love to see him behind the wheel of a big block!!! Anybody have answers????
  5. THINGS BRAKE,THINGS MALFUNCITION.. I don't think there is blame to be set on anyone . Pete is doing what he has to along with the staff at the speedway.. How about this for the people that keep bashing , go any give some help if your so perfect!!! " O " YOU CANT BE BOTHERED YOU WOULD RATHER BASH !!!!!! JMO !!!!!
  6. chaps0525


    REALY!!!! There has not been a car on the track and already BASHING PETE, THAT HORSE WAS BEAT ENOUGH LAST SEASON!!! We need to be positive and we need FONDA to be around for a long time!!!
  7. chaps0525


    Wall not the problem ,MOTHER NATURE IS !!!! Whats up with that!! Will we get racing in by the end of april at any of our local tracks??
  8. What ever happened to the budget class,wasn't it to get someone into racing for less money .(ie BUDGET)!! When it first started , wasn't it set up that you had to run a older chassis?So when and why did that change.I would think that running older stuff would help the mod teams with money if they could sell there used stuff? Am I wrong about the start up of the class? Also not knowing a bunch,but what I read seems to me that running a sportsman today, with all the special light weight stuff that is out there could cost more than running a mod, exception of motor.Can someone answer this question, not adding in motor , go out and buy a new mod,and a new sportsman who spends more money? With that being said do people buy new stuff because of safety reasons, that would be understandable!!
  9. chaps0525

    Glen Ridge Schedule

    If that's the case with so few mods racing the ridge and the same for sportsmans, how can the sportsmans be the headliner,I think people will want to see a good night of racing! ( I am not saying the racing is not good at the ridge I mean the car count , ALWAYS GREAT RACIG AT THE RIDGE) So that being said, will they get the draw with the other divisions?? I HOPE SO!!! To keep enough money coming the front gate!! I think the ridge needs to go get the numbers for the sportsmans count up,( I don't mean few more, I mean a bunch more) and maybe run special shows for the mods, BUT again will that even bring people in the front gate.
  10. Sounds to me that GLEN RIDGE might be the place to go for the crates , if they don't get the MOD COUNT UP!!!! Crates being the headliner should have a higher pay day..SO that being said does that draw more crates to the RIDGE???? I am asking the question ,I have no idea what will happen,just seems like the place to go if you are running a crate and looking for a higher pay day!! jmo
  11. chaps0525

    Glen Ridge Schedule

    WOW, This is not looking good for the mod car count !!(that sucks) !! How about a count for sportsman , How many of them are coming or not coming back.. Come on the ridge needs the numbers. ITS A GREAT TRACK,LETS NOT LOOSE IT!!!!!!
  12. chaps0525

    Glen Ridge Schedule

    If they do away with mods because of car counts,and have the sportsman as the headliner,what will happen ???Will they up the pay for sportsman ??? If they do will that bring more in ?? Ok , heres a thought, up the pay for sportsman !!!Bring more cars in , WILL THAT BRING MORE PEOPLE THREW THE FRONT GATE?????Boy I think its a gamble !!!I I think sportsman guys would like to race for a little more money. I just don"t know if it will draw the people...I hope it all works out no matter what happens a great track.
  13. chaps0525

    Glen Ridge Schedule

    Seems like a some of last years mod drivers are leaving, That can"t help!! Sure hope to see others try the place out.Does not look good for mod car count,and how about 602 count seems like some of them are leaving also. Any one have any info on who will or will not be there. I hope Pete can get the counts up,its a great place to see some good racing just need the cars!!!!!!
  14. chaps0525

    Crate Engine Tech Program

    I do not agree other classes have rules and they are broken. 1 example drive shaft made of certain material and drivers have be caught with the wrong ones, I think that is pretty simple ,no gray area there. I am sure there are a lot of other examples. I am not trying to start anything just my opinion ,hanging someone on the first infraction does not seem all that fair to me,I would agree something should be done to repeat offenders . Like I said I think we need to keep car counts up.
  15. chaps0525

    Crate Engine Tech Program

    I understand some of the bitching in the crate class,but what about the other classes.Shouldnt everyone be held to the same rules. mods , 358 ,prostocks. they all have rules. What happens when they get caught, Do they get kicked out?Have there names plaster all over the place?Lets take nascar they get a fine , loose points (but they make a ton of money). Don't get me wrong I am not saying it should be let go. But lets not hang guy!!Hes doing the same thing everyone else is doing. How about D Q for the night,GO back to tech the the next week,start in the back for 3 weeks.Thers a lot of things that can be done , In the long run WE NEED THE CAR COUNTS!!!!