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  1. Don’t forget the “No Re-Entry” sign at the front gate.
  2. How does an IMCA Stock Car differ from a southern tier street stock or one of the Penn/Ohio Pro Stocks?
  3. It wasn’t really a big deal but Mike slammed the door on Stew exiting 2 on a restart. A yellow came out a lap or 2 later and Stew decided to let Mike know he wasn’t happy with it by bumping him under yellow. All I’m saying is if you’re going to drive that way yourself, you can’t get all pissed off when someone else does it to you. It’s the nature of the beast.
  4. I don’t see how what Mike did was any different than how Friesen was door slamming at Bridgeport the other night. Stew has little room to get all pissy when he does the same thing. Both guys are typically really clean drivers who can get slightly over-aggressive when they need to.
  5. I also miss going to Utica-Rome and hearing them read the results from all the modified tracks in NY that ran earlier in the week/weekend. To me, this was the only time I heard about these tracks (Ransomville comes to mind). They almost seemed other worldly in that I knew so little about them aside from the rundown at U-R. As a kid, I knew very little of what was going on in the NE modified world besides what I heard at the track and what I read about in Gator. “Rolling onto the track is the 89 of Todd Burley, coming off a big weekend with a 2nd at Brewerton and a huge win at Canadaigua.” That
  6. I miss the excitement of getting to a race and not already knowing who would be there. The buzz the would go through the stands at Utica-Rome on a random Sunday when the mods would roll out for hot laps and Brett Hearn or Alan Johnson would be there. The thrill of going to 5 Mile on a night where every other track was raining out, seeing the Randy Ross 91 or the Freightliner 6 unloading and knowing that they would be tough to beat. In this day and age of social media it seems that all of that magic is gone. Before we even get to the track we’ve already seen a multitude of “confirmed”
  7. Stew definitely door slammed the 35 but Mike was able to stand on it and keep it straight. I was glad to see these guys actually have to negotiate traffic. I thought Cozze was going to cost Watt the race as he was still fairly fast and holding his line. Why wasn’t Billy Pauch there?
  8. I cast from the Flo app on my phone to my smart TV and had no ads. Also, I wish Bridgeport was closer as that would be my home track. Every single race that I’ve watched from there this year has been awesome. If I were to build a track this is the exact model I would use. 50 green flag laps with that kind of action is unreal.
  9. About 3 hours or so. Definitely a haul considering Bobby hadn’t planned on running full time anywhere but Fonda. I suppose when you’re offered a ride in a competitive house car it tends to change your mind.
  10. Pave it wide and high and run supers/sbs there on Friday nights with a mix of tour type mods and late models on a rotating basis. There’s too many dirt tracks around there as it is. Yes, the history is there but there are a lot of historical tracks.
  11. So either Roger Heroux or Lyle DeVore. Why the vague post? Oh that’s right, the racing community loves rumors and speculation.
  12. She ran a hell of a race. If she bobbled and gave up the top the 44 was gone. The 1J came on really strong at the end as well, if he didn’t make a mistake in 1-2 he may have had something to say about the end of that one. I wasn’t there, just watched on Flo, but I’ll bet the crowd blew the roof off the grandstand when she got the checkers.
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