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  1. Yeah the Salerno connection makes a lot of sense that I really didn’t think about. I forgot about Storms being Brett’s crew chief.
  2. Interesting that Michael Storms will be piloting Hearn’s 20 car.
  3. Is CG Morey still running at OC? Matt has run his equipment a bunch and has had good success in it. Wouldn’t be shocked to see Matt run his 358.
  4. This is the head scratcher for me. But I guess it doesn’t matter when you have a nice toter to sleep in. It’s just crazy to pass on LoL when it’s right down the road from Waterloo. A place he’s turned into his own personal bank. But money talks and bullshit walks. I guess his recent successes at OCFS are enough. Plus I’m willing to bet the tow money is nice...
  5. Per Facebook: “🏁This year we will continue running at Outlaw Speedway on Friday's and we are going to call Orange county our home for Saturday nights!🏁” Wow. Were there any indicators of this?? Huge news.
  6. Add Peter Britten to the list of drivers racing with Mr. Deyo. Interring group of guys making their STSS (sort of) debuts to go with Haers and Dunn. Should be a good field at both tracks.
  7. Maybe they’ll do some sort of series within the series like they used to do at Weedsport back in the late 90s/early 2000s.
  8. I’m right there with you. As much as I love racing (and boy do I), I love to hunt that much more and feel strongly about advocating responsible and ethical hunting. It’s not for everyone, and thank goodness it’s not, but I hate when people disparage something they know nothing about.
  9. That’s fine. I don’t classify that as hunting at all so I don’t see it as truly relevant to the argument. Those things are no different than cows. Born and raised in captivity.
  10. That’s not hunting. That’s called a canned hunt. Nobody that I know does that. It’s for city folks. Although I’ll bet you a bill those farm raised animals still get eaten by SOMEBODY.
  11. If the dog tasted as good as venison tenderloins...
  12. Why thank you I am quite proud. At least I know where my food comes from. But by all means sit on your computer and talk shit while you go to the grocery store and buy mass produced hormone injected beef pork and chicken. Make sure you don’t eat a hotdog next time you’re at the race, and if you do please choke on it.
  13. Got myself a decent 6 point while my buddy got a good sized doe. I also managed to fill a doe tag during bow season. If you don’t like it, Robert Morris, don’t look at it. My family will enjoy the deer I harvest all year.