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  1. This might be the most absurd thing I’ve ever read involving dirt track racing. A non-refundable $200,000 deposit??? What a racket. His hope is obviously that a couple suckers will bite on this and he can walk away with 4-600K. Anyone to entertain this deserves to lose their ass.
  2. Afton- My Friday night home as a kid Fonda- History and my current home track Malta- Always packed, always a great show Valley- Drunk (the racing sucks and I only go there to hang out with a few buddies who are regulars so it always turns into a party) Glen Ridge- Potential but the unfortunate short straw in a saturated area OCFS- Always disappoints Fulton- Not a bad seat anywhere Brewerton- Wish it were closer Five Mile/Thunder Mtn- Dust bowl Utica-Rome- Childhood, Todd Burley, pizza logs and salt potatoes Can Am- Underappreciated Weedsport- Overrated Accord- Awesome bullring Oswego (Asphalt)- Most unique racing experience in NY
  3. zmahoney21

    Tim Fuller

    Fuller showed at Fonda once and had a terrible night. Brought out 2 or 3 cautions.
  4. So 5 back markers don’t show. Who cares? 25 USAC sprints is plenty to make a good show. All the big names were there, no?
  5. I get that but why not just keep him in a Troyer? I don’t get it. Are Teos cheaper? Better support?
  6. Why would Graham let Britten get away? He did a good job in that car.
  7. I’ve been saying for the past couple years that Danny is becoming (if not already) the best 360 sprint car driver in NY. I don’t know the numbers off hand but it seems like his wins to starts ratio is pretty high. Running part time he’s lead the ESS in wins, won the Empire Sprint Week (or whatever it’s called) and seems to always be in contention. Glad to see him gets some good runs in the 410.
  8. So unless something else has changed, Doc still has the Siri ride at Outlaw and the 83 Chris Stevens owned 358 for the 358 tour and other random shows.
  9. zmahoney21

    Malta Come and Get it!

    Complete program will be run the Thursday of their September weekend. LCQs for anyone who wants to come out and run the entire weekend that’s wasn’t there the first night.
  10. I love the ultimate underdog stories. John Lutes winning at Glen Ridge over a hard charging Stewart Friesen and Darwin Greene finally winning one at Fonda are two of my favorite moments that’s I’ve personally witnessed at a race track. Good for Don. I’m sure it’s a moment he’s never forgotten.
  11. How about Derrick McGrew, Jr winning the Sportsman feature at Airborne? That young man has a hell of a future. Nature born wheelman.
  12. The 28 Open Mod of Kreig Heroth. First time for us to run Stafford and it wasn’t really the showing we were hoping for but we’ll be back on June 14th for the next open show.
  13. Car counts have been great at Fonda this year and there’s a positive buzz in the air each week (which for those of us who are regulars is a welcomed change from the past). We ran at Stafford on Friday night and while our night ended early with a broken rocker, it was great to get to a track with so much history and reverence. The SK Light feature was phenomenal as well. Dirt tracks in NY could take a lesson from how a track is run by spending a few nights there. Top notch facility and awesome racing. I understand this might not be a popular comment as it’s a dirt racing board but everyone needs to go there on a Friday night at least once.
  14. Nobody is in here calling out Fulton or LoL for the exact same thing happening. What’s that about? Oh wait, it’s Fonda, so guys are looking for shit to bitch about.