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  1. For sure. Where I live now in Cobleskill, the big derby at the Schoharie County Fair is the biggest sporting event in the county each year. Really brings em out of the hills. Great people watching for sure. Sort of like the weekly crowd at Glen Ridge on steroids. 😂
  2. I can recall going to Brookfield as a young kid. While I don’t remember too much in terms of actual racing action, I remember someone in a sportsman flipping and almost taking out the flag stand. I also remember it being rough in terms of track conditions and general appearance. I grew up in New Berlin and frequented Afton, FMP and Utica weekly but on occasion we’d take the short trip to Brookfield. I’ve spent many nights at the fair and at the Brookfield Wheel Days and its definitely an experience.
  3. http://www.leaderherald.com/sports/local-sports/2019/04/racing-around-deyo-busy-getting-set-for-season/ There was a lot of speculation that Tim wouldn’t be returning to Fonda this season given that it was no longer a DIRTcar sanctioned track and would be running American racers. According to this article, Fuller told Brett Deyo: ‘don’t give my parking spot away; I’ll see you on opening day.’ This is interesting to me but I hadn’t heard definitively either way. I know that Fuller had backed off on his travel some last year on the series but I figured he would remain loyal to DIRTcar. Does anyone have any other information on his plans for the season?
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    Of course I opted not to watch today, assuming it would be more of the same.
  5. zmahoney21


    Without question. NASCAR as a whole is a shit product. All about sponsorship dollars and manufactured excitement. Young drivers who are marketable and/or bring their own money. I haven’t been fully into it since 2001, although I always watched until a few years ago. Now it’s just here and there. I will say though that as far as Bristol itself goes, I stand by what I say. I’ve been to Bristol several times and my parents used to go yearly. They, along with others that we know, gave up those tickets because 1)The racing sucks now and 2) They didn’t have a driver that they were truly passionate about following after Earnhardt’s death. They went for years after but it was never the same. The racing there has become, dare I say, boring...Not the same. As a whole though, you are right. NASCAR has alienated their base in hopes to become more mainstream.
  6. zmahoney21


    The biggest problem was they decided that Bristol needed more side by side racing, so they went to progressive banking and totally f***ed the whole thing up. The best part of Bristol was the fact that they had to fight for the rail. I know they ground it back down but it’s not the same.
  7. I don’t think this was a very difficult decision. As good as Brett is a LVS, he’s that much better at OCFS. To go somewhere that you’ve had so much success AND get to run for that much money is a no brainer, especially when you’re racing for a living. Best of luck to the rest of the field. I know that it's a tough field down there, and I’m a Perrego fan, but let’s be honest, everyone will be racing for 2nd place.
  8. zmahoney21

    Rocky and Jake

    I’m sure that this wasn’t Rocky’s preference, as he’s a competitor and was starting to get his footing in a big block. Anyone who saw him at the Fonda SDS race can see that. However, if I were him I would take the high quality 602 ride over an under funded, less competitive big block option or a limited schedule in a big SB. If a competitive modified ride was offered to him, I would think it would be an opportunity he would jump at. Maybe not. Just my opinion.
  9. It’s inside the Fonda Speedway schedule pamphlet.
  10. That and the fact that a lot of guys can’t afford to race 2 or 3 nights a week anymore. If you have to choose one night, Sunday isn’t the most appealing option to those who work M-F.
  11. Agreed. This proves that WRG and DIRTcar don’t actually care about the health of modified racing as a whole, but simply care about their own interests. A petty, shitty move that doesn’t benefit anyone.
  12. Also in the mix will be Willy Decker. I would assume the cars of Jimmy Davis, Pep Corradi and Darwin Greene will be there as well, along with guys like Kenny Sparks and Troy Palmer. I still expect to see a few more guys run weekly who either haven’t raced there weekly or have in the past but left for reasons I’ll leave up to your imagination (guys like Bodie Bellinger).
  13. It’s not but I truly believe that the first year should have been it. It was such a special event, with tons of cars and a standing room only crowd. After that it’s just become kind of lackluster in comparison. The 2nd year they got 25 cars as it was an ROC sanctioned race. Last year it was rained out and the name was just given to the fall race, so it wasn’t quite the same.
  14. zmahoney21

    Wish List

    I wish for full fields and stands at Fonda. For some departed drivers to return (a good start with the BBL teams) and for some new teams to make the tow in weekly. I get that the DIRTcar “names” probably won’t commit but I would love to see guys like Anthony Perrego or Danny Creeden in the weekly lineup. I know Perrego won’t happen but this is my wish list 🤣
  15. Demetrios Drellos will be there in his family owned 111, with another driver TBN stepping into the Nelson 85. Dave Constantino is stepping into the Hoyenga 34 with a brand new small block and of course a new DKM chassis.