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  1. I’m thinking either trucks or Xfinity cars will be the support class.
  2. Being at Bristol makes it even more of a spectacle. I’ll be curious to see how many laps they run and what the format will be like. Dover covered in clay would be badass. It would also cost twice as much to cover it.
  3. He’s also been driving the 24 owned by Wes Moody at Fonda for the past several races.
  4. Probably easier to just list the owners he hasn’t driven for...
  5. We left right after the mods, about 9:30. Track was alright. Dry slick for sure, and smooth. Racing was decent. Mahaney had em covered until around Lap 80. I don’t know if he used up his tires or just lost the handle on the car but Williamson was able to close up close. Mat eventually got him on a restart and pulled away. Sheppard was 3rd but never really a factor. Phelps looked great and may have been a factor if not for a late flat. Speaking of flats, there was no shortage. Although it wasn’t just RRs, it was all corners. Larry got a flat LR early on, then drove from 26th to 4th. Overall a g
  6. Will be the first time for me at Devil’s Bowl. Really looking forward to it. Going to be a long day. I’m leaving my house around 4 AM to head to NHMS for the Whelen Modifieds Musket 200. Then back to DB before driving back to Cobleskill. A proper way to end a disappointing racing season for me (and all of us really).
  7. Well over 150 MPH? Sounds like Glenn Donnelly is doing the promo.
  8. It seems like they gave the folks from Rolling Wheels the password to their Facebook account with all the vague posts and weirdness. They posted another one that was just a map of NY with the Thruway outlined in red.
  9. I’m sure I’ll think of more but a couple come to mind: -PST was at A-S a couple years ago. Cars were on track getting ready for a heat. Safety truck comes flying onto track from the pits. Corey Sparks is just entering Turn 1. Safety truck runs into him, hops the RR and knocks the wing off the roof of Corey’s car. Wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. -Jeff Trombley going over the fence in Turn 4 and Fonda and landing on the blacktop in front of the bleachers. -John Scarbourough’s flip and fire at Fonda. Was only maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I was eve
  10. Logan definitely pushes up in 3-4 opening the bottom for Kyle. Still though. Larson all of a sudden to it to the top in all that traffic and found a ton of speed. This guy is absolutely unbelievable.
  11. Dirt: Fonda, Glen Ridge, Albany Saratoga, Lebanon Valley, Can Am, Evans Mills (Thunder Alley), Utica-Rome, Weedsport, Rolling Wheels, Afton, Five Mile Point, Thunder Mountain, Penn Can, Skyline, Brookfield, OCFS, Accord, Fulton, Williams Grove Asphalt: Oswego, Evans Mills, Stafford, Star, Lancaster, Chemung, Bristol, Dover, Charlotte, Pocono, Boardwalk Hall I definitely want to hit more tracks to watch asphalt mods, as well as some of the PA 410 tracks. Also I can’t believe I haven’t made it to Brewerton yet. Friday’s are jut really tough to make that drive after work.
  12. It’s Friesen. And it’s not even close. The thing about Stew is how much faster he is than anyone else. Last night I was following on Race Monitor, and his lap times down the stretch were outrageous. He makes up ground like nobody I’ve ever seen. Plus, once he gets the lead, he gaps the field so quickly. Over a second per lap for awhile.
  13. I was just wondering the same thing. We had t-ball at the Cobleskill fairgrounds tonight and my kids were asking if there would be a derby. Definitely fun to see one now and then.
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