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  1. Winner! What a run over that last stretch!
  2. zmahoney21

    Thunder Mountain

    I find this to be an interesting move considering they will be keeping their BB/SB division as well...
  3. Well for what it’s worth, Gypsum has a logo on the car. I don’t know if that’s Larry bringing some money himself or if it’s John Wight just dipping his toes in the STSS water.
  4. I was watching on FS1 and the picture went out. Then it was just shitty audio for the last few laps. Then it went straight to Oklahoma St vs Iowa St (I believe) because I remember being surprised that the game was almost through the 1st Qtr. I was under the impression that the football game had been on FS2 and was bumping the soccer game.
  5. I think some guys here are missing the point big time. First of all, the post race stuff was booted for College Football, which gets way more viewership than a truck race. Secondly, the race went long. Past the scheduled time. The network has sponsorship obligations to fulfill by broadcasting that game at the scheduled time. I agree that it sticks that the broadcast cut out right at the end but what can ya do. Just one of those things. Quit bitching just for the sake of bitching.
  6. If it’s true about Utica, I’d like to see them go to Friday nights.
  7. It’s not really an event like you’re talking about but I’d have to think Indiana Sprint Week should be on the list. So many great tracks and if you have a camper you could realistically go track to track during the week. Definitely on my bucket list.
  8. You’re thinking of Legion Speedway, which I believe closed last year. Was one of a I believe 3 dirt tracks left in New England, with Bear Ridge and Devils Bowl obviously being the other 2.
  9. zmahoney21

    Fonda 200

    Bobby definitely has a bad tick. Stew was definitely smoking prior to the green but whatever it was seemed to burn off. Clearly it wasn’t a huge issue, but it was pretty noticeable up close in 3-4.
  10. zmahoney21

    Fonda 200

    So we watched the first half of the race in the infield and during parade laps there was smoke and an obvious tick coming from Friesen’s 44. What happened to that???
  11. Rudolph, Wight, Williamson, Lindbergh, Haers TOP 5
  12. zmahoney21

    Fonda 200

    There seems to be more of a divide between ESS and PST than before. No Barney, Donath, Fireball, Cook, etc...
  13. zmahoney21

    Fonda 200

    Davie Franek flipped over the wall in 1-2 and out onto the road.
  14. zmahoney21

    Fonda 200

    Favor Franek flipped over the wall in 1-2 and landed on or near the road.