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  1. Of course, as there has been the past couple years. Those will be the best weeks to watch IMO. Of course he could get a flat or have something break but as of now there’s Stew, and then there’s everyone else.
  2. The competition better step it up. These past 2 weeks have been nothing but complete domination. I think there should be an incentive for Stew to start scratch. That guy is driving as good as I’ve ever seen him right now, pretty much dominating everywhere he goes. Unbelievable talent (and this is coming from someone who is NOT a fan of his).
  3. From what I understand, the Valley was treating the stands as “outdoor dining”, which just happens to be located next to a race track. Seems genius to me as nobody seems to be questioning it.
  4. I’m watching Fonda’s show right now and the quality is great. Only 2 cameras tonight it seems but it’s crystal clear. They also keep the cameras moving towards the action. Great job by the DTDTV crew.
  5. Funny, as they announced today how they had made huge improvements to the broadcast. Not surprised. They’d have to make wholesale changes to their production team to get my money.
  6. That’s what I get for drinking and watching on Race Monitor. Clearly my mathematic abilities were compromised. 🤪
  7. Say what you want...Friesen is an absolute animal. 33rd to 5th in like 5 laps. Against that field. Glad to see Mike get the win.
  8. I noticed this last year during the Fonda 200. He smoked a bit during hot laps and during the parade laps. Then the green flew and he smoked the field. I’d be curious to know why that is.
  9. Worst production I’ve ever seen. What a joke. Couldn’t see a damn thing and there was no sense of keeping the cameras on the action. No shot of the finish of the sportsman race and the mod feature was a complete joke.
  10. There were a couple cops by the ticket booth and checking things out in the parking lot but they weren’t doing anything really. 95% of the crowd, including us, had no masks. We brought them but only for if it was mandated...
  11. Way too many classes to runoff the show efficiently. The track crew had no idea how to clear a wreck at all, including using two tow trucks to cradle one 600 mod. Couple that with the fact that they had to stop the modified feature at 11:30 to water the track was enough to make us bail. Six hours into sitting in our chairs and they still had basically three complete features left to run. Not to mention that they ran out of food prior to prior to the features starting.I’m typically very positive about race tracks and try to see the good in whatever show we go to. I will say that I understand it’s under new management but they had to know based on last week how many cars are gonna be there and how many fans would be there. I’ve never seen a track run 2 LCQs for 4 cylinders before....
  12. I’d love to see another date added for Hagerstown! Wishful thinking of course. Brett is doing a great job and should get gobs of cars from the NJ and Delaware tracks.
  13. Jesus Christ. Only a Fonda topic could turn into this trash. Go somewhere else and talk political conspiracies.
  14. The Depot in Oneonta for some beers and a platter of Garbage Wings, extra crispy. They’re my favorite wings now that Zebbs in New Hartford is out of business. Their Zebbs Original wings were phenomenal.
  15. You can’t do that without getting the blessing from all the know-it-all’s on the DTD Forum. Otherwise we’d never hear the end of it.
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