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  1. Per his fan page on Facebook, Matt Sheppard will be at DB on Sunday.
  2. zmahoney21

    kyle Armstrong

    For those who haven’t seen the pictures yet.
  3. Correct. Rocky has mathematically wrapped up the points title already.
  4. Couple years back Jeff Trombley went over the fence in 4 and landed on the black top in front of the bleachers. Lucky for sure that nobody was standing there by the fence like they so often do.
  5. So here we are. Tomorrow is August 1st and neither The Dr or AJ Slideways have won a race this year. I’m not totally sure about Danny but I know Alan is working on I believe a 42 year streak of at least one win. While Alan has found stability in the Mark Spoor ride, it hasn’t resulted in wins this season. And...we all know the Doctor’s 2019 story. So my question is this: Who wins first? Or do neither win a race this season and break their streaks simultaneously? I think AJ will get one at Outlaw at least but I have doubts about seeing Danny this year based on how inconsistent he’s seemed. Ready...FIGHT!
  6. Using your logic, the drunken idiot in the pits shouldn’t have been there either, which means the situation would have never happened. To say fans don’t belong in the pits after the race is horse shit. Like has been said already, some of my greatest memories of racing as a kid involved going in the pits at Utica-Rome with my Dad and talking to guys he knew that’s i idolized. Letting the kids see the cars up close and getting autographs from these local heroes is what it’s all about. That’s how you hook these kids for life. I agree that arguments happen in the pits regularly but to imply that the kid shouldn’t have been there because some drunk was being a jerk is just stupid.
  7. I understand that this place has been for sale for awhile and the writing has kind of been on the wall. It just sucks that nobody stepped up to continue to run it as a track. Obviously real estate and development companies have much deeper pockets than most folks looking to buy a race track, as well as the fact that the revenue generated is so much more from development. It just sucks. ANOTHER track lost to urban sprawl. For those of us in the Capital Region, I don’t feel that I’m alone when I say that A-S has a target on it, as does every decent sized piece of land in the Clifton Park/Malta area. I’m not saying Howie will sell the place, and I hope like hell that he doesn’t...but EVERYONE has a price. One day the right developer could show up with a check that’s just a little too big to say no to. Don’t think for a second that the town of Malta would fight that sale too much either.
  8. Winchester is exactly what I was thinking of.
  9. https://speed51.com/new-jersey-race-track-closing-after-2020-season/ Wall Stadium to close after 2020 season. Being sold to developers to build 348 new homes. You just never know with these things. Here one day, gone the next. ☹️
  10. So last night the wife and I took our kids to Monster Jam at Lebanon Valley. I’ve been there tons of times and while I can’t say I always love the racing, I certainly do love the facility. Also, let it be known that I’m a dirt guy first and foremost. That being said, as I sat in the orange section and looked at the banks in 1-2, I couldn’t help but imagine how cool it would be to see that place paved with your mods or supers turning laps there. Shoot me or string me up if you must. 🤭
  11. Brewerton had 18 or 19 last night too. Typical mid summer slow down.
  12. Considering there was zero hype about this race prior to like a week ago, it would certainly be worse.
  13. There’s a huge shock 🙄Is it usually that rough in 1-2? Horton had a hell of a bounce going too.
  14. There are pictures on Facebook and a video from John Lutes doing a lap around the track. They’re doing a ton of work there to widen the track and reclaim areas that the grass has taken over. They’re building a new flag stand and have repainted their own checkerboard victory lane. Word has it from a friend that they’re planning to run 3 races this year and if all goes well, to run a full or expanded schedule next year. Pretty cool stuff. Don’t quote me on any of this, these are just things I’ve seen/read and been told by someone who lives locally. I remember going to races back in the early 90s. I can’t make the race on Thursday but plan to go to another show if they run one. I was also told that Paul Szmal will be doing the announcing but I guess we’ll have to wait til he says something for confirmation on that.
  15. Now I haven’t been here since it was Black Rock, and I know that it’s a much better facility now that it was back then. That being said...last night they had 4 features cut short due to a 1 AM curfew!!!! How the hell is this even possible? Was there rain that pushed the night back or is this just the way things are run? Was thinking of hitting a show there later this summer but if this is a normal thing, count me out.