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  1. Bob was my big brother. As many of you have said, we have our stories that were experienced at the race track.in the shop,or traveling to the track. During his racing career, he went from running on a shoe string budget which was funded by my dad and Bob, to getting the opportunity to run for some really good car owners. Bob took advantage of his opportunities and made the best of them. I know most people talk about the kendall oil years, but the ones that i remember was when Bob drove his 63 Magnum car and when he drove for our brothers Dick and Roger. One of the best compliments that I remember was when we were traveling the 358 small block series and Teddy Lamb said that where ever he went , he always was waiting for Bob to come through the pack and make his move for the lead. I have seen my brother win many races, from Devils Bowl, Afton, Utica-Rome, Fonda, Malta, AirBorne and a few others, to name a few, and I know that someday I will get the chance to meet up with him and watch him race one more time. THANKS FOR MANY GREAT MEMORIES BOBBO! I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN SOMEDAY! Little Lou/Hose/Ron