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  1. Thanks Bill, it is very hard. Takes a out if time away from my family to. We are pretty much done anyways. It's been fun, but have to have time for other things to.
  2. Maybe you can bring your car out and come show me then. Hope it runs half as good as your mouth. Seriously tho you should come down to the pits and help out. I am always up for additional wisdom.
  3. There is very little tech at the valley in any class. The dirt rule is 10 minutes for a protest, valley has there own rules, most of which are made up, or non existent, or well who really knows.
  4. Every driver, in every division should be drug tested during the season. It is part of the rules. Most tracks wouldn't bother because they don't want to lose car count. No driver should be under the influence even in a little bit. I've walked through the pits and smelled marijuana coming from fellow competitors crews while the racing was going on, and it wasn't a no name drivers crew either. More than one occasion. No place for it. If safety is priority number one, then there should be a zero tolerance, but it's not, car count is.
  5. This sounds like a fun game, ill play lol. A super dirt weekend, not super dirt week. Obviously Orange County is involved. Howie has his hands in Orange county, so we need two more tracks, so lets go Albany Saratoga, and Lebanon Valley to. Bring back the 200 at the valley. Oh well speculating is fun.
  6. Wow so much written in these first five pages. But the root of this conversation started with a quarterback who took a knee. Now the narrative is that he took a knee protest police brutality. Seemingly though he took a knee after he lost his starting job. Seemingly more upset about Sour Apples. Now in this period of unemployment he has likened Cops to pigs, showed his support for Fidel Castro, and likened the police modern day slave catchers. Now since he says he was ready to stop his protest, but that seems to be more because of his lack of employment. This weekend's protest had very little to do with the actual original protest. Players were protesting what the president said, owners were protesting with the president said not because they disagree, but because he had the audacity tell them how to run their business. Now everyone has a right to protest, the right to freedom of speech, the right to be equal, and yes the right to take a knee during the national anthem. With that said just because you have the right to do something doesn't mean you should, and doesn't mean that it's right. If if you really believe that sitting during the national anthem is right or a way to push your agenda then that is sad. To me it's a moment to honor everything we have, to honor those who cannot stand, those who have paid the ultimate price, a price that most people will never know. Yesterday was a day of protest with people protesting that didn't even know what they are protesting for. Players took knees for our national anthem but stood for another countries. One team left an Army Ranger to stand by himself, instead of standing with him and acknowledging the hero that he was. You have a right to do a lot of things, and there are places that are right to do those things, but not when honoring your country, and not one honoring the Fallen.
  7. These remarks are just silly and unacceptable. No one is in jeopardy. Sincerly, Andy Bachetti's Hauler.
  8. sundowner25

    Flach DQ

    Nobody who actually is planning on finishing good is purposely being under weight. Weight is the one thing you know always gets teched. It was probably just a fuel miscalculation, but certainly not intentional.
  9. Never heard anything really official from the track but, I had heard DQ for both races, failed post race tech. Heard something about cubes and compression.
  10. There are a lot of "big" motors out there, shouldn't really be surprising anytime one fails. Have to have deep pockets if you want real tech. Pretty much left on the racers to tech these things.
  11. Yep that's my name. Didn't say it was anyone's fault, just said what I heard. Again I don't presume to know anyone's intentions. I have my own opinion about people, but generally don't share them. People were discussing it, I shared what I heard. I don't much care either way.
  12. From what I heard the money for the protest was put up by lazzaro's, to keep Robbie from running in Canada, to help Yetman out in the points. Just what I heard, not saying what the actual intentions were, just what I heard.
  13. sundowner25

    Substitution rule

    I think it's a silly rule, especially with last nights KOD race. The valley is a very different place,and for outside drivers presents a bigger challenge. Subbing a top weekly driver there, felt like having a home track ringer run for you.
  14. The rain slowed the program down. The 3rd pro stock feature should never have been put out on the track. The though of hurry up out weighed the thought of safety for a few minutes. The feature had a few more cars than normal, and some drivers who arn't use to the track. As far as rules throwing regulars for a loop, it would really just be the weight increase. Which is stupid, we should just be running dirt rules all year long, instead of doing them for just 2 races. Most tracks run the dirt rules. The rev box made a difference. Cars that normally can run away from the field, wern't as dominate. As far as the division being a train wreck, and what can be done about it, well that's something the Valley could help with, but don't hold your breathe. They don't want to follow dirt rules, don't want to tech, they have their favorites, and they don't want to come down on people who drive like nuts.
  15. Lol tech... You should see the Valley's tech, now that's funny.