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  1. Dirttrackdigest.tv does streaming of all events at Land of Legends(Canandaigua) and Utica Rome except for Super DIRT Mod Series events plus streaming of all the STSS Modified races and other selected special events during the season. Asphaltvision.tv covers all regular Oswego races with multicamera views. Both Dirttrackdigest.tv and Asphaltvisiion.tv are produced by the FLX Media Group of Geneva and led by Matt Thomas, Mel Thomas and Art Rorick who have vast experience in video production on the local and national level. They recently produced the Fonda Firecracker 50 STSS Mod event that was aired on MAVtv and are working on the STSS event from Georgetown, Delaware for airing in mid-October on MAVtv. The FLX Media Group also provide camera and production assistance for most of the Super DIRT Mod series events on Flo Sports. Next weekend, on Sept. 27 & 28, the FLX Media Group will have live coverage on Dirttrackdisgest.tv of both Fonda races on Friday and Saturday plus the big event at Land Of Legends in Canandaigua. FLX Media Group has a great team of Motorsports enthusiasts working the cameras and productions providing all the action for their events.
  2. Trailer races at Fulton were a packed house, maybe more than the 200.
  3. MAVtv does replays of most events so check their schedule and find out when it will be shown again. If we know it will be posted on DTD.
  4. Hope to do video before going to Weedsport.
  5. Congratulations to Kyle and the whole Sweetners team led by his dad Vic Coffey, it was an emotional first ever Modified win, made even sweeter by holding off Matt Sheppard, Steve Paine and Alan Johnson. He dominated the action but Matt was tight on him the last few laps on an excellent racing surface that you could run from the bottom to the top.
  6. Great broadcast last night, excellent camera following the action and excellent announcers and audio level plus no buffering and breaking up signal. Now on to Canandaigua and Utica Rome this weekend. Next STSS Live Broadcast will on Tuesday, the 27th from Georgetown and it will be a multicamera production for replay later on MAVtv.
  7. I'd do a preview or live look in before spending that kind of money for a pay per view, jmo from what I saw last night on the big screen.
  8. If it is Sept. 2, that is the same night That Weedsport is runnig SDS Mods, ESS and Sportsman. Guess I won't make it afterall.
  9. I plan to be there doing video of all events.
  10. tvracer2

    Fulton Finish

    It was a wild and crazy great race, We made a beeline with Oswego getting done early and got to see both Sportsman features, the exciting Mods and the Rookies. You can watch it later this week on Raceflix.com once we get it posted or buy the DVD next week at the tracks.
  11. Hope to be there to capture the action on video since it is ten minutes from home. Loved the racing there in the 90's with Sportsman and Pro Stocks.
  12. At Outlaw, Bob Miller shoots video for Thomas Video and leaves the SD card in the camera until we take it out to enter into the computer for processing. We eventually end up with a completed DVD that is sold at the track or race footage is available on Raceflix.com, usually later in the week. But we have done 13 events in the past 15 days and got behind on the processing part, DVD's wil be at the track this week and on Raceflix.com later this week as we have a STSS event tomorrowt at Accord live on dirttrackdigest.tv.
  13. FYI, the same video crew did both the Fonda and Land of Legends broadcasts, as stated above the bandwidth problem could cause many issues, like at Cornwall on Sunday the race broadcast went ok but after Victory Lane when everyone had their cell phones working the broadcast went to hell in a hurry. Be thankful that the Modifieds and ESS are getting coverage for those that cant attend on a certain night.Sometimes it is not perfect but still better than following Race Monitor.
  14. Tks Rich, was looking forward to it.
  15. Lots of space for a big major distribution center, jmo.