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  1. Normal Saturday events are 1 or 2 cameras and a limited crew, this event was a full production with 4 camera views, full graphics and using the mobile production trailer used for all STSS races. Added value for a few dollars more to cover the cost of additional camera persons and use of the production trailer. Hope you enjoyed it and I answered your question of addition costs,
  2. FLX Media Group installed the video portion of the big screen at Thunder Mountain as it has been used for the last month or so for race events and if you park you vehicle on the fourth turn side of the screen, you can still see part of the back stretch and all of turns 3 & 4. They talked about movie nights but there is a healthy cost for showing movies legally due to fees and copyright infringement. We are still doing many Pay Per View races at a lot of tracks weekly plus the Bret Deyo's STSS on dirttrackdigest.tv.
  3. I went to races there in the early 60's. Awesome racing on track shaped like a paper clip with banked turns not quite as big as Lebanon Valley. . A lot of north country hero's ran there.
  4. Getting ready to head to the Valley with Mike Frazer and Mallett meeting us there, my son Matt and Grandson A.J. doing the Fonda gig and then on to Utica Rome tomorrow for DIRT Sportsman Series race plus 358 Mods and Pro Stocks. Some great action on DTD.TV coming your way after 4 broadcasts last night that can be watched on the archives.
  5. no fans at Outlaw, crews in pit grandstands only using social distance.
  6. I know people in Italy and Austrailia watch PPV events as well as service members around the world with internet access, even sailors serving at sea.
  7. I remember Chubby racing at Saranac Lake in the early 60's and grabbing some wins as he was living in Tupper Lake at the time along with Gaston Demarris, the car with the stars on top.
  8. Tyler Thompson won his heat also, local guys making us proud. Hope the luck continues.
  9. Tom Czaban of Racin Videos did the first part of the season at Orange County. The track did their own thing the rest of the season from what I have heard. The Brett Deyo STSS Events were done by FLX Media group formerly Thomas Video and are available in archive of dirttrackdigest.tv. With Brett Hearn in charge for 2020 things might be different.
  10. I could be wrong but, DVD's are not available of SDS Events but can be watched on FLO Racing.
  11. Just remember that Modified and Late Model Heats will be on Friday night, consis and features on Saturday. The FLX Media TV crew is headed out early on Friday to get setup for the live dirttrackdigest.tv broadcast.
  12. And the new clay is coming right from the Fairgrounds property, not being hauled in from elsewhere if what I saw is the real deal. Get it done before the snow and it should blend in real well with the existing surface by springtime. Paul Cole is doing a great job at the track with all he has done on a lease deal with the fairboard. Full speed ahead for 2020 at LoL.
  13. Live streaming not allowed by track management. Not that we haven't tried.
  14. Dirttrackdigest.tv does streaming of all events at Land of Legends(Canandaigua) and Utica Rome except for Super DIRT Mod Series events plus streaming of all the STSS Modified races and other selected special events during the season. Asphaltvision.tv covers all regular Oswego races with multicamera views. Both Dirttrackdigest.tv and Asphaltvisiion.tv are produced by the FLX Media Group of Geneva and led by Matt Thomas, Mel Thomas and Art Rorick who have vast experience in video production on the local and national level. They recently produced the Fonda Firecracker 50 STSS Mod event that was aired on MAVtv and are working on the STSS event from Georgetown, Delaware for airing in mid-October on MAVtv. The FLX Media Group also provide camera and production assistance for most of the Super DIRT Mod series events on Flo Sports. Next weekend, on Sept. 27 & 28, the FLX Media Group will have live coverage on Dirttrackdisgest.tv of both Fonda races on Friday and Saturday plus the big event at Land Of Legends in Canandaigua. FLX Media Group has a great team of Motorsports enthusiasts working the cameras and productions providing all the action for their events.
  15. Trailer races at Fulton were a packed house, maybe more than the 200.
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