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  1. Tks Rich, was looking forward to it.
  2. Lots of space for a big major distribution center, jmo.
  3. Getting the gear ready to head east and meet Matt in Syracuse and then Fonda bound for the live pay per view broadcast. Sure hope Brett holds on as the sun is starting to shine a bit in Geneva after an earlier snow squall.
  4. Tom Collins is running the 88 and his own 713 Sportsman.
  5. You'll get get your moneys worth of action on a long day of racing a variety of classes. You know where I will be.
  6. tvracer2


    We are trying to add a few videos each day but it is a time consuming to transfer and process each event. We have a good selection ready to go as time permits. We are using what we had prepared from the past few years of dirttrackdigest.tv programs from Utica Rome, Land of Legends(Canandaigua) and a few others plus Asphaltvision from Oswego, 2005 to 2018. Lots of content to come, just be patient.
  7. I started when I was about 10 or 12 going with my dad to Saranac Lake Speedway and then Airborne and Fort Covington, occasional Fonda for specials in my teens with the Hoyt's who ran the Saranac Lake track. Been going ever since except for 4 years of Navy service but did get to Beltsville on occasion since I was stationed at Annapolis. Got real serious in 70's doing radio on WGVA and into video with Glenn at Weedsport in 1977, the rest is history, still doing it more than ever.
  8. We have offered to do them and share the profits and WRG still not interested even though we do the weekly Oswego DVD's and most of our crew run camera for the DIRT Week events. Sorry we can't provide them.
  9. Ask WRG but I wouldn't count on them being available for the last few years. I wish we could do something to change their minds as I know there is still a demand.
  10. Still a lot of planning to do on events for 2019 as we are trying to finish things up for 2018. We'll keep everyone informed of what is happening. Hope to have some news by EMPA convention on January 11 & 12 and have a presence at Motorsports the following weekend.
  11. In the early 90's we started streaming audio only for Glenn Donnelly at DIRT and later added video to specific events before Matt Thomas went to NASCAR land in 1995. DIRT continued to do live TV shows and internet broadcasts well into the 2000's when it was sold to Boundless, later to become WRG. Matt returned north doing DIRTVISION in 2003 or 04 and in 2005 started Asphaltvision at Oswego which continues today. In 2017 Dirt Track Digest began broadcasts from Utica Rome Speedway on DirtTrackDigest.tv and this year added Land of Legends Raceway as a weekly broadcast and many other special events from various tracks. The video is produced by the Thomas Video crew of Matt Thomas, Mel Thomas and Art Rorick who have formed FLX Media Group to continue expanding the horizons of DTD.tv with Bob Miller, Mike Frazer, A.J. Thomas and other camerapersons filling out the crew. Additional news and improvements will be announced within the next month that will enhance your internet viewing in different ways.
  12. The track had an offer of a professional crew using the Weedsport Production truck & crew making it available on dirttrackdigest.tv plus a produced show for MAVtv but they used people they had worked with before. OCFS really dropped the ball on this and I know many people that are going to ask for refunds on the broadcast. I guess we'll see what today brings.
  13. That is the kind of shot I've been looking for. Thanks for posting Really would like a true 4 wide shot as I know there were a few in turn 4.