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  1. is the hero's 100 going to be liveon monday
  2. racechaser1973

    Pereggo dq?

    yes morey took him out while leading he got out of car and went after him
  3. is there race tonight gonna be live anywhere????
  4. racechaser1973

    DR at DKM

    no dkm car will be in a teo
  5. Any1butbrett u are correct!!! Anthony is racing for them in a teo on super dirt series!!! This is confirmed
  6. 4 cylinder guys were pissed some came from far away to run
  7. racechaser1973

    Gobbler ?

    perrego in the 44 he drove st eastern states
  8. just cofirmed dr will be in 27j small block for esw as per facebook
  9. matt hitchcock is going winter mead and allison ricci in a halmar car