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  1. Because you ALWAYS have something to say about Big Diamond or Grandview. You "expressed your opinion" of them "looking for an excuse to cancel" when they damn well had the grounds to do so the past two weeks, but when others get on you for that, you always revert back to snarky comments instead of just saying "hey maybe I was wrong with that"
  2. Its pretty funny watching you try to be the tough guy on here when people give you sass back for your stupid comments.
  3. The team will be traveling around a lot more this year mostly because of the above mentioned reasons. Plus it also doesn't hurt that Bridgeport has some pretty damn wacky rules going on right now and it doesn't hurt that the regular season opener for the track doesn't even happen until May 4th. Like this passed Saturday, Ryan will also run with URC in a 360 sprint car when his schedule allows.
  4. "Big fish in little ponds" So does that make every driver that is the top driver weekly at their home track one? or Just Gular, Howard, Strunk, and CVD since you have issues with Grandview.....
  5. What are you talking about? It clearly states he went through for work purposes not to go to a track for a race......
  6. Im honestly not sure what the field will look like this weekend. With no Deyo or SDS races at the track this year I'm not sure how many NY cars will make the trip down. It is however, basically the only mod race this weekend so we will see.
  7. what are you talking about? Any video from the past year would have had the old junk dirt not the new stuff. Check out their facebook page for pics of the new clay.
  8. This thread is hilarious lol. I'll say this, I was at Trenton Saturday as I missed last years show. Its a really really cool event with a lot of talented drivers running. Ill definitely try and hit more than just Saturday next year
  9. Lets hope they got a bigger and stronger fence. Ive seen 600's and Speedstr's bend and take down parts of the fence they have now, and a heavier, faster midget would surely do more damage.
  10. "A legendary car owner has said it before, racers don't race for money. It will be interesting to see how many drivers prefer to start in the back and run for $500" Can you explain what exactly you mean by that? Because nobody chooses to start in the back, if you're one of the fast cars, you'll make it to the front. If you can't, then you're not one of the fast guys and you just don't have it that night.
  11. NickF83

    Heffner Racing in 2019

    that is what I have heard. Going off of posts from the IRP 71 I'm not sure he will be back with them. But time will tell.
  12. NickF83

    Heffner Racing in 2019

    There are two I have heard and one is Daryn. However I have heard the Roth rumors picking up as well and like someone on here mentioned, Roth had a deal with KKR before with Paul McMahan. The second potential driver I've heard for the 27 is lets say, on the younger end of the age scale, and has been absolutely incredible and impressive this year wherever he went.
  13. Bridgeport had SDS scheduled for the 5/8ths and it was rained out, but had STSS on the new 3/8ths. So idk if they would view that as two separate tracks or not LOL
  14. To my knowledge if it was a 410 it isn't a Ford. If it was a 360 theres a decent chance it was. Tony and Schatz have had the Ford logo on the hood of their 410's for the past few years but its still a chevy under the hood. I know the car T-Mez is running out in California is a Ford 410 and its the only true one I know of. However, there are a number of Ford 360's around, and a good number of Silver Crown teams run a Ford which is basically a 360 as well.
  15. For a regular show? Sure thats fine. 18 and lower is great. But if the SDS series is in town I wouldn't expect to pay anything less than $25 for admission. The purse has to come from somewhere and most of us can agree that the purse the guys run for hasn't changed much. Plus the track isn't there to lose money, they want to make a profit too.