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  1. I mean he ran a HigFab at shows the end of this season. Don't really need a source for that lol
  2. NickF83

    The Science to Surfaces

    Not that a dry/slick track can't produce good racing, but Haubstadt has more moisture in it on a regular basis than any other track I've ever been too, and I've never seen a bad show there. But the perfect example of dry/slick with great racing is the formula that Port Royal has figured out. Its 2 and 1/2 hours from my house, but if they ran Modifieds there every week id make the drive every time
  3. NickF83

    The Science to Surfaces

    Clay matters big time and so does moisture content. As mentioned above the most well maintained surface I've ever seen is the one at Haubstadt. It is my favorite track in Indiana. Theres no dry slick racing there ever, and it regularly produces the best finishes in Indiana every year. The biggest enemy for a good surface is plentiful sunshine and high winds as obviously the moisture will be evaporated out of the surface quicker. Also the more moisture in the air, the more it will keep it in the surface. The real key is having the moisture deep enough into the layers of clay so it can remain at least somewhat wet throughout the night. I think we've all been to a track where the weather may have looked questionable and the surface was sealed over to allow for a night of racing to happen, so the water is only in the top few inches of clay. Some tracks are also known to add different things to the water to keep water in the surface. Ive seen certain chemicals added that keep moisture, but Kokomo speedway in Indiana either uses laundry detergent/some kind of soap, or a chemical because the trucks smell like fresh laundry and the water that spills foams like crazy.
  4. you are correct. The Madsen 2 team and the CJB 5 are very very close together in terms of sponsorship. Would not be shocked to see Kerry back on tour.
  5. There was an article before the season started that said Rich was far too busy with his business to travel full time, or even to NY much at all anymore. He has been focused on that. Not from the NY area, but not sure if Rich has really made any starts so far this year. I believe the rig that he and Peter Britten were using, Peter has had all year for use on the tour due to Rich being so busy.
  6. Gio would be a probable guess. He's certainly had the speed. But with the Knoxville Nationals pairing, and how good he's been with the midget, id say maybe Tanner Thorson would be a potential new hire.
  7. Honestly what you just said doesn't make much sense. If it was sarcasm its hard to understand, if it wasn't, then the grammar was just that bad. The facts are what was initially stated. The race should not have started when it did with the weather. The drivers WERE told they could work on cars and switch if needed and keep their spots. Then it was changed between 45mins and an hour later which is ludicrous, because everyone who was there knows that this occurred. Matt was pissed, so was Perrego (not banned), and cussed the GM up because.... shocker.... tensions can run really high when there's 100k on the line. As for your comments about a production company.. what does that have to do with ANYTHING at all? Have you seen how those guys act at Bowman Gray when they had a TV show? So what, Matt cursed a lot? wow wee there certainly has never been any of that on any TV or PPV broadcast from a race.
  8. Right, like you do about Big Diamond and Grandview.....
  9. This post is kind of annoying. Just like the rest of the touring series it takes a ton of money to be a touring driver, and when the tour that your bringing has 85 to 90% of the field towing in from 11+ hours and a small local pool you get what you get. This year, while the car numbers might be lower, there really hasn't been a year where the fall off between the fastest cars, to the rest of the field is so slim. The quality is the highest its been on an eastern swing between the touring drivers and our locals. Like already mentioned, basically the whole top 15 in national points showed up, plus the very best from the USAC Eastern Series for those who have a 410 or want to try with a 360.
  10. So with USAC they usually take a varying number based on car count. But the fastest qualifiers start 6th in the heats. the benefit of it, is then that you receive your time back for the feature event. So if you win your heat, and were the quick qualifier you then usually have the front row for the feature. Also they pay points out for qualifying, heats and obviously the feature so every moment you're on track matters. It proved evident last season as Courtney and KTJ tied for the points, but Courtney had more feature wins.
  11. Personally I do not like the straight up heat line ups based off of time trial times. But they can still provide good racing on the right tracks. I really like what USAC does. USAC takes your top qualifiers and they then start 6th in the heat races after the inversion.
  12. Must be miserable sitting at home for weeks on end because your precious Bridgeport hasn't run and you're too good to go to Grandview, so you just sit and wait for Diamond Dog to comment that Big Diamond cancels because of weather, what a life you live!!
  13. Very cool for whoever made this
  14. well as a bit of an update to this. It was posted on Matts racing page that they "worked things out with Joey" and will be returning to NES this weekend for their Twin 20's
  15. Because you ALWAYS have something to say about Big Diamond or Grandview. You "expressed your opinion" of them "looking for an excuse to cancel" when they damn well had the grounds to do so the past two weeks, but when others get on you for that, you always revert back to snarky comments instead of just saying "hey maybe I was wrong with that"