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  1. Dirttrackin84

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    Was just trying to be funny bc the yanks won the series
  2. Dirttrackin84

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    Sorry thought I edited the thread
  3. They have no other motor!!
  4. Absolutely will be the same motor
  5. Jakes daughter was getting married today, I'm sure he will be on to clear it up at sometime. I'll let him justify, it will all make sense.
  6. Lol, if they had to cheat they wouldn't race
  7. At this point, seat time is the key to rockys success. There was never a doubt he could do it, was just grasping a lot of change to get the results.
  8. Just change the letter and you will have a teo driver
  9. That was a lemon of an engine
  10. 1j tandem of Rocky and Jake turning some heads again.
  11. Heats were horrible last night but how could you have anything to bitch about in the features?
  12. Dirttrackin84

    Fonda Speeedway

    Damn good features tonight
  13. Dirttrackin84

    Fonda Speeedway

    How was that feature cry baby